Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery

801 W Main St, Louisville
(502) 389-4290

Recent Reviews

Joy McMeekin

Davie and Ben were awesome tour guides! Very interesting, informative, and interactive experience. We enjoyed every minute of our visit to Michter's!

Stephanie K.

Michter's has one of the best tours that we've been on. Having done the entire Bourbon Trail, I can say that I learned something new during this tour and felt like we got quite a bit for our money. Not only did we have an amazing tour guide (Jaqueline), but the tasting included 5 Michter's products AND we got to make a cocktail afterwards in the upstairs bar. The sensory lab was a unique experience and their downtown location, in general, was very nice. We will return!

Ashley B.

An interesting tour, but not as impressive of a facility as some others on the trail. The tasting was fun though as they helped us identify the different smells in bourbons and then we got five different samples to try. The tour concluded at their bar where you get to mix your own cocktail which was really good! Probably my favorite part of the tour!

Brett B.

Vicky is a legend and already made our upcoming trip to Kentucky epic. She makes things happen. We really appreciate her going above and beyond to make this trip one to look forward to. Excellent customer service.

Natalie B.

An absolutely amazing world class experience from beginning to end! The tour guide, Raven, was engaging and very helpful with questions. Even if you aren't a regular bourbon drinker, there is something for everyone and their cocktails upstairs are incredible. Would love to come back!

Janet Kar

The Fort Nelson bar above the Michter’s Distillery was fantastic. The bartenders were great and we learned about why their whisky differs from others.

Kyle Mclaughlin

Great tasting and a knowledgeable tour guide. The distillery tour is rather bland but the end tasting makes it more than worth it.

Sean Matthew L.

The Fort Nelson Distillery for Michter's is more of a showroom than it is a full-blown active distillery. The tour covers all of the things you'd get on a full distillery tour, but without the hazards or noise of walking around a working distillery. So, in that way it's nice. But outside of that, it's kind of a bummer to have a single showroom tour. The guide is informative and nice, so if you've never been to a distillery, hit one up first. But, what I will say is the tasting flight and then cocktail experience is worth it. They have a really nice sensory experience and walk-through of their spirits. So, if you're curious about Michter's the tour is worth walking through in order to do the tasting.

Kelly T.

Our group went on the tour here as a part of the Kentucky bourbon trail on a Saturday. We had prepaid and reserved the tour weeks ahead of time knowing that distillery tours often sell out. The building restoration was interesting and it felt more like we were in a microdistillary as their main production facilities are elsewhere. After days of touring, this change was fine with me. I appreciated how they explained what made their process different from others. Our group found the "sensory" stations a fun little difference from the usual tour as well. Michters gave us the most samples of product to experience side by side (Angel's Envy gave us two tastes of the same bottle, Michters gave us 5 expressions). The tour ended with a complimentary cocktail in their little bar upstairs, which was greatly appreciated and really made the experience feel well rounded.

Allyssa Michele

The tour was absolutely fantastic! They were very accommodating for people under 21, and made sure they felt included in the experience. During the tasting, people under 21 sat at the same table as those tasting, and were supplied with water. The cocktail portion had the under 21 people mix their cocktail without the alcohol, and the drink was still quite good. The bar even offers sodas and mocktails for those under 21.

Stephen F.

5 stars for their Bourbon. 3 stars for the gift shop and visit being off site and not at the distillery. 1 star for charging for tours. There is very little to see. 4 stars for Tue gift shop. On the upside; they have two very nice services. A full bar upstairs and a good cocktail selectiondone in a very craft like way. Excellent ice!!!!! And, they have an opportunity to fill your own bottle from a barrel, then to cork it, label it and seal it. This is a unique opportunity which was a first for me. The gift shop has a good selection but of course the selection of borboun is almost entirely stuff you can find on the shelf at most liquor stores. Luckily when I was there, they did have one bottle of their 10-year bourbon for sale. Which I quickly snagged. Overall, four stars.

Jeremy McDaniel

This newly-renovated building is a cozy distillery. They just barrelled their white dog so I can't wait to try the finished product from there in about 6 years. They ferment in cedar tanks instead of stainless steel so I'd be curious to see the character it gives the sour mash. The tasting includes a sensory station followed by 5 whiskeys. After that, they took us upstairs and we made cocktails. Highly recommend!


Top notch tour! Such an excellent product and we learned so much about the process.

William S.

