Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery

801 W Main St, Louisville
(502) 389-4290

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David Miller

This was my second Michter’s tour and I had a great time. The staff is very knowledgeable of their process, and is open to answering any questions. I am very fond of their rye and was able to experience it in several craft cocktails in their bar. I cannot recommend this brand enough who invested so much in the history of Louisville and themselves.

Hollis Hulett

Excellent bourbon and really cool distillery in downtown Louisville. We didnt get a tour, but really enjoyed the bar on second floor. If you are looking for a cocktail, get the Long Walks in the Rain cocktail.

Nick Courtney

If you are in Louisville, this is a MUST for distillery tours. The tour itself is great: informative, fun, engaging, and thorough. But it's the people that makes it a MUST! The people who work here are personable, caring, and have a passion for bourbon and rye. And if you've never had Micther's, the juice itself is incredible! They also put out unique bottles daily. We got there around 1pm and we were able to secure a Michter's 10 year bourbon! Great experience. Would highly recommend.

Taylor Mudrock

For people that don’t know anything about Michters especially ppl coming from out of town, this is not the primary distillery. With that said the staff is extremely friendly and personable. They run a nice quick but informative tour that keeps u engaged and helps understand what makes their whiskey so good. The bar upstairs has amazing cocktails and flights. I love that they randomly put our special releases instead of raffles or scheduled releases.

Li Weichen

This is the only bourbon distillery tour I didn’t enjoy among all the other ten I have visited during this trip.

Bradley S.

The bar is a beautiful place to hang out however the cocktails and flights are very expensive! I had the same flight of US-1 for almost half the price at another bar in town.

Max L.

This is the only bourbon distillery tour I didn't enjoy among all the other ten I have visited during this trip. For the tour price and what you get out of it is total waste of time. Here are few reasons: 1: We were extremely thirsty when we arrived, and when we asked if we can have some water, neither the front desk nor the Bar upstairs offered us. The bartender was also rude. They were only telling me to buy four dollar 350ml sparkling water. Compare to Angel's Envy? They did ten times better, and I felt much more welcomed. 2: The whole tour was taken in one room, not much things to see compare to all the other distilleries. The tour guide went through very fast, and she finished the demonstration only 30 minute. 3: Very very little pour of tasting. This whole experience makes me decided not purchase any Mitcher's products for all my restaurants and bars in the future. They really need to take the tour seriously, because most of people only going to see distillery once.

Tracy A.

Definite MUST DO!! We took 3 kids (ages 7-10) with us and Rick was suck an awesome tour guide!! He was so knowledgeable and even included the kids in questions. The smell test was such a cool experience and the self made cocktails at the end were delicious!! They even took the time to make the kids a mocktail :) Highly recommend Michter's Distillery!!

Chris N.

We didn't take the tour but we did come in for our stamps and cocktails. The bartender had issues multitasking and was slightly rude. He acted like he was better then us, if it wasn't for the curly hair bareback this place would of gotten a 1-2 stars. Dude, be polite and respectful.


Lovely upstairs bar with interesting bourbon based cocktails :) sampled the 1st tasting and really enjoyed the straight Kentucky bourbon! I'd definitely come back

Alex K.

Note: I didn't do a tour, I just went to their bar for a flight. First, damn. This place bougie. I felt more than a little out of place at the upstairs bar. I got their Michter's US-1 (?) flight for $20 and the lass got the whiskey fix. With tip, it ran a little over $40 total. Yikes. First, I admittedly don't have a dope ass, dank, discernible, snobby whiskey/bourbon palate. But, I knows what I likes. And this was just alright to me. I found these four to taste incredibly similar, outside of the rye. There were just some very subtle differences otherwise. They were fine, but they were easily the weakest bevvies I had in Louisville. I thought going to a distillery and getting a mixed drink would be sacrilege, but holy F O C K I wholly recommend the whiskey fix -- it's hard to not slam down in one go. Especially in 110 degree heat. Anywho, a decent stop if you're right downtown (and in our case, waiting on our Louisville Slugger tour), but I wouldn't go outta my way to try this place.

Damon Legault

Great place and unique tour with a smelling sensory table. Our tour guide was fantastic. Never rushed at all during the tour, the distiller for Fort Nelson was there and entertained all our questions without and sense that we were bothering him. Great selection of their liquors. The bar upstairs was fantastic and great drinks. Will be back again for some drinks upstairs.

Randall Rees

Great bar upstairs. If you have a group get the Springfield Punch that serves 18 drinks or so. Great presentation.

Chris M

We had a great time learning about how Michters make high qualuty bourbon and the bartender made us a craft drink at the end it was awesome. Dave did a great job. I would definitely recommend this tour.

Nathan T.

Nice place to come and visit. They have recently added the ability to pour and label your own Barrel Strength. (It's rye at the time of this post) . If you're local, don't hound them or just camp inside looking for limited releases (you will lose almost every time). Just stop in, the tour is pretty decent. Nice history behind the brand. The bar upstairs has drinks that are amazeballs(literally amazing balls of ice).

