8600 Citadel Way, Louisville
(502) 491-8852

Recent Reviews

Teri R.

Employees, especially management very rude at this location. Too many issues to mention. Quality of food here is not consistent either. Been coming here off and on for over 20 years, not any more. If you’re near the other 2 locations within in a mile or so it’s worth the trip.

Stefan Woods

No problems with my order. The best Mcdonald's ever.

Katherine Craw

Always fast but some serious attitude issues sometimes.

Kristy Sandoval

Went through the drive thru it was very quick

Andie Fox

I filed a complaint with McDonalds corporate because of poor customer service and advised I did not need a follow up call as I would no longer be coming to this location but wanted to let them know as a courtesy to the Company how their team treated me, their customer. I come to this location multiple times a day and have never received this kind of treatment. An hour later I received a missed call and no voicemail. When returning the call, a woman answered the phone in an extremely rude tone and continued to harass me asking for my name and my home address when I still did not know who was calling me. I gave her my name, hoping she would calm down. She did not. Instead she advised after several times asking who she was that she was the general manager in charge of this McDonalds location and proceeded to interrupt me over and over as I tried to figure out why she had contacted me in such a rude manner. She was defensive and did not exhibit excellent customer service, but rather repeated my name aloud several times and then told me if I filed another complaint with corporate she would have it blocked. I’m not sure why McDonalds would hire someone so hostile to manage customer care but the situation was not rectified nor alleviated. Don’t buy from this location, you will be disappointed.

Enrk 3.

Food there is nasty like in most of every McDonald's restaurant, but used to work there and somebody drop the meat and they picked that up and used it, disgusting.

Chelse Smitson

Food was good, and my son loved the play place. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because the play place was pretty dirty. I'm guessing it's just because we went around lunchtime, but I'm not sure how often they actually clean it. It wasn't horrible, but definitely could've used a wipe down.

360 no scope ballons

They are rude has can be. They always have these teenagers posted up in the back always laughing and not working. Got hair in my hamburger which made me mad because why are they noting wearing hair nets ?!

Kristin Mobley

Rude and unprofessional customer service. This location can’t get an order correct to save their lives. I guess this is just to be expected from this poorly run location. The manger likes to wear her braids so long that her hair gets into the bags and touch’s the drink lids. Disguising.

Courtney K.

I have never experienced such a nasty and unpleasant person in my life as the manager who works here most weekends during the afternoon. She is rude to her employees, her customers and anyone who dares have a complaint. I bring my kids here every weekend due to lack of play places in the area. I've never seen her be pleasant and I've seen her nasty multiple times. The play area is always either too hot or too cold and I'd just avoid this place in general

Nikhil Panchabhai

Good place to have meal. Ppl can make order through mobile and kisosk display available there. Order 4 burgers but got only 2 for to go. But still over all experience was good.

Kristen S.

If I could give zero stars I would. This location has went from bad to worse. Cold fries all over the bag . Wrong burger. Quarter pounder with cheese instead of cheese burger meal that is CLEARLY indicated on the receipt as ordered. (We ordered a cheeseburger meal and a quarter pounder and didn't get the cheeseburger) Burgers look like they have been sitting under the warmer for hours. Just sad and ridiculous. This is what I get for caving into a late night craving. Wishing Chick-fil-A was open 24 hours right now!

Laurencio Ronquillo

Good McDonald's branch. Excellent service regular McDonald's menu and great value food for a quick meal breakfast lunch or dinner. Easy parking and professional friendly staff.

Sydney W.

Worst McDonald in Louisville. Workers especially after 10PM are the ugliest individuals I ever encountered inside and out!!! I have went to this location about 2-3 times because it was "close & convenient" and all of those occasions have been horrible. They have lied about closing times, they have lied about ice cream machine being down, i haven waited in line to place order for 5-6 mins with no one else in line. The workers have attitudes and it has been a different person each time with the simplest question. This location needs to be shut down or fire night shift altogether.

laprecious manaigo

My complete order wasn’t in my bag & I didn’t realize let it until I was already gone.. so I called to speak with a manager... whoever answered the phone told me to hold & then hung up on me... I called back several times after that & they wouldn’t answer the phone. They are very unprofessional. I was there at 5am in the morning so it wasn’t busy, and there’s no excuse for why all of my breakfast wasn’t in my bag. I can’t wait to get off work.. I want my money back


I've had so many different experiences at this McDonald's-- unfortunately many of them are not very good. I'll order a not particularly large meal, with a hashbrown as a side or something thing, and they will ask me to pull up to the front. I pull up, and am waiting for fifteen-twenty minutes for them to make my food; during those fifteen to twenty minutes I have to watch them serve the entire drive thru of customers before me, (even though I came before them...) and then wait an additional five minutes to receive my food, which is often cold, stale, or obviously not fresh any more. This has happened five or six times now, and I don't see myself going to this McDonald's again. I've had this type of negative experience more than I've had any positive from this location, and I'm not willing to waste my time any more.

