Cicis - Baton Rouge

7060 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge
(225) 291-2424

Recent Reviews

courtney mason

Manager Liz & Whitney are the best!!!! Great time and a wonderful experience. The customer service were everything. For a great time. You could tell the managers crew really respected her. The restaurant was clean and the service was great

tyzhane miller

Tonight I went to Cicis Pizza on Siegen. and as a I walked in the manager Liz and employee Whitney welcomed with a warm greeting! It?s rare to feel welcomed at restaurant. My experience was awesome. Food was great. Customer service was on point! Those two ladies made sure to we were well taken care of. Definitely coming back.

Tyler Edwards

Let me start off part one of this two part review with saying, cleanest pizza eatery in the Baton Rouge area! I?m not sure who does the cleaning there but I wanna hire them to work for me! The manager Elizabeth, should be our next president. If this country was run half as good as this restaurant America would be great again! The staff keep the buffet stocked and clean and is always friendly! And the buffalo chicken pizza will change your life! ?

Marvin Dorsey

They specialize in pizza, but the wings are a hidden gem. Excellent quality for the price! Great customer service! Nice pizza options for a buffet. Nice job on the remodel!

Trey Bickham

Sometimes you want cheap, greasy, spongy pizza?a lot of it for a low everyday no-frills price?just the way God and the Founding Fathers intended. These five stars are not for the quality of the food; they?re for the quantity of food in relation to the price you pay without consideration for gourmet tastes. Moreover, the employees did a great job at constantly pumping out fresh pizza and keeping the dining area and restrooms clean. Good job, Cicis Pizza!

Kristian Lavarine

Worst cicis ever. Food was cold. Floors were dirty. And workers were rude. Bathrooms were so dirty it smelled of nothing but urine. Would give a 0 if I could. So a 1 star is being generous.

Derick Sumpter

Bar is always full, or in process of filling, and environment clean. Seems the place has done a complete 180 since the remodel, leaving plenty of open space and a more modern look. Elizabeth, manager on duty must times I go, is always very caring and willing to assist you with any issues.

Garrett Jackson

I come in on a regular basis and the staff is always very accommodating. The new look is amazing and the manager, Elizabeth, is very professional and always a joy to be around . Will definitely be back!

Robbi L.

My family and I eat here at least twice a month. The staff is always so friendly. Elizabeth came to our table to check on us to make sure everything was okay. I highly recommend this location!!! Two thumbs-up !!


Best cicis I have ever been too. They do not skimp on cheese or sauces. Cook was constantly busy keeping the bar well stocked. never saw an empty space on the bar while I was there. The tables were clean saw several employees tackling tables together to get them clean for the next guest. Employees would ask if you needed anything. Arcade area was clean. Highly recommend this place.

John Cox

The staff here is always friendly making eating pleasant. The manager with the long black hair and the 2 guys picking up the plates are especially nice every time we eat here.

kyleigh kaiser

Manager Liz is awesome! She is very helpful, courteous, and very nice. My kids and I come in here often, she is always greeting people with a smile. My experience is always a great one when she is here!

Timothy Mccormick

The food was phenomenal, but what made Ci Ci's stand out was their service. Especially the Manager Elizabeth. Great smile, great attitude. She went above and beyond to service the needs of her customers. All the employees had smiles and looked happy to be there. Gonna be a regular lunch stop for sure in the future.

Chance Touchet

Wow. I hadn?t eaten at a Cici?s in a long time. It?s so much better than it use to be. The store was really clean and you can tell it?s recently been remodeled. The food was hot and fresh. They even made a pizza with jalapeños just for me. The manager, Elizabeth, greeted us with a smile and a friendly attitude. She also checked on our group several times while we were there. The staff were amazing as well.

Joshua Raborn

Great atmosphere and great employees. The pizza was great and the store was in really good shape. Definitely recommend

Collin Nolan

Friendly service. Pizza was out for a bit, but they made more after 10 minutes of us being there.

Amir S.

This place was so dirty during my visit. There was a bug on the counter and the owner killed it with his own hand then gave me a cup for my drink. Pizza is too oily and not health at all.

Evelyne Jahja

Clean and decent variety of pizza and salad. Good for a quick and cheap lunch. Loved the cinnamon pizza dessert.

Sean Brassard

It was awesome. An associate name Elizabeth was really cool and helped out greatly with the cinnamon things. Best experience ever thanks to her

DeShawn Johnson

This has to be one of the worst cicis pizza location I have ever taken my kids to. The manager Elizabeth was very unconcerned with cleanliness of the buffet line. They where out of condiments (red pepper flakes) and Elizabeth have us condescending apology about the mistake she made with ordering stock supplies for her store. This also the only location that I have been to that does not offer the 10% discount to military per their website.

