2100 S Floyd St, Louisville
(502) 852-3833

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Savannah Cooke

employee taking my order was very rude, and mumbled everything the said. When I could not understand her, she raised her voice at me. After taking my payment she THREW THE CARD BACK INTO MY FACE. Upon speaking to the manager i found out that she was upset about something personal. Unacceptable. If youre that sad just call in.

Collin F.

This location is awful. Today, they were scheduled to open at 11. Got there at noon to find a closed restaurant and a note saying they wouldn't open until 12:30, blaming a problem with their machine. At 12:20, what looked like a dozen employees showed up. When they opened at 12:30, an hour and a half late, they only had chicken nuggets. It's kind of unfair that I was forced to buy this meal plan to live in my building, and these meal swipes they gave me only work at about a dozen places. Only a handful are open on the weekend, especially before 4pm, and the ones that are supposed to be don't even show up until 10 minutes before they open - an hour and a half after it was supposed to. Then, they will only serve me 1/3rd of the meal swipes they claim to serve. I feel like since I already paid for my meal plan, the restaurants on campus should atleast do a better job of holding up their end of the deal. I don't think it's too much to ask for them to serve me the food they claim to serve when they claim to serve it.

Caleb Pennington

Great at pumping through customers. Especially during the lunch rush with a surplus of college students. However occasionally will give you the wrong food but easy to fix.

Adam Moutardier

The night time Wendy’s crew at this location is horrific. I tried ordering a single Dave’s double and they charged me for 2 burgers that weren’t even correct. Do not go here past 8’ o’clock pm unless you want to want to blow $15+ on the wrong food. I even live down the road and this is pathetic.

Narcisse Jibu

This was my first time and they food test great

Kathy Hunt

Fast good food

Stella Brown

Need new manager! That cares about clean amd sanitary resturant! And trained employees only one good worker

isaac emery

Food comes out fast

Sterling Boren

Been consistently visiting this Wendy's for a few years now. The staff and service is always great, even during the lunch rushes. The food is good, lives up to what you would expect from Wendy's. Would recommend.

Marc Daniels

Staff seem to all be friends and it makes an aura around the place to make a fast food experience that I've never had. 4 for 4 is the best way to go and I've probably eaten too many in the past 2 years here. Overall I recommend going here instead of chik fila because that line is ridiculous.

Isaac Hibben

Good food and great people


Took forever to get my order..

Taj Rice

When we went the line was long, but we got through in less than 10 minutes. They worked very efficiently.


This is an example of that increasingly popular phenomenon, the chain restaurant located in leased space at a university. And its longtime manager is a woman who gets the details mostly right.


Good but fast food. Not recommended for healthy meals. Taste is good. Recommended for side meals

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