Tony S.

This place has only recently opened (Sept, 2018, I visited July, 2019) and they're a great new addition to Louisville's Main Street. What I liked about this place is, unlike the big name distilleries in the greater Louisville region, this place is all self-contained within one air conditioned building. That may seem trivial, but when I was in town (7/4 - 7/7) it was 95 degrees every day. It made being outside in the working distilleries a very hot & humid experience. On the other hand, Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery is making craft bourbons so it had the benefit of being in a smaller location, all inside and a comfortable 68 degrees. We had Rich and Joey as our tour guides, two really smart guys doing an excellent job explaining not only how Michter's makes/distills/barrels their bourbon, but why a lower alcohol by volume (ABV) proof makes for a more well rounded bourbon. I did the "founders tour" which is a little more expensive but it comes with 3 or 4 extra bourbons/ryes to sample, a few of which are very rare to find in stores. If you're on Main Street and you're looking for a distillery to tour, this is definitely worth spending 90 minutes getting to enjoy.

Katherine Chan

This place is absolutely amazing in look, taste and service. I was stunned. The distillery tour was beautifully curated while still informed. Jacqueline was engaging, funny and fabulous about giving us exactly what we needed to know. There are interactive parts and you can even bottle your own dedicated bottle of Michter's!! We chatted with the manager Vicky for a while and her passion for the love of quality at Michter's really shone through.

Daniel Simmons

Loved this tour. Michter's has an impressive way story, especially their recent history of being revitalized and becoming nation wide distillery. Very scientific and specific in how they make their whiskey's. It is evident that they have studied a lot and take great care to make sure that every bottle meets their strict specifications.

Albert Chan

Great tour experience with Jacqueline to understand the differentiating qualities of Michter’s bourbons, rye and whiskeys. A really fun bottle your own whiskey experience.

Linda Luu

This is hands down the best distillery in Louisville - everything is done to perfection from the tour to the bar design to the cocktails. Jacqueline did an awesome job explaining intricacies of the whiskey-making process in a clear and understandable way.

Psuedoephedrine C.

This place is absolutely amazing in look, taste and service. I was stunned. The distillery tour was beautifully curated while still informed. Jacqueline was engaging, funny and fabulous about giving us exactly what we needed to know. There are interactive parts and you can even bottle your own dedicated bottle of Michter's. We chatted with the manager Vicky for a while and her passion for the love of quality at Michter's really shone through! The bar upstairs is gorgeous (perfect date stop!) I know it was once an abandoned building so the owners must have given it a lot of TLC! At the bar, I had the fizz (perfect foam) but also learned of a secret, off menu cousin drink called the winter picnic, which BONKERS! Highly recommend this place.

Charanya R.

One of the best distillery tours on the bourbon trail: 1) clear explanations of every step of the process given by staff who have spent years in the industry 2) Tour includes a tasting and a tutorial on how to make a whiskey-based cocktail 3) perfectly timed to 1 hour and ends in the hidden gem of the bar upstairs If you want to understand how the highest quality bourbon and rye whiskey is made, come take a tour or stop by this bar!

Albert C.

Great informational distillery tour with Jacqueline that explained how Michter's is uniquely focused on the quality of the whiskey, bourbon and rye. Amazing to see the continuity of history with legacy cypress fermenters and copper pot stills. The beverage list in the bar is a great mix of classics and new innovation from the bar staff. The Revolution is a fun drink and the Boulevardier is a great mix. The bourbon infused coffee is a delicious pick me up.

Bryan Scott

Had high expectations and left very disappointed. We noticed the tours were booked up a week ahead of our trip, so wasn't surprised when they had none upon our arrival. But we expected to at least do a tasting. When we asked for a tasting at the gift shop, they pointed us to the bar. At the bar, had to ask several times for a tasting and kept getting handed the cocktail and bottle list. Bar staff was very smug and clearly did not want to be working or dealing with people. After about 10 tries, we finally received the flight menu. We ordered 2 flights and did our best at a self-guided sampling that cost over $50. I would think people who wanted to sell a product would be more helpful. Had the staff been more helpful or offered a tasting, we probably would have purchased some bottles. But overall very unhappy compared to the other distilleries we've been too and would not recommend.

Karen M.

My family and I really enjoyed the Michter's tour and tasting. Jacqueline did a great job explaining why Michter's distilling process is unique and why the flavor profile is the way it is. We also enjoyed the tasting at the end as they helped your senses by including cotton balls with scents on it and let you guess before tasting. My husband and his step-dad especially enjoyed being able to pour, bottle and label their own rye single barrel. Really need experience we would recommend to whiskey lovers.

Michael C.