2 Kidz

My kids won't stop talking about our visit to Cici"s. They really want to eat here again. My three year old's favorite was the cheesy bread. The food was so good it actually stopped her from talking. The only time she spoke was when she asking for more food. We visited during lunch, so the place was packed. I saw two employees clearing tables and cleaning up. They were also prompt about removing empty plates from our table. We would love to visit again!

Kim Willy

I give 3 stars because the food is good, but even tho they upgraded the place there still isnt enough room for everyone, the staff needs to up their game and keep the food coming keep place clean and they need to upgrade the game room. there is only two games that dont work and 5 claw games that all have balls like u cal that a game room


I've been here many times and the visits ranged from a 2 to a 4.. . I've left feeling cheated because of the lack of friendliness from the staff and the lack of choices on the buffet. I am not a vegetarian but when buffet only offers numerous variations of a meat pizza, i'm not going to be excited.. . I've also had visites where I left completely satisfied. The staff was very friendly and outgoing to all customers. The variety of pizzas on the buffet was exactly what is expected of a pizza buffet.. . I would go back but not have extremely high expectations, just in case.

Roderick Banks

It's CiCis cheap not good pizza but it will fill you up. I thought it was less expensive. Kinda pricey now for mostly dough hardly any toppings pizza. Loud children with no manners or parenting. Unpleasant on my visit.

Patrick Dupree

Constantly cutting back quality and raising price. Gattis pizza is way better and now similar price. The benefit of CiCiâ??s at one time was it was a little cheaper even though a little lower quality.

Tawanah Blouin

It was good. Better than our previous visit.

Bluzi Ana

CiCis is very clean and we'll laid out. Much better than the old CiCis. Open and airy. The food was good, hot and fresh. The prices were fair, the experience was nice.

Valerie Carlson

Have to say this is one of the better ones I have eaten at.

David G

The food was hot, fresh & tasted great.... the lack of options really hurt this visit.

Krystle Magee

It was our first time here and I must say it was pretty decent for the price. Perfect for the little ones

Xavier R.

The pizza at this restaurant, is an absolute disappointment. The grease dripped all down my arm, adding another layer of moisture to my skin. The chesse fell right off the crust, on to my plate. Last time I checked, I ordered pizza not raw pizza crust, with a side of cheese and meat. No flavor what so all in the pizza. If rubber had a taste, this my friends is it. Salad was average, but that's about it. Not much else to say about this. In the meantime, I'm on my way to M.O.D Pizza to satisfy my pizza cravings.

Mike Rollins

I must say, I used to go here because I could get full for $4, if order water to drink. This place has been made over completely! The pizza on the buffet was fresh, it tasted better than I remembered, so I'm definitely going back.

Melvin Jones

Food was bad Josh charged me $30 two adult buffets turned corner he was bragging about it . Female worker dropped rag in pizza laughed about it had to throw pizza away plus sprayed windex on glass while food was on line over pizza need all new employees in there and new manager. I would not recommend anyone go there .ð??²ð???ð??£ð??£ð??°ð???ð???ð???ð???ð???ð??¡!!!NEED FRESH PIZZA PLEASE!!!!!

Randy M.

Don't believe what they say!!! Did not honor posted promotions!

Lauren J.

I've been here a few times and I always enjoy the pizza. I love the different varieties and I love that you can request specific pizzas to be added to the buffet. I also like the salad bar. I've been to other pizza places that had salad bars but the ingredients weren't as fresh. My only gripe (very minor) is that the restaurant has been open for some time now since the renovation. You can take the banners down now.

Lauren D.

I've been here a few times and I always enjoy the pizza. I love the different varieties and I love that you can request specific pizzas to be added to the buffet. I also like the salad bar. I've been to other pizza places that had salad bars but the ingredients weren't as fresh. My only gripe (very minor) is that the restaurant has been open for some time now since the renovation. You can take the banners down now.

tameka thompson

It has been remodeled and it looks amazing!!! They did not run out of any food and there was enough seating to accommodate everyone that came!!! Great job and the arcade room is better more games. I an excited to go back again!!!

Jeramy Sneathern

Ive been to many different cicis buffets. This one had hot fresh pizzas, but not as big of a variety as all the others i went to. Everything was good, just the variety of different pizzas made this lose 2 stars.

Dqueria R.

They got game and food and the place was clean but the food was ok but l was looking for something every every good but food great next time I ordered pizza from Cici's Pizza place was something little more good

Micifus Johnson

New look, new management. The employees work together like a well oiled machine. Food is fresh, the restaurant stays spotless. The employees are all very friendly as well. I hardly went before, and went on a whim yesterday. I will be back more now!