Kungfu Tea Baton Rouge

7584 Bluebonnet Blvd, Baton Rouge
(225) 228-2789

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Violet B.

my fav boba in baton rouge! the workers were super sweet and recommended the lychee green tea which was so amazingggg! the inside set up is a little weird, so wouldn't stay for long but still, the drinks are always great.

Patrick W.

It was good but they got my order wrong I wanted to take it back and get another one but I didn't want to worry about it and the boba was good but the flavor was a little off for me but it will still ( kinda ) good I really would recommend this place

Ronnisha J.

Amazing! Definitely try this place. Tons of selections, friendly and fast service, cute decor for hanging out or working and very clean environment. My 7 year old didn't have any trouble selecting something off of the menu and he enjoyed his passion fruit tea with mango jellies very much. We will definitely be back!

Crazy Kitkat

I'm usually not a boba tea type of person and I usually don't like it, but both times I went here, I've enjoyed it!! This is probably the only one I would go to

Briana Ingram

Competitively priced similar to Starbucks and cc’s. It’s enjoyable because it’s different from the everyday habit. My order has been consistent each time I’ve order. There is room to sit, talk and even play board games. This was one of the first Boba tea places in BR and still is one of the top places to get this type of varietal drink.

Sunny Bunny

I got the Caramel Milk Tea at 50% sugar and it was still sweet. The vibes are nice and it's pretty spacious. They have new treats like flavored popcorn and it's really good. Fun to hang out at.

Paula Mccarthy

I loved the atmosphere and the strawberry lemonade

Alea F.

Always make great teas and slushes!! It's always a treat and a delight. Really recommend to anyone

Vy T.

BEST BOBA PLACE IN BR!! The worker who served me (Catherine) was great and her service made my day! Now I want to wake up and start my day off with a wintermelon tea cap everyday because the customer service was THAT good


Amazing people and beautiful space. Loved the variety of drinks they had to offer. I personally love the Honey Milk Tea and the Taro Milk Tea. Both are amazing and not too sweet for anyone having their first boba drink.

Alala Cip

This place cute and clean.I ordered the oolong tea and the fresh tea aroma was there.They don’t have plant based milk though, but they have their own dairy free milk.

Melissa Thomson

Super friendly staff! Neither my son or I had ever had boba! The staff was very patient and knowledgeable about all of their menu items! We chose 2 slushes. One with and one without boba. They were both DELICIOUS!!! SO much so, we went back the next day! Ha ha

Katie Seale

I pulled up at 7:55 and they close at 8 and they saw me walking up to the door and literally locked it in my face. I understand that an establishment wants to close and get out of there at closing time, but if a customer is there before 8 o’clock and is looking you in the eyes the whole time they’re walking/running up to the door to lock it is not good business. I love the Boba place on Oneal anyway. They will be getting my money now.

Emma Ledet Strassel


Ronald Beteta

Delicious taro milk tea!!

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