China One

7064 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge
(225) 295-1556

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Valerie Vaughn

Called this place to verify that they serve orange chicken. Apparently the person who answered the phone thought my BF was ordering the food over the phone. We arrived at the restaurant about 45 minutes before they closed and before we placed our order my BF noticed and mentioned there was a to-go plate on the back counter. We approached the counter to place our order then waited about 10 minutes in the car. We ended up being their last customers in the restaurant. The lady came from behind the curtain, grab the to-go plate that was on the back counter, and walked back behind the curtain. We both noticed that she grabbed the plate, to which I was hoping she was throwing it away because someone didn't pick up their order. Within a few minutes she calls us up to grab our order. We pause to check our food and unfortunately my BF assumption was unfortunately correct. The orange chicken was cold and the bag had condensation inside of it. My BF confronted the lady and asked her why his food wasn't hot and also asked her if that was the same plate that was on the counter, which she lied and said no. She took the plate, went to the back, and heated up the food with an unknown method. She came back with the plate and sent us on our way. This is not the same China One I've enjoyed for the past few years. Customer service should be top notch from the first to the last customer served!

Vincent Hughes

Nice portions for the price

Superhydrophobic Coating

Great delicious foods at reasonable prices. Recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes Chinese foods

Richard E.

We've picked up "to go" food from here a few times now in these covid times. We've found that my wife loves their fried dumplings. We've had those from other Chinese food choices and she finds this offering the best. On this recent visit, I ordered the Szechuan Pork and was pleasantly surprised on arrival home to find my selection cradled in foil with a nice portion of spicy flavorful Szechuan sauce and an amazing mix of fresh cooked vegetables, and pieces of sliced pork and intermingled red peppers. It was the best mix of vegetables so far on a Baton Rouge Chinese selection that went well over the white rice I selected with this order. That spicy sauce came in handy to add onto the white rice. A treat of a meal. Another plus of this business is the usage of the BeyondMenu app. It's a nice app to order takeout with, and I like the "pay at store" option since they I can avoid credit and pay with cash at the store. This is definitely one of our go-to Chinese selections on the I-10 side of town.


Meh ... I didn't expect much and they sure didn't disappoint me with my expectationsSadly better than many restaurants in the area

Wu Jason

I was so happy to see my old boss come back. It was the same old taste. It tasted great. I would recommend it to all my friends.

Joseph Morgan

Just now leaving this place! They gave me rice with no seasoning, just eggs that looked like it wasn’t freshly cooked! Chicken was extremely hard as if it was re-fried!!! I love the China One on Airline Hwy! Just stay away from this location

Farid Bouya

I ordered Kung Pao Chicken with fried rice. It wasn't the best fried rice, but the Kung Pao Chicken was amazing! Juicy, tasty, and awesome! The price was also very reasonable. Huge value.

Mike Wang

Last year the owner was changed and the food was terrible, and now looks like the old owner coming back and the food instantly getting better, I think they made it even better than before. Highly recommended!

Fouad Harb

A lot of money for the food, very expensive, they mess up the order twice and still gave us the wrong food.

Tom Marshall

Love this place. Excellent food at great prices.

Education Central

The chicken fried rice barely had any chicken, the seasame chicken taste like it was dipped in corn syrup , and nothing else . The lady at the desk was trying to push me out the door When I was checking my food, and of course she forgot something. Absolutely nothing special about the food . China wok is far superior

Quinn R.

I ordered the bourbon chicken combo. I asked the guy do veggies come with this chicken? He said no. Veggies came with the chicken. I had chicken fried rice with the meal and it was missing chicken. They should just call it fried rice.

Debra Snow

LOVE all dishes

Gayle Landry

Ordered thru Waitr got order from Seigen Lane shop WORSE !!!! food I have ever had . I eat at one on Airline great . This from this place awful . Sweet & Sour pork cooked in old oil and over cooked ! Pork fried rice worse I have ever had . Cheese in wontons old . Called and because I ordered thru Waitr they won't do anything about it !!

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