Exotic Sweets

7064 Siegen Ln Ste A, Baton Rouge
(225) 295-8287

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Grant Roberts

Love this place!! We come here a lot. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. Food come out very quick and always tastes amazing! My favorite item is the steak bento box. Highly Recommend this place!!

georgina Santiago

Best bentos and exotic teas. Our family loves this place.

isral Duke

The food was good and the service was friendly. Great poké bowls!

Kelly J.

Wonderful place to eat! First off, its so clean and nicely decorated. And the staff are so friendly. The food is tasty and always done right. The shrimp appy was so big and crispy! My hubby loves the udon stir fry. Everything we tried there is delicious. And the waitress even gives my girls ice cream treats for dessert! One of our favorite places to eat in BR!

John Kirk

Great food great portion size excellent service

Youngone K.

Exotic sweets has good pricing and quantity for their boba. The pricing for a large is $4.95 but what is amazing is that they let you choose any two toppings. They have popping boba flavors here that I haven't seen at Momo, Pandan, Kung Fu Tea, T&T, Bubble Waffle, Zero Degrees, and King Kong boba shops in town. I thoroughly enjoyed the free toppings and choices to choose from, as most places charge extra for toppings that aren't tapioca pearls. I got my milk tea at 80% sugar level, just one level down from "standard" as I knew that my toppings would make the drink sweeter. However, my milk tea alone was very, very sweet. I can't imagine how unbearable 100% would be, so I would get 60% next time with the toppings. If you just like standard tapioca pearls as your topping, there are other places to get boba where there are fancier drink options, more flavors, and slightly less cost. However, if you like trying other toppings without paying more for it or the option for a smaller size boba fix and don't mind more limited options, I would be quite happy coming here regularly now knowing how overwhelmingly sweet their boba tea is compared to places around town. The milk tea had enough ice to feel cold but not too much where it felt like I wasn't getting enough tea. The topping quantities were also solid. The honeydew flavor was very good and did not taste like an awful artificial flavor like Vivi's honeydew mild tea but tasted more like Asian melon flavored popsicles. All in all, cut the sugar level more than you might get at your standard boba place in BR and go from there!

Danielle C.

Absolutely incredible. Food was so fresh and delicious. Very clean place with very friendly staff. Love it here. Bubble tea is awesome! I can't recommend this place enough!!

Ray C.

Exotic Sweets really hit the ball out of the park for me. To begin with the menu is very simplistic with pictures of different foods they have ranging from boba tea drinks to sushi and as well as some really good Chinese food! We decided to get some boba tea, sushi, and some Chinese food as well. The black milk tea really shined for me, not overly sweet yet still had a nice subtle tea taste which really was delicious. Our appetizer was a peanut sauce noodle dish and oxtail soup! Both were superb, the oxtail soup had such a rich deep flavor that was extremely refreshing and the noodle dish was very satisfying especially with the homemade hot chili oil they provide. The sushi was solid and so was my main entree the black chicken noodle soup which is almost a medicinal dish but with really good flavor. I highly recommend for anyone , they do so many things great such as desert, milk teas, sushi, and variety of Asian food!

Alex L.

If you're looking for your new go to spot, this is it!! So much food for your $$$. Service is always perfect. I have never waited for more than ten minutes for any item on the menu. I unapologetically go here at least once a week and I haven't been disappointed by anything on the menu yet. The Thai tea with yogurt boba is delicious. The restaurant has a very modern-clean look. Staff is very sanitary and bathrooms are always tidy. I seriously can't say enough positive things. It's not 5 star quality dishes but you can't beat the prices for a delicious casual dinner or lunch date.

kelly alv

Get the hurricane rolls if you want the LSU rolls! Really big sushi and really delicious! I also got chicken hibachi and also really good and their bubble tea is always good! Go support local! I will also add that they definitely have better prices than most hibachi restaurants !

Isaiah Ayala

“We don’t do ice cream anymore” hmm. Atleast note that on the sign? I bought the 10c fried dumplings. Disgusting. They are definitely frozen (which is ok) but they have BEEN frozen atleast 2 months ??the sesame seed oil or whatever left a gross aftertastes like if it also has never been remade. -1 out of 5 stars

Kaity Craven

Pretty awful sushi. We tried four different rolls and thought they were all near inedible due to their poor quality of ingredients.

Chris Stelly

Extremely delicious and I hope they open back up after this is over

Dominic P.

Amazing and caring staff! Food was amazing and you get so much! My kids love it here and it can be a great place for date night!

Bando F.

Hidden gem. The food hear is just soooooo good. This place actually turned me into a sushi lover. The milk tea is on par with the best in baton rouge. The bento boxes are awesome as well. Everything just tastes so darn good

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