Exotic Sweets

7064 Siegen Ln Ste A, Baton Rouge
(225) 295-8287

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Emily L.

I got the hibachi shrimp, the shrimp had a very tasty flavor! The entree portion makes it seem like you'll get side vegetables and rice but it's really all mixed in together. Pretty much shrimp and vegetable fried rice.

Katie Ribble

Delicious food, generous portions, and very friendly staff. Would definitely recommend!

Evelyne Jahja

Bento box and hibachi were good and the portion was big. Wonton Noodles was not a favorite, both broth and noodle itself. My daughter and husband loved their rolled ice cream.

greg leblanc

This place is great!! Love the poke bowls and the servers quick and super nice!

mary lively

Me and my boyfriend love this place! The poke is always fresh, the boba is amazing, and they have the best black tea!! Friendly staff and quick service. They made a loyal customer out of us very quickly 😁

Kent Boy

Food is delicious and price is good.

Greesim Loy

I will definitely be coming back! The service was excellent. The bubble tea comes with two toppings which was a pleasant surprise. The sushi promo buy one, get one half is such a steal. All the sushi rolls were huge and very tasty! We had to get to go boxes, because they were so big and we had to save some room for dessert. This is my favorite rolled ice cream in town. The ice cream is more creamy than icy if that makes sense. Great food, great service. I'm very glad I went.

Goddess one

Best place to eat food and drinks and sweet fresh and have and amazing flavor i recommend this place to anyone...

Camryn C.

Prices are great, but I'd say you get what you pay for. Sushi and steak hibachi were okay but not mind blowing. I tried the Exotic Roll and the Crunchy Shrimp Roll, both of which were large in size and quantity. We were the only ones in there and service was kind of slow but not terrible. Great deals like buy one get one half off sushi and you can't beat the prices. The poke bowls seemed like they may be better than the sushi/hibachi. I might go back, but I'd definitely try something else than what I got.

Sidney C.

I went there for lunch and the restaurant is bright and a huge open area. The food is not spectacular. I ordered Thai Tea and it's bland. I suspect they used a powder base to make the tea. For my meal, I had the ox tail noodle soup and I wasn't impressed compared to a bowl of Pho. I'd go back for drinks and desserts but not for food.

Kim S.

This place was recommended to me by some friends! Portions are great and it was very inexpensive. They also had some deals when we went for bubble tea and other stuff. Customer service was kind of slow but we did not mind at all because the food met above my expectation. I will definitely be recommending this place if you need somewhere for a cheap lunch or dinner. I will be a returning sometime in the future!

Jennifer K.

I haven't had a chance to physically go to the restaurant, but have ordered from Waitr twice now. The food is beautifully packaged, and well made. It is always packed so full of flavor, and never disappoints!! There is a wide variety of options on the menu, and always something for my ever picky family to agree on. The bento boxes are amazing, and the volcano roll is simple and exquisite! The bubble tea is a delightful after dinner drink as well, and an amazing pallet cleanser! The price is very inexpensive, and the quality and love put into the preparation of the meal is outstanding. Even for my Waitr orders!

Jonas D.

I like Exotic Sweets because of the variety of options. You can get your milk tea, rolled ice cream, noodles, sushi, hibachi and even your poke fix conveniently at the same place. However, what comes with so much variety lacks in consistency and quality. You get what is expected but don't expect it to be the best although it is not terrible. We ordered our milk teas for the drinks, sushi and hibachi. Everything was well, sub-par. Nothing wow'd me but for the price we couldn't really complain. They run a lot of specials for BOGO milk teas, noodles entree, sushi rolls plus a few more that I can't recall. We were a little indecisive but the servers here are very friendly with answering any questions that we had to help us decide what to order. Coming here for a quick lunch date really would not be a bad idea. Just don't set your expectations too high. Overall, if you're looking for a quick cheap bite and not too sure what you're in the mood for. You have come to the right place.

Clement W.