Yes it's a distillery, yes you can go on a tour, yes you can buy their bourbon, but you don't have to. You can go in the front door walk a few paces in to the elevators and take it to the second floor where there's full bar! And you can get bourbon flights to sample their bourbon. You can also do it a la cart, just beware of the prices!

Lesley Langrel

I definitely recommend this tour. Yes it is different from Buffalo Trace, Woodford, Four Roses etc... But in this tour you will learn what makes Michter's a bit different. The sampling is informative and the cocktail that you get upstairs is unique. Raven was our tour guide and did a fantastic job with explanation, questions, and pace. You should check this place out and if your lucky they might get some of the hard to find bottles in during your visit. Cheers!

Dena Fetter

This was my first distillery tour. A small, quaint but very cool distillery. Informative and I loved having an opportunity to make a cocktail with a shrub.

Alan L.

See the still and fermentation tanks from Pennsylvania. We visited the Michters Pennsylvania distillery before it closed. The highlight for us was seeing the things from that location. The tour includes a good amount of marketing hype, focusing on their lower proof barrel fill approach. The tour ends with a cocktail tasting, a step that demonstrates that their product works well in a cocktail.

Arthur Penn

We had a great tour guide and the facility is beautiful. I'd give 4.5 stars if I could because the tour was a little short. To compensate, however, there were some nice additions:

Charles B.

This is probably the most scientific distillery tour I've been on. Fort Nelson is set up like a lab, and they really do into the exacting science of how Michter's is made. The also have a great bar upstairs and do a quick cocktail demo at the end of the tour. Great experience.

Robert F.

Michter's was a beautiful tour giving us a good message of all that they had to offer. The tasting was fantastic as well as the tasting room they had prepared upstairs where you can order classic cocktails.

James Faurote

Another stop of the distillery tour!


Did not do the tour but enjoyed a nice manhattan in the upstairs bar. Good views of the Louisville Slugger museum across the street. Nice atmosphere

Adam E.

Great tour! Raven was fantastic, very informative and engaging. Love the chemistry on the tour, and the bar is beautiful! Really great drinks from David. Thanks Michter's!

Matthew Collins

My fiancée and I came in to mostly browse the gift shop, but to also infer about hosting an after party for our wedding coming up. Emily, helped us and although they weren’t able to accommodate us she more than made up for it. She went out of her way to make sure we had something special for our day. Emily asked, “What’s your dream bourbon”? I answered with what I thought was a pipe dream, “A Michter’s 10 year”. She went behind the counter and grabbed one. I was floored that she made this happen. It’s rare in customer service that you see someone that will go above and beyond to make sure you have a great experience. We are recommending that everyone traveling to our wedding to stop by the distillery. Thank you again, Emily!!

Tim G

The staff were awesome, everyone should take their tour. We liked it best of all the tours we did today. It’s a must try if you are in Louisville! You will appreciate the difference between their tour and all the others.

Jon P.

I love me some Michters. We stopped on a family trip to Myrtle.... Had my little kids with me and the whole staff was super cool with the kid madness! Thx for ya'lls tolerance! And your excellent juice!!

John C

The tour and guide were as expected. The building was very interesting and unique. The staff that we met were all helpful.

Carol S.

Loved the informational tour and the smell of the fermenting mash. The tasting was generous and interesting. The cocktail portion could be improved. While it was pleasant there was very little we actually did to make the cocktail.

Craig M.

Michter's has a unique history where the company closed and then reopened under new ownership creating a family-owned business today. The building would seem small from the outside, but there is plenty to see once you start your tour. The majority of the tour occurs within a single room, containing all aspects of the bourbon making process. Each area has a large board that explains the process that is specific to Michter's as their process is a unique one within the bourbon/whiskey industry. I will let you tour it yourself to understand what I mean. The tasting is a nice room with 5 glasses sitting in front of of me, one of which is not bottle or offered by Michter's but is specific for the tasting room only. After the tasting we were invited upstairs to participate in making a drink which was extremely good and I need to know what the recipe is to make them at home as they are very refreshing. At the conclusion you can stay in the bar and have some of their signature cocktails or proceed to the gift shop where you can purchase some of their bottles or collectibles.

Matthew M.

The tour was awesome. Our guide, Raven, answered all of the group's questions with a smile and wit. Very nice and knowledgeable. The distillery is beautiful and the renovations looked amazing. The tasting was well done especially the sniffing jars to show how the different flavors and smells interact. Well done!

Shane S.

