Little Saigon Restaurant

11224 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge
(225) 273-2445

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the shrike

The food is good but the restaurant isn't that clean. When we went, we sat by the wall which had old flecks of sauce from whoever had eaten there before us.

Adrian Cristobal

Good Vietnamese food, I suggest trying their rice meals

White Iris

Delicious and pretty fast.

james richardson

Wonderful food! Fresh as always!

B A.

This is a great Vietnamese restaurant in the same lot as the Asian Supermarket. I've eaten at Saigon Noodle which is across the road next to Hong Kong market. The Bun Bo Hue at Little Saigon is on point with what I get on the West Coast with the exception that they don't provide sliced banana shoots and mint that you would normally get with Bun Bo Hue. Where Saigon Noodle chintzes out on their meat, Little Saigon gives you the perfect ratio of meat to noodles. If you want authentic Vietnamese that doesn't cater to Baton Rouge taste and is true to cuisine, give Little Saigon a chance. Please don't order Faux Chinese dishes. If you're going to eat Vietnamese, eat Vietnamese. Be adventurous and ask the server for help. Otherwise, go to a fake ass Chinese restaurant if you have no idea what the difference is between the cuisine. This is like calling clam chowder northern style gumbo

Poop sickle

This restaurant has been around for a long time, and for good reason!


I have been a long time customer of this restaurant and since the change in owners, the business and food quality has gone down. After, visiting for lunch I've decided that I will not return. I spent 30 minutes (my entire lunch break) sitting waiting on my lunch with just one other guest in the building. My order was simple and would usually only take 5-7 minutes to prepare. I ended up having to ask for it to go. After tasting the spring rolls it left my stomach upset.

Vanessa Adkins

How to enjoy and celebrate the Chinese New Year and learn about new culture. It was awesome to watch these people and their practiced the costumes dance around and jump on top of things. It was very impressive I've never seen anything like it. I will definitely be looking forward to next year's events. It was very exciting and very colorful.

Tuyet Nguyen

Great food & service. Nice quiet family atmosphere.

Valerie J

The restaurant has change the look of the menu. However, the food is the same. The carry out takes about 15 minutes. Try the fresh broccoli stir-fried with beef and onions. The Chicken noodle soup is certainly a good choice.

gabriela ayala

Great service. The food is so good

Kevin H. Nguyen

Pho is best here..

Valerie J

The restaurant has change the look of the menu. However, the food is the same. The carry out takes about 15 minutes. Try the fresh broccoli stir-fried with beef and onions. The Chicken noodle soup is certainly a good choice.


I've lived in the Baton Rouge area for over 5 years and why I've never eaten here certainly is a shame because the restaurant is clean and the food is quality in the tastes! The broth for the pho and banh canh were not bogged and filled with additives. The other restaurants try hard to bring out the broth. This was broth at its essence, so if needed, I could add more or less of the hoisin sauce.The restaurant was short on servers but the server was as attentive and quick as could be while tending to the other 5 tables. The rice and porkchop was standard with nothing too fancy. Overall, a great bowl of hot soup for a winter's morning.

Ian T.

The Hu Tieu (seafood) and Pho Dac Biet (special) here are better than other places I've been to in Baton rouge. Broth is good and meat are plenty. We will definitely come here again soon. Always good when it's cold outside.

Marcie L.

This place is amazing. We ordered the pork spring rolls. The vegetables tasted so fresh. It was filled with meat as well. We also ordered the shrimp fried rice, which tasted very clean. I had the Pho & shrimp & eggroll vermicelli. This is definitely the best Vietnamese restaurant in Baton Rouge.

Linda V.

I came here on a cold night to enjoy a warm, hearty bowl of pho with as a second option with some friends because my go-to pho spot was closed. The broth is a little disappointing and the meat noodle ratio was quite off with there being way too much meat and not enough noodles. Every bite I had, there was meat. This could be a great thing for meat lovers, but I'm not a fan. The vegetables (bean sprouts, basil, and lime) served with our pho were very fresh and plentiful. The service and wait time was pretty solid as well. Although Little Saigon wouldn't be my first choice for Vietnamese food, it's a decent option amongst the plethora of restaurants in the Sherwood area.

Brandi Brown Jones

#32 was fantastic. The flavor was beautiful and the meat was cooked perfectly. I loved the fried noodles.


Not a good to take care of customer.

Bob W.

Eaten here numerous times and love it. I realize I differ from others on who's best as there are several awesome Vietnamese restaurants in tow n but I pick Saigon Noodle number 1. Viet Garden is good down the street but have some work to do to rival here. The phos here are the bomb! Ours is the spicy beef noodle. It's killer. My only suggestion is to learn how to make a good Vietnamese coffee. You will not go wrong here if you love authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Little Saigon Restaurant

11224 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70815