Exotic Sweets

7064 Siegen Ln Ste A, Baton Rouge
(225) 295-8287

Recent Reviews

Chris Stelly

Extremely delicious and I hope they open back up after this is over

Dominic P.

Amazing and caring staff! Food was amazing and you get so much! My kids love it here and it can be a great place for date night!

Bando F.

Hidden gem. The food hear is just soooooo good. This place actually turned me into a sushi lover. The milk tea is on par with the best in baton rouge. The bento boxes are awesome as well. Everything just tastes so darn good

Chris Miera

Very Good Sushi. Decorated very nicely. Wait staff were very professional and attentive. Gonna try the rolled ice cream next visit.

Robert Quasdorf

Always great wonton soup! I've tried several of the apps and they are great as well!

Seane Petrie

The COCONUT SHRIMPS were everything and the service was amazing. 10/10 would go again.

Casey W

LOVE bubble tea! The flavor options and fun add ins they have at Exotic Sweets make for a great experience. The menu has quite the spread of meal choices from poke to sushi to hibachi and more. Chic decor which makes for a casual lunch or dinner spot. The rolled ice cream counter is placed in front so you can get in/out quickly if you’re just looking for a treat.

La D.

You can't go wrong ordering the shrimp bento box. It is feeling and delicious. What all comes in the shrimp bento box? I'm excited to tell you what it comes with, Shrimp of course but that's not all, you also get two mini egg rolls, your choice of fried rice or noodles (I suggest you go with the noodles) 4 sushi. Check out the pictures I attended. The Milk Teas are wonderful I had coconut milk tea and cantaloupe milk tea I couldn't decide on just one so I bought two lol. Hope you all enjoy reading this review. Now that you have read the review go and give them a try. You'll be glad you did!

Vision011000 ..

I've eaten here many times and each experience has been top-notch. The environment is clean, organized, and friendly without shirking on atmosphere. The staff will gladly help you with menu items you're unfamiliar with and give recommendations. consistently provide a variety of deals and specials at various times that are quite significant, such as buy 1 drink, get 1 free on bubble teas, buy 1 meal and get 1 50%, etc. And then there's the food; this place has become one of my favorite lunch spots for a reason. It's food matches it's look. Flavorful but not oversaturated with grease or salt or sauce.

Barrie Landry

Delicious food and a wide variety of boba and fruit tea flavors (the lightbulb cup is super cute as well!) Waitress was very kind and sweet and our food came out fast and hot. Wonderful atmosphere and experience. Will definitely come again!

Todd Bouwkamp

Great service very friendly. Loved the rolls and ice cream. Well decorated restaurant very cool vibe.

Glimps C.

It probably looked like I didn't enjoy my meal because I couldn't eat a whole lot but this was by far some of the best food I've had. The service was great too. The matcha milk tea with boba was delicious as well. I'll have to order the milk tea after my meal next time so the ice doesn't melt on me I wish I lived closer so I could visit more often.

You-Know K.

This place is for me the best Asian Fusion place around. Let me caveat by saying I'm usually against the fusion places and tend towards the pure one-style restaurants that specialize in one type of Asian cuisine. Well, the thing about this place is it does both generic Asian like eggrolls, fried rice, andsushi, but it also does impossible to find anywhere else Fuzhou, China dishes. So far I've tried one of their unique Fuzhou dishes that you will absolutely not find anywhere else. Ever had Black Chicken Soup before? I hadn't either - super cool stuff!! Now for the uninitiated, the meat is chopped up while still on the bone for flavor. This means if you want you can suck the meat off the bones, but it takes some care/work. You can also just enjoy the noodles, soup, completely new to me veggies, and maybe or bite or two of the meatier pieces. Service was exceptional, very nice people! The decor of the place is very nice. I usually don't worry about the way places look, I'm there for the food, but this place is nice. My wife is going to love it when I bring her.

Briann H.

Finally got the opportunity to visit Exotic Sweets! Let me tell you it's awesome. We came in around lunch time with a large group and were seated immediately. The atmosphere is cute, there is ample parking, and the staff was beyond friendly/helpful. They have a special for buy one item and get the second one of equal or lesser value half off. So we ordered a banana milk boba, and a strawberry milk boba, both were delicious. We also ordered two chicken fried rice kids meals which came with fruit cups. The kids loved it. We ordered two lunch specials with one specialty roll and two regular rolls. We had enough food for lunch and dinner. Now if you're coming here for high end sushi you're not going to get it, but I generally am not looking for that. This is good sushi, better than the grocery store and at a fantastic price. I will definitely be back !

Carlye R.

Sad I didn't know about this sooner! My bubble tea is DELICIOUS and my sushi was super fresh! Great deals and really inexpensive!!

Phyllis H

Large portions for a great price. Not to mention the food is delicious!

Pam Cahill

1st time very good and will do it again !!

Alyssa Aymond

The bubble tea is amazing and I'm super happy they have yogurt popping boba in their toppings selection. Also the coconut shrimp was amazing and the black chicken soup was super tasty.

Tyler Luke

I’ve been multiple times because it’s close to my house and work. The staff is very friendly, the service is quick, and the food is great. I’ve never ordered something I didn’t end up enjoying.

Lisa Craig

Delicious food... The Bento box is large enough for 2 meals.

Jennifer W.

The food here was amazing!! I love this place! I would literally eat here every night if I can! The service was freaking amazing! We meet the owner and she is so nice!! I love it and my kids love it too‼ the prices are amAzing!! I will be back‼

Lindsay B.