Ana Greer

We were looking for a McDonald's with playground area. This one does have it. The restaurant side is very small. Very few tables. Playground is similar to any other typical McDonald's. Please be aware that the heating concentrates a lot on the top part of the playground. At least that is what happened the day we went there to this particular location.

R.C. Dalton

I do not feel safe going to this place criminals do not obey laws and can show up here cause of the anti second amendment policy in place here, it's anti american. I can not support this place of business, they do not support your constitutional rights to protect yourself from criminals that may enter this business. There are plenty of other business that do. So sorry, but I totally support those other business.

Christopher Russell

Terrible service the cashier tried to fight my girlfriend and was hanging out the drive thru window screaming at us. I just wanted a mcdouble sub slivered onions. Instead I drove off to another McDonalds.

Bonnie Ratcliff

Service at pay window was good. At food window the guy just shoved my bag at me instead of saying what was in it. I started eating my fries on the way home and instead of them being hot and crisp they were warm, soggy, and tasted like they were fried in old oil. I got home to discover my Big Mac only had one burger on it and enough sauce for 2 sandwiches. Terrible experience! Oh and I was told they had no fish sandwiches and would not be making any. It was only 7pm!

Kenn Hollis

5 stars on the chicken, just add more fries if you can

Dave Bigelow

Not fast, no food. Waited at the front counter for a sold 12 minutes before leaving yesterday. Not one employee could even acknowledge my presence. Tried the order yourself thing and the card reader was busted.

Destiny Mayo

Went through the drive thru and when I got to the pickup window the worker didn’t speak a word and just handed me my food and drink (which was diet coke when i ordered a regular coke). I avoided going back to get a new drink considering the staff would’ve probably lost it on me since they were rude even when I was polite and said thank you. I know how hard it is working in fast food so maybe he was having a bad day, but like dude... i work a much harder job and probably get paid about the same (considering how much they pay at fast food places now) so you can at least smile or say have a good day? people like that shouldn’t work in customer service.

xoxo gossip girl

they still serve food that has been dropped. they handle food without gloves. truly disgusting!

Tasha Washington

For the first time I had a fresh and buttery biscuit for my sausage biscuit. It was fresh and hot. The biscuit was so buttery and tasty. I was so satisfied with my breakfast sandwich. I also had a small coffee as well. The coffee was great. The customer service was great as well. The restroom was clean too. Check them out. My food was amazing for real

Shelia Grigsby

Great place for a quick bite for my starving husband. The drive through was fast, efficient, correct, and on point.

Kevin Cecil

Very good for fast food location we went thru drive thru and didn't have to wait long.

Raquel Maddox

Chicken was over heated and hard...fries were very hot but very very hard! No good 👎 👎 👎

Matthew Westerfield

Had a great breakfast with my dad at this McDonald's. The service was fast and very friendly.It seemed like everyone ( employees and customers ) had a smile on their faces. I highly recommend this clean McDonald's whenever you're in the area.

jerry g

It's McDonald's what else can be said. The staff at this McDonald's was very good. I got the quarter pound with cheese combo. The new meat is much better than the old. Of course price is higher.

Amy Ayres

the restaurant is so cold the guests are bringing blankets in from their car in order to eat. The staff are all wearing fleece winter jackets and say there is nothing they can do.

Metisa Lauago

Got a quarter pounder with cheese. It was fresh, hot, and juicy! The staff was friendly and fast as always!

Jim Bandy

Service and food was good but the drive-thru was a little slow.

Andrew Bullock

Take it easy on the sauce! Hamburger was loaded with it and just made it gross with an overpowering taste. Fries tasted old, and they had zero salt. Only thing I really truly liked was the drink, and the workers at the drivethru. You guys can do better.

Megan Resnik

We ate inside. Clean. We got our food quick!the play area is so nice and large. Plenty of space to sit and watch your kids play while you eat.

Henry Pace

Got two Kids meal each had about 5 french fries in each box nugget where cold. Play area was unclean. Kids where simply left by parents who did read the rules socks must be worn, mainly for toddlers not 10 year olds. If you let your small children play here, watch them carefully, big kids who are not suppose to be there can hurt them because they are not careful around them.

Grant Gentry

Says they are 24 hours, got off work late and drove over at 2am. They said they were closed while I looked at the "Any Lane Any Time" sign in the drive through...this being on a Friday

Walter Bradley

Big Macs are still tasty but very messy. Time thru the drive-in window was extremely slow today. Saw several people just drive away abandoning their orders. Not a good sign.

Blugrass Baller

I had to work last Saturday, and because I had to be there early, I utilized the drive-thru. It was a big order for myself and co-workers, but they were fast, and more importantly, correct. Kudos MickyD's!

Ariana Fox

I’m so sick of this location they are forever getting something wrong with me and my family members orders wrong like I. Truly don’t understand McDonald’s is the EASIEST job in the world and the fact that y’all can’t do it is astonishing. Nobody ever answers the phone and the food is always late to be presented like when will this location ever get shut down?! It’s pathetic and sad.