Taco Bell

3125 Poplar Level Rd, Louisville
(502) 637-1991

Recent Reviews

Carolyn Cook

Very good! The manager there was amazing! Will go there again. He made me smile!

Teresa Olliges

I love tacos & Taco Bell is my favorite place. Always good food.

Chris Fogle

Probably the slowest Taco Bell in the city. If you've only got 30 minutes for lunch, the Panera next door is a much better option.


I'm a picky eater and literally always order a complicated order. The worker on the line came around the corner and made sure exactly how I wanted my food and it came out exactly how I wanted. Thank you guys

Blair Robben

This location is the best Louisville has to offer. I’ve lived all the way from Taylor blvd to Middletown and prospect. I have frequented Taco Bell locations all over this city and the Poplar Level location consistently delivers the best service every time. I often find myself literally driving OUT of my way just to come to this location, even if I’m just getting a $1 taco like today. I drove 30 min away because the service is worth it!! And besides, what a beautiful day for a drive lol??‍♀️ Hands down the best Taco Bell around! Thank you!

Teresa Morales

Food was good. Service was friendly and fast. Clean parking lot.

Emma McGowan

this location is always awesome. lived near this taco bell for 6 years now and never had anything missing from my order, five minutes or less to get food, always remember silverware/sauces. fantastic! pay them more!

Lillian McCoy

The last time I ate there my tacos was really good this time no I really only had a shell not much ingredient in the shells don't you just hate it when you won't something bad and it's a fail experience and I had the delux taco it was nothing like the ones they be eating on my utube channel s

Jeremy J.

This is a great location and has great food. I have not had a bad experience here and do recommend it to those that enjoy Taco Bell. The service was quick and friendly. I enjoy Tacos and this place is awesome.

Melissa stone

if I could give no stars I would because I had to go somewhere else to eat. After 15 minutes of waiting for someone to take. our order I asked if anyone was working the front and the manager said " this is all we have. " she was referring to herself and the 3 other people who were there on the line or in drive thru. 2 on the line, 1 in the drive thru and 1 at front counter who can also help on the line. wow problem solved. just rude and lazy. I've worked with only myself and 1 other person at a Taco Bell before. we had a rough day but took care of everyone. I will drive a little farther to not go here again.

Jill Lupo

I like this location on Poplar Level. Girl at window was very nice and the order was made correctly. Never have a problem here like I have had at other locations. Ordered a chicken taco salad, chicken quesadilla and nachos supreme. All was very good and enough of all the ingredients. You get what you're paying for!

Chris Flaherty

The staff were very courteous. Our order was taken quickly and ready in minutes.

Peggy Garlinger

Food not rite order wrong you treated like you are a bother to them

Samuel Rios

There was a half hour wait for a very small order. When I looked over the counter I saw broken taco shells and chips on the ground next to the bags the food is served in. There was also a bag of soap leaking on the floor which the staff decided it would be a good idea to spray on.

Amber Wine

Very slow, food looked I'll prepared. Unorganized. Dirty

Robert Ruthstrom

Only reason it gets a star is because you have to give atleast 1. absolutely the worst chewyest chips on all the meals with chips. Ohh and when you call to tell them. .. there phones off the hook so dont even worry about calling to complain. Wait ago YUMM brands thanks for fudging up a wet dream and reminding me why not to eat at your restraunts.

Gail McWhorter

Poplar Level Rd location has very friendly employees with speedy service

Barry Sego

Food was fresh, but drive thru didn't get my whole order, so had to go inside and order the rest.

Johnathan Stewart

Nice,clean, and ready to rake my order for 13 people at 9pm on a Sunday night.

Stella Brown

I got 2 steak tacos and mexican pizza my favs! After long wait food was cold and messed up my appetite clearly asked for fresh food! Appearance. Should have told me to ask for a refund

Aldwin Wood

Very popular fast food Eatery usually few minute wait tacos are good.

Owen G.

This location was more than ok with taking the order of the car in front of me, but refused to take the orders of the line behind me including me. Some car had a drunk person inside of it and held up a line of 6-7 cars without telling anyone. Wasted our time and the time of everyone else. Will no longer give my business to this location. If I could give a 0/10 I would. Don't come here; even when it's not late night they get my order wrong and I have to have it corrected. Not an establishment worth giving my time and money.

h0pper .

The staff was very helpful. Thanks so much!


The staff was very helpful. Thanks so much!

Michael Blankenship

Best Bell around 🔔 I’m a constant Taco Bell customer. I do love it. And the efficiency of the business model and success is impressive. Poplar Level / Louisville is the best I’ve been to. And I eat Taco Bell several times a week. This staff is magic!!!!

Kimberly Hendrix

They just need to close all together. No freeze, or basically no drinks of any kind other than Mt. Dew. Surprised they even have a taco.

Ralph Ospalski

Fast food, and fast for take out

Andrew Wardrup

Drive thru was quick and efficient and my order was correct and better than normal.

April Ballinger

I order 3 mini chicken quesadillas and gave the lady $3.12. When I got my order I only had 2. When I confronted the lady about it she counted her draw and said ," Sorry honey but my draw is correct." That's a damn like because I only had $5 bucks in my wallet and I gave her 3 dollars out of the 5. JUST BE CAREFUL WHEN PAYING FOR CASH. Of course I couldn't act a fool about it bc I was wearing a work shirt. Poor customer service plus the damn freeze machine wasn't working.

Butt Cheeks

Got my order messed up and the subhuman convict behind the counter cussed and slammed against the walls and had a chimpout the likes of which I've never seen. Honestly glad i didnt get to eat because after my experience i would assume the food is HIV+. Never ever going back. Hope this place closes down asap.

Deena Doud

I like this location. The food is always fresh, fast and the staff is really nice. One of the only fast food places I can get vegetarian options. I order annoying things with subbing out all types of ingredients and they ALWAYS get it right!

Fred Kroeger

An they want 15$ an hour. Smh an there was a Hair in my food.

Dudley Henderson

Always a good meal. The rattlesnake fries were really good. I like the way they come up with different items for the menu. Not just the same old stuff all the time. Good value for the money.

Brenda Crump

Clean restrooms, the empanada was old and crunchy so was the cinnabon. Do not recommend this location.

Denis Linehan

Very good food and Service is Very good

Kim Pound

Great food, love the nacho fries

Bobbie Jo Hollar

Just went through the drive-thru and ordered the $5 Chicken Chalupa box the chalupa was soggy and not really fulfilled the girl working the register was very polite and taking my order and giving my order that's there for three stars

Mike Ware

Always good for quick fix

Chris Waldridge

One of the nicest taco bell restaurants in Louisville good staff clean store

Bonnie Stinnett

Okay mess up order it was hot but mess up