Went back to Exotic Sweets for the second time because we were craving their bubble tea, coconut shrimp, egg rolls, house lomein and vegetable hibachi. We didn't realize they weren't open yet (apparently they don't open until 11 and we got there at 10:40). They sat us down and were quick to take our order and bring food out. We were just as pleased as we were last time we ate at Exotic Sweets! Our only suggestion is that they season their fried rice a bit more because it was relatively bland. The veggies were delicious though as was my clear soup and my taro milk tea with bubbles was outstanding! Definitely a must try if you're in the area! P.S. Get their "yummy sauce." It goes great on everything!

Trimell L.

Awesome! I am now addicted to boba tea! I ordered one to go with my meal and one for work tomorrow. This is my new after school quick snack spot. The food was awesome. I got full so quickly. We only had egg rolls and sushi, but I was stuffed after eating 2 pieces of sushi. The portions are huge. The prices are so terribly affordable. Like I'm gonna be here all the time now. Don't let the name fool you, they offer so much more than milk teas and ice cream. They have awesome sushi, back of house hibachi plates, fried chicken wings, shrimp, various noodles and rice plates. There are several appetizers to choose from. The service is fast and so polite. It's locally (and female ) owned and operated

Dennis W.

Excellent eatery the have everything from smoothies to bobo tea to bento boxes you name it they can make it. Nice easy to get to location food is terrific!!!

Lyle S.

Great fusion sushi. Very Americanized but so good. The staff is super friendly and the servings are large. They have a pretty wide variety that you may not take from the name. They're so much more than sweets. Great place to try boba tea your first time if you've never had it.

Erin M.

Kicking myself for not trying this place sooner. I've seen it mentioned on yelp many times and have passed it a few times. I looked at the menu which is updated on here and came in ready to order. Get the peach tea! Omg I thought it may not be that good maybe so I got a small. Big mistake. It was so good and I wish I would have gotten a large. The hibachi chicken was yummy. Fried rice was a little different than I've had before but was good. We got the popcorn chicken appetizer that I saw on here too and it was good too. Highly recommend this place. They also have ice cream but I did not try it. PS: Get the peach tea!

Avocado Austin

In my opinion, the fried rice kinda kinda bland and the sushi called “exotic sweets” is all covered in sauce and tastes over sauced. I think the staff were just trying to

Joseph Stewart

I took my wife here and we didn't know what to expect because it was a fairly new place but the food was excellent the service was on point and I will be going back again.

Patsion P.

I love this place!!!! I think it's such a cool concept and the staff is super friendly also. There's a fish tank when you first walk in and I'm pretty sure the fish actually recognize me by now haha. I usually get the hibachi shrimp or salmon with grilled veggies and fried rice, no teriyaki sauce pls! It's always fresh and hot while being reasonably priced! You get a huge portion of food so I always have enough for dinner and lunch ;-) The real star here is the dessert! I seriously love the rolled ice cream, it's amazing! I usually get the strawberry cheesecake and it's heaven. It's a fun place to try and always fulfilling!

Mylan P.

Holy cow! This place is so awesome!! This place is literally a "bang-for-your-buck" type of place. The deals and prices are kind of crazy. Just FYI, Wednesday's are half off everything except for milk teas and ice creams and it's such an amazing deal! The amount of food that you get for their price is so crazy!! You'll have food for lunch and dinner the next day! Don't be fooled by the name, it's not just sweets that they serve. They serve sushi, hibachi, fried rice, and other savory dishes. I've had their chicken nugget appetizer, the fried dumplings, the steak bento box and the spicy salmon roll. Everything was really good (for their price) and had nice flavor. The fried rice that came with the bento box was a little bland so I did have to add soy sauce but I really can't complain much because their prices are just so dang cheap! Love this place, came here twice already!

Emily L.

I got the hibachi shrimp, the shrimp had a very tasty flavor! The entree portion makes it seem like you'll get side vegetables and rice but it's really all mixed in together. Pretty much shrimp and vegetable fried rice.

Savannah Gonzalez

I love this place my friend Stanley’s mom owns this place shout out to him!!

Katie Ribble

Delicious food, generous portions, and very friendly staff. Would definitely recommend!

Evelyne Jahja

Bento box and hibachi were good and the portion was big. Wonton Noodles was not a favorite, both broth and noodle itself. My daughter and husband loved their rolled ice cream.

greg leblanc

This place is great!! Love the poke bowls and the servers quick and super nice!

mary lively

Me and my boyfriend love this place! The poke is always fresh, the boba is amazing, and they have the best black tea!! Friendly staff and quick service. They made a loyal customer out of us very quickly 😁

Kent Boy

Food is delicious and price is good.

Greesim Loy

I will definitely be coming back! The service was excellent. The bubble tea comes with two toppings which was a pleasant surprise. The sushi promo buy one, get one half is such a steal. All the sushi rolls were huge and very tasty! We had to get to go boxes, because they were so big and we had to save some room for dessert. This is my favorite rolled ice cream in town. The ice cream is more creamy than icy if that makes sense. Great food, great service. I'm very glad I went.

Goddess one

Best place to eat food and drinks and sweet fresh and have and amazing flavor i recommend this place to anyone...

Camryn C.

Prices are great, but I'd say you get what you pay for. Sushi and steak hibachi were okay but not mind blowing. I tried the Exotic Roll and the Crunchy Shrimp Roll, both of which were large in size and quantity. We were the only ones in there and service was kind of slow but not terrible. Great deals like buy one get one half off sushi and you can't beat the prices. The poke bowls seemed like they may be better than the sushi/hibachi. I might go back, but I'd definitely try something else than what I got.