The name of the restaurant is misleading! What this restaurant offers includes Poke Bowls, Bento boxes, sushi, hibachi meals and hibachi noodles. Also offers authentic high grade Chinese soup noodles. In addition they do offer multiple types of flavored teas and bubble tea, as well as made to order ice cream rolls. First: they make good Poke Bowls, with good assortment of vegetables including mangoes and avocados. You can have 1, 2 or 3 meat topping choices with pricing around $10 for 2 toppings and $11 for 3. Also good choices of sauces and sprinkle toppings. This has become my favorite place for Poke Bowl. Today I tried the Hibachi sauteed noodles (choose egg noodle) with shrimp at the recommendation of my friend who had tried all the different types of noodles. The shrimp noodle is great! Portion is generous and they gave up to 10 large shrimps. Cannot beat the quality and portion for the price of around $8.50 Will definitely get this dish again . The authentic Chinese noodle is done with very flavorful clear soup done with some herbs, mushroom, small dried scallops and different meats such as ox tail, pork ribs, duck and black skinned chicken(free range). All these noodles are around $9 or less. Definitely soup done the right way and they do not use MSG. They also have a wonton soup with multiple unusual thin skinned tiny wontons; the clear soup base that is served with the wontons is also very tasty. My wife tried some sushi once which was fine. Today my wife ordered the passion fruit flavored tea with mango jelly and red bean, and I had matcha tea with red and mung bean. (Could have two items added to the tea, including the various bubble tea pearls which we did not order with our teas today). Quite pleased with them. Also had their rolled ice cream once. Pretty good and inexpensive, considering the generous six ice cream rolls that come with each order. I have visited this place 5 times so far, and have yet to be disappointed. Haven't tasted the various appetizers, bento boxes, fried rice... I think this is a restaurant that is definitely worth a try: quality food at an inexpensive price. The restaurant is quite clean with tasteful contemporary decor.

Christina D.

New restaurant located off the busy Siegen/interstate area in the same shopping center as Planet Fitness and the Dollar Tree! The main selling points are the beautiful interior (I definitely would want to dine here) and the cheap menu! If you're a normal eater, it'll be ~$10 for a filling meal or less but definitely a good deal. The servers here are all friendly. The kitchen made a mistake and brought out the wrong kind of noodles for my dish, but the server quickly corrected it and apologized so it definitely was no biggie! The food itself is not the best you'll ever eat, but it's hot, good, and cheap! What more do you need? Salmon hibachi w sushi rice - the best thing I've tried, tasty veggies and good salmon, can't really go wrong Hibachi noodles w steak - noodles seemed a little firmer than should be, but it was still good typical soy sauce/sweet flavor, probably wouldn't order again but I don't regret it Fried dumplings - questionably frozen but nonetheless good Rolled ice cream - super creamy, delicious, large portion

Jeff W.

I do like this place and I definitely would not mind returning. I came here with my wife on a Thursday late afternoon and the restaurant was empty. I usually would just leave if I came into a restaurant and noticed I was the only one there, but my wife vouched for it. I ordered the poké bowl and loved it! They gave a generous amount of food that could possibly feed two for a reasonable price. The entire menu is reasonably priced! They do have rolled ice cream, even though I didn't feel like dessert during my first visit. My wife and I ordered some sushi rolls which were very good too. I wasn't a big fan of the eggs rolls, so I wouldn't order that appetizer again. The place was new and very clean and hopefully will be able to stay in business for the years to come.

Daniel L.

Really clean and very delicious food. Servers are really nice. VERY UNDERRATED place!

Kristen T.

This place is really nice on the inside the name will throw you off a bit because they sell way more than sweets. We had the chicken bento box and it was a nice amount of food for the price and the wait for the food was not long at all. The sushi is reasonably priced and buy one get one 50% off. The rolled ice cream was great and it was also buy one get on 50% off.The staff was friendly and welcoming..Looking forward to going back.

Bisma B.

This is a really cool hidden gem which serves poke bowls, sushi, noodle soups, ice cream rolls, milk and flavored tea, miso and clear soup, and bento boxes. It's in the Siegen shopping center near the left end. The miso soup was okay for me, but the sushi was really nice with a lot of flavors. I really liked the ice cream rolls too. The service was really good as well the prices and I will defintely go back next time to try the milk tea.

Ronald C.

We actually thought this place was really cute inside. The prices are great and I love all the choices to pick from on the menu. The workers are very friendly too. My only issue here is the food. Only one person was actually pleased with their dish. Everyone else felt their food lacked much of a taste.

Exotic Sweets

7064 Siegen Ln Ste A, Baton Rouge, LA 70809