O.K., it's Father's Day and I am out and about with my wife and daughter. We had just finished the Lousiville Slugger tour, and yes I did get my special FD mustache bat, and we were looking for something to do. Well low and behold, right across the street is Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery! We decided against the tour and headed to the second floor for a drink. And not to be disappointed they had the 10 year old!!!!!! Not only that but a bar staff that was nothing less than profess wit a lot of fun mixed in. So, when you are out with family or friends, make it a point to stop by and have a sip.

Loresa B.

If you are ever in Louisville Kentucky you must stop here. We took the tasting tour and had such a great time. They are a class act for sure. First you learned all about the making of the bourbon and then you got to learn how to smell the different flavors. Finally the good part, tasting. The whole experience was fantastic as you can see from all my photos.

Chris S.

The bar is a good stop to hit while you are in Louisville. The bartenders make a great cocktail and the bar is a lovely space.

Daniel Michael

Love the bourbon, staff is very informative and friendly. I had come in from out of town and part was closed for filming but they went out of their way to accommodate me since I couldn't stop back tomorrow. I wasn't even complaining because I completely understood. Still they went above and beyond. Every time down has been worth it and I'll be back again soon. The pour your own experience is fantastic!!

Gregory Hill

I love what Louisville is doing on Main St , now dubbed whiskey row. Michter's is a relative newcomer and I expected more for a $20 tour. Their whiskeys are good, especially their rye, and they do a nice tasting with six option albeit too little time to enjoy. This is a model distillery producing a barrel a day so more of a tourist attraction. Similar to Evan Williams experience just up the street but EW costs half and has a more interesting story but only three sample tastings.

Corrie Ashton

Thanks Matt, Joe, Marie, Wendy, Raven and the entire team at Michter's. This was an absolutely fabulous experience and I highly recommend stopping for a tour if you're doing the Bourbon Trail. The attention to detail and care are truly fantastic..oh.. and make your own personalized bottle for someone you love. What an amazing gift!

Terry W.

I really enjoyed the tour. It was short but good. You do the tasting at the end of the tour. But the best part is after that you go up to the bar and mix your own drink.

William Johnston

Working downtown distillery with a fun gift shop, but the real star of the show is the 2nd floor bar. Rather than just the standard tasting room, they offer a stellar menu of classic and original cocktails, most using their own bourbon and rye as the primary spirit. Everything I tried there was exceptional, and the bartenders were friendly and knowledgeable - giving me good recommendations for other places to visit in Louisville. Highly recommended.

Matthew Flandermeyer

Amazing environment, delicious drinks. Tell the bartender what you like and let them be creative. Never a disappointment.

Kath Chelminiak

In from out of town so we decided to stop into the fort Nelson michters distillery. We were excited to taste some bourbon! Today is Monday, and the website states that the bar is open until 8pm. We pay to park, stop in around 1:50pm, to be told that the bar closes today at 2pm. Very disappointed in the lack of communication at this location.

Mallory Hellenthal

Really interesting tour that is wonderfully done. The smell experiment followed up by the tasting was different and made this tour standout from others we have done. Jacqueline was entertaining and really knowledgeable

Deanna Moschitta

Really amazing location and delicious spirits. Cocktails were a little disappointing.

Becky B.

The tours were fully booked by 2pm on Friday. I would recommend making reservations online ahead of time. They have a bar upstairs that's phenomenal. The knowledgeable bartenders helped me step outside my box. I never had a drink with egg whites & Greek yogurt before but the Winter Fizz sounded too good to pass up. It was delicious!! I tried the Falls City Fizz next & it was just as good. The Winter Fizz is by far my second favorite drink now (mojitos are still number 1).

Brett A.

What an absolutely tremendous distillery experience right on Whiskey Row. From the tour, to the tasting, to the bar upstairs, Michter's knocker this one out of the park! Be advised this is not a large production facility where you get to walk through several buildings and get driven around the grounds on a bus like the larger distilleries. They are able to take you through the entire process (for the most part) in the building that they restored to bring Michter's right to the heart of downtown. Our tour guide was Jacqueline and she did a fantastic job of explaining the entire process of what Michter's does and how they differ from other distilleries. She answered everyone's questions and encouraged people to have fun on the tour. Having been on more than 10 distillery tours, this could've been a very boring hour long tour, but it wasn't. They do things differently at Michter's and they threw in a few curveballs that the avid whiskey drinker will appreciate. The only shortcoming that we saw was the limited availability of their rare products. We were hoping to pick up Barrel Strength Rye or Toasted Barrel Bourbon, but they didn't have any for sale there. Great experience overall. If you're in downtown Louisville, you need to stop in and check them out.

Annette B.

Came here as we were in the neighborhood to check out a distillery and came upon this place. Never heard of this bourbon but thought it would be cool to check it out. Very cool atmosphere. Signed up for a tour so we had a craft cocktail upstairs while we waited for our tour to start. During the tour (which most distillery tours you must reserve a spot I've noticed) we had a tour guide that gave us the history of how they got started, that they have renovated the building and the process of how they Make their bourbons. We did a tasting and left there with interesting facts!

Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery

801 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 389-4290