Little Caesars Pizza

9065 Perkins Rd, Baton Rouge
(225) 328-2322

Recent Reviews

William Brister

Fast. Inexpensive pizza. But please try their stuffed bread sticks.... Changed my life it did. Lifted up 2020 by a bit.

Jasmin Johnson

The associate was rude and unprofessional. I ordered two cheese pizzas and she just assumed I wanted extra cheese and charged me for it. I always get the $5 cheese pizzas and 5+5+tax doesn't equal $13. I asked about the price and she told me what everyone orders and that the pizza wouldn't have enough cheese. I was so confused because we always order the $5 cheese pizzas without a problem. This was the first time I had an associate mention this so I asked if the formula had changed. At that time she was confused and unable to answer the question with clarity. I dismissed her attitude and unclear communication, but it wasn't a good experience.

Juanita Ennis

Good Service!

Paulette Williams

They were very nice and respectful

Drew Erickson

This place has terrible employees who just seem to hate everything and everyone! The pizza is just thrown together and terrible quality for little caesars, which normally has great pizza for affordable cost! Definitely won’t be returning due to the horrible customer service and grossly thrown together raw pizza

Stephen Jackson

Horrible... manager thinks he’s smarter than Little Caesars executives and insists that people prefer $6 pizza over $5. $6 hot and readys on deck but you have to wait 15 minutes for a $5. Someone needs to tell the employees what Little Caesar’s trademark is. it’s NOT $6 hot and ready...

Raymond J. Cockerham

Inexpensive, good, hot PIZZA PIZZA!

Julie Collier

Awful employees and manager who refused to give us a refund for no reason. She charged us automatically for the $6 pizza without asking what we wanted and gave us the $5 pizza. We waited over 45 mins for a pizza and the crew in there gave 7 pizzas to people who came in after us. Terrible employees with awful attitudes, threw our credit card back at us and gave us terrible looks. People were walking out left and right and no one would acknowledge people walking in. One lady was trying to get the lady or “managers’ attention and she wouldn’t turn around and after the 3rd time she said “what” in the worst attitude. We had to stay bc she refused to give us a refund after we watched countless people walk in after us and they hand them their pizzas. We asked if they called in and they said no.

jim welsh

Won't go back new employees are terrible

George Crofoot

Great pizza for great deal I love this place

Audrey James

The Food was Great & the Cashier was even Greater,I will Return

Ladii V

Great service, very nice merchant!

Roxane Bingham

I ordered 10 pizzas last Saturday and place my order for Sunday for an additional 15 pizzas and paid for them in advance. When I went back on Sunday they had no record of my order and when they were prepared the order was incorrect. Made several attempts to speak to the manager but the employees didn’t seem interested in passing on the message.

CiCi Rmz

This location never has more than 1 person cookin pizzas n never has pizzas ready .. should b shut down..

Marlon S.

Clearly, 5 star pizza would have to be on another level, so we know what we are working with here. Now, having said that, Little Caesars has stepped up their game over the last few years. Inconsistency was the biggest gripe I had, along with cheaper ingredients, but for about $5, what can one really expect? The Quattro pizza has turned things around, and the quality of the cheese has really gone up. The Quattro features 4 different types of pizza made into one, but one of the ladies working there tipped me off: there is a special seasoning that is used on the Quattro! So, I got a meat pizza with extra cheese and the Quattro seasoning. Viola!!! Pizza magic for 6 bucks. Yes-- even Little Caesars deserves a review!!! The value and new quality improvement gives them a solid 3 stars. FYI: It doesn't take them long to make the pizza in store, but the Pizza Portal is a quick option if you need it.

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