Burger King

7004 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge
(225) 283-8137

Recent Reviews

Jillian Tomeno

Love the staff and the food at this location. Manager was friendly and helpful. The staff is also friendly and helpful. They get my order right Everytime I go there!

Kathleen Parrish

The staff was exceptionally friendly!!!! However, the food was terrible, even for fast food?

Edward Landers

Excellent service but I'll just leave it at that

Samuel Bankston

Didnt get cheese on my chicken sandwich that I paid for.. didnt get mustard I asked for. Got my food ten minutes before my chicken fries, food was getting cold. And can someone tell these fast food places that people dont want gallops of condiments in the center of your sandwich but spread out. For the prices of fast food these days. Save yourself the frustration and just go to a real restaurantWont be that much more.

Javid Mostafavi

Terrible sandwiches; cold and tasteless. Fries weren’t even cooked. Don’t waste your money here.

Collective- -Unconscious

The DM for this location needs to come train the on-duty manager. She has an out-of-this-world attitude that's going to wind up getting her into trouble.

Shanetria Parker

The service was excellent. The young man in Drive Thru was the bomb..Fast and Friendly

Ty Vixathep

There have been a few times that I come to eat at this particular location because its near my job only. However, every time I've come, for whatever reason, I'm always asked to drive around to the front to wait for my food. Why? This location isn't even busy, yet it takes a lifetime for food to be given to the customers, and they give you the wrong items. How? Even if you have to make it once that customer orders because you're not busy and there is no need to have food ready in advanced. How does that happen. The people who work here are also rude as if you personally did something to make their day horrible when you were nice. If you don't want to have decent customer service, find job at home. If you can't, get a better attitude.

Gail Lanning

4/15/2021. I placed a delivery order around 11:00am. It is now 12:38pm and I have not received my order. My bank shows that the store has processed the payment. I have tried calling the store and get no answer. I did not receive confirmation via app that order was being prepared. Unable to contact anyone with BK to see what the problem is.

tracy evans

Poor customer service at this location. Order taker wanted to go back and forth because I asked for a utensil. Rather than saying sure no problem she states I don’t think we sell anything that requires a utensil. My response was sure you do you sell salads but never mind. I only go to this location because its close to my job. All the business I have given and I can’t get a utensil. If you want good customer service with your fast food don’t visit the location on Siegel lane.

kk furry

If you want good customer service will purchasing your fast food don’t visit the location on Siegel lane.

Yolanda Brew

Horrible service. Drive thru only. Paid for my food and had to pull over to the side and wait. 20 minutes later they gave me the wrong order. I had to wait another 10 minutes to receive a chicken sandwich that was over cooked. It was to hard to eat, wasted time and money.

Marc Adams

Went to Burger King to get lunch and we ate In The car before we had to go to our next destination sister ate some of her chicken sandwich and than noticed it was still raw this sucks because I love BK we got home and she was sick to her stomach so please be careful with food

Valerie Michelle Evans

I experienced bad customer service

Chad Gresham

This particular location consistently serves me like warm food, soggy fries, that are often out of certain fountain drinks and other menu items such as the jalapeno bites. The workers are nice, the food sucks

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