While visiting Louisville we did the legacy tour which is held once a month at Fort Nielsen Michter's distillery, it was $100 and you taste everything from their regular rye, 10yr also, small batch bourbon, 10 and 20yr bourbons, and Bombergers whiskey. During the tour they Explain the distilling process along with the water quality of Louisville and the toasting of their barrels it is more information then I was able to retain. Highlights of the tour was of course the tasting and I really liked the smelling process, let me explain. They had a chart with flavor notes and in little glass jars had cotton balls to smell, like toasted almonds, vanilla, ect. and the jelly bean trick was awesome. So you plug your nose and pop a vanilla jelly bean in your mouth and chew, but you don't taste anything until you unplug your nose. Party trick.. Afterward we went upstairs to the bar and had a craft cocktail, which was nice and swanky. On the way out I bought some Fort Nelson bourbon which they personalize the bottle, a bottle of Shenks bourbon which they recieve a case a day they said, tshirt and I got a swag bag for attendanting the tour which had a nice etched michter whiskey glass. I know 100 sounds like a lot, but if you consider you're trying aged bourbon and getting a quality whiskey glass, I think it is well worth the price.

David Miller

This was my second Michter’s tour and I had a great time. The staff is very knowledgeable of their process, and is open to answering any questions. I am very fond of their rye and was able to experience it in several craft cocktails in their bar. I cannot recommend this brand enough who invested so much in the history of Louisville and themselves.

Kevin E.

Beautiful building and nice bar, and then compliments become sparse. Since we had been on a couple of distillery tours we opted to skip the tour and ventured directly to the bar. While the bar area was comfortable, our time there was mixed. The bartender was snarky - he thought he was a little cuter than we perceived him to be and he was borderline rude. The cocktails we ordered tasted OK, but compared to prices at other spots in Louisville, neither the taste nor the price were worth a stop here. One member of our party ordered a flight of bourbon - again, it was OK but was nothing special compared to other spots a few blocks away. When visiting Louisville again, we will take advantage of other places first.

Hollis Hulett

Excellent bourbon and really cool distillery in downtown Louisville. We didnt get a tour, but really enjoyed the bar on second floor. If you are looking for a cocktail, get the Long Walks in the Rain cocktail.

Taylor Mudrock

For people that don’t know anything about Michters especially ppl coming from out of town, this is not the primary distillery. With that said the staff is extremely friendly and personable. They run a nice quick but informative tour that keeps u engaged and helps understand what makes their whiskey so good. The bar upstairs has amazing cocktails and flights. I love that they randomly put our special releases instead of raffles or scheduled releases.

Nick Courtney

If you are in Louisville, this is a MUST for distillery tours. The tour itself is great: informative, fun, engaging, and thorough. But it's the people that makes it a MUST! The people who work here are personable, caring, and have a passion for bourbon and rye. And if you've never had Micther's, the juice itself is incredible! They also put out unique bottles daily. We got there around 1pm and we were able to secure a Michter's 10 year bourbon! Great experience. Would highly recommend.

Li Weichen

This is the only bourbon distillery tour I didn’t enjoy among all the other ten I have visited during this trip.

Bradley S.

The bar is a beautiful place to hang out however the cocktails and flights are very expensive! I had the same flight of US-1 for almost half the price at another bar in town.

Max L.

This is the only bourbon distillery tour I didn't enjoy among all the other ten I have visited during this trip. For the tour price and what you get out of it is total waste of time. Here are few reasons: 1: We were extremely thirsty when we arrived, and when we asked if we can have some water, neither the front desk nor the Bar upstairs offered us. The bartender was also rude. They were only telling me to buy four dollar 350ml sparkling water. Compare to Angel's Envy? They did ten times better, and I felt much more welcomed. 2: The whole tour was taken in one room, not much things to see compare to all the other distilleries. The tour guide went through very fast, and she finished the demonstration only 30 minute. 3: Very very little pour of tasting. This whole experience makes me decided not purchase any Mitcher's products for all my restaurants and bars in the future. They really need to take the tour seriously, because most of people only going to see distillery once.

Tracy A.

Definite MUST DO!! We took 3 kids (ages 7-10) with us and Rick was suck an awesome tour guide!! He was so knowledgeable and even included the kids in questions. The smell test was such a cool experience and the self made cocktails at the end were delicious!! They even took the time to make the kids a mocktail :) Highly recommend Michter's Distillery!!

Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery

801 W Main St, Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 389-4290