1229 Goss Ave, Louisville
(502) 636-9020

Recent Reviews

William Zink

If you are not going to be open the hours that are posted on your door, then maybe take down the sign. This has happened more than once.

Ibrahim Asha

Good place

Derrick Brown

Had the brisket sandwich! I was expecting more.

Chris Flaherty

The subs are freshly made and the service was great.

D Dickerman

Friendly and clean great cookies

Henry Denham

Love it It's the best

Jeff Greenwell

I am DONE with Subway for good ,I wish I could give them a no star. They advertise that they have soup but when we asked there out of it or don't have any... and I thought Wensdays were cookie day never once did they give me one !!!! Their sub $ prices change as much as the weather around here. It also seems like they can not keep anyone working in the Subway too which makes me angry ð??  because they act like there paying for the stuff that is put on my sub.They are so picky about how much they put on your sub but not picky about taking your money !!!! There are sooo many other places in Louisville KY to get a sub sandwich & I am not going to go there anymore it's just not worth the time & trouble!!!!!ð???ð???ð???ð???ð???

Scott Roper

Pretty good "fresh" fast food.

Tracy Davis

Sub was good service was okay. Not rude but not friendly.

Becky Allen

just showed up the subway and they told me they were closed after I walked in the door and on your website it says you're open till 9 p.m.and the girl had the nerve to argue with me on it and I told her it says it I showed it to her very poor customer service

whitney washington

best subway in the city! clean,fast and friendly every time.

paresh patel

Very nice service, fresh food and clean store love ii

Quita Mitchell

I love the sweet tea

Julia Bohn

It was clean & managed was nice.

Michael G.

Walk in with 4 people in line ahead of me and 4 behind me with 1 employee in the building. Wait time has been 10 mins thus far and I'm still two from getting order taken. Even the staff member is having to apologize for taking too long because she is the only one team member in the building. Management should be ashamed of putting employees through that.

Shelley S.

We stopped in here before one of my sons football games. The service wasn't super fast since there was only one employee. The food was Subway, it's usually consistent wherever you go! My hubby ordered the pizza sub, my kiddo a Black Forest ham sub and I ordered the spicy Italian. We all made our meals combos with chips and a drink.

Sarah H.

I used to stop in here and grab a breakfast flatbread sandwich occasionally after picking up my groceries. The last couple of times I have thought about stopping however they haven't been open even though it's been after 8 am. I was beginning to think that maybe this location had closed but today I stopped by at about 8:35 to give it one last look and I could see someone inside even though the open sign wasn't lit up. I decided to check the hours on their door and it says that they now open at 9:00 every day so be aware if you like to stop in the morning! As I started to walk back to me car the guy from inside came running to the door and called out to me and said that he could make me something because he was all set up and ready to go! I was starving so I gladly took him up on that offer! I got my standard breakfast sandwich (ham, egg whites and cheese) and asked him how long it had been since the hours had changed. He said it had been around 6-7 months. He was very friendly and I hope he knows how much I appreciated him making my sandwich a little bit early today! 5 stars for sure for great customer service!!

Leann G.

I only gave 3 stars because the guy that has been working there I'm not impressed with, the older man always nice but this younger guy is very rude last 3 times in 1 month . He is very skimpy on toppings and if you ask for something e.g. A bag for chips, carrier for drinks he acts very put out. I don't like being treated like this and will use different subway I guess.

Ted L.

The gentleman behind the counter today might want to pay attention to customers instead of staring off into space. The young lady was working herself to death while the gentleman did nothing. When you only get 30 minutes for lunch every minute matters and this gentleman just standing there may tick a person off.

Kathy V.

Every time I have stopped in here (moments of desperation when I realize I am famished but have zero energy or will to make my own food....including even opening a bag of chips...) the place has been literally empty except for the single employee on the clock. That emptiness sometimes feels suspicious to a customer. But each time I have gone in, I haven't cared enough about it. It was certainly something I have noticed. Anywhoo. The subs I have gotten are fine. The employees are competent. Not particularly friendly, not a lot of eye contact. And you know what you are going to get with a Subway sandwich. I wouldn't go out of my way to come here for a sandwich. But if I was in the area (at Kroger) and at the point of not being mentally able to make my own dinner...there are worse places to go.