Serop's Express Jefferson Hwy (Mid-City)

720 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge
(225) 248-9500

Recent Reviews

Angelique D.

I ate at Serpo's all the time before the pandemic. I just left and they raised the price, made the portions smaller and they are using iceberg lettuce instead of romaine lettuce. Omg! I'm never going back.

Steve West

Today was the first time I went to this place. They gave me a cold wrap that the wrap was like wheat which I didn’t ask for and just fell apart on the first bite. The bread was literally crumbs. I had to just throw it away. I don’t know if this was common but the only thing the guy said when I called back was did I want to come get another one. Ahhhh no not like this one. I’ll just stick to Albasha a much longer drive but atleast my food can be eaten

Ananska Carlo

It was my first time and I loved it. The employees let me try some of the food before I got so I could tell if I like it. That is something that I really appreciate. Very good food. If you want a very good fast food you should come and visit Serops Express

Shayla Dabney

I love stopping at this place! We used to frequent there when it was a dine in/take out but now they have a drive-thru which is even better. Our food is always top-notch!

Kathy Rome

Delicious Middle Eastern food for a reasonable price. The moussaka is great!

Kathy Roka

Delicious Middle Eastern food for a reasonable price. The moussaka is great!

Sonny Creel

Cold rice and cold pita bread , on my plate. But the salad was tasty. Cost way to much for what i got served.

Jasmin Johnson

The food was great, but the service was just ok. The pita bread was left out of our meal.

Allison M.

We love Serop's Express and specifically this location since it is close to our home and husband's work. The service is friendly and quick and the food is delicious, fresh, and a great value for money. My husband's go-to is the chicken shawarma salad and I like to get a mixed plate with 3 or 4 sides and I always have enough leftovers for a second meal. I love the potato & eggplant parmesan, lentil soup, green beans, fried cauliflower, moussaka and greens. While the potatoes and onions are delicious, it is fairly inconsistent with the potatoes often being under-cooked so I only get it every now and then and hope for the best. Can't go wrong with this place for a quick lunch or dinner!

R Amin

Best and freshest Greek Lebenese food in Baton Rouge

Lynn Callegari

I frequent the highland location and it’s always refreshing to walk in and be greeted. Not only there but a gentleman that works there have such amazing customer service he remembers my order every single time, makes me feel like a valued customer. Once I find out his name I’ll come update my comment.

Jamere Maxwell

Great prices, flavors, and selection. Customer service is nice as well.

Russia Williams

The food is always fresh tasting and delicious. I love it here. I always go through the drive thru and have quick, polite service!

Anita Wright

The portion sizes versus the prices are perfect! This plate was right at $9. They have plenty of non meat options which I love. I had already taken a few bites before snapping this photo.

Charmaine Lenard

I love the chicken & rice pilaf salad! The chicken is tasty and the salad dressing is soooo gooood!!

Debra Simmon

Dissatisfied with the entree(,chicken shawarma) the chicken was dried out making it hard to chew and swallow. Will not order that again.

Marco Madrigal

Its Good place in General customer service is great and so is the price. I think this should earn a 5 star because the food is great and everything about this restaurant is good.

Carla Hebert

Always fresh and good service. Excellent place for a quick and delicious meal. Lots of food choices.

Trey Bickham

Excellent food and wonderful hospitality! I would be glad to go back!

Thomas G.

I just went to the Serops Express on Jefferson for the first time and loved it! I decided to get the Combo Plate that came with gyro, chicken, salad, rice, humus and Grecian sauce. The gyro and the chicken were amazing and the humus was honestly my favorite part of the meal! The one thing I wasn't a big fan of was the pita because it didn't have a crunch to it and seemed kind of bland. Other than that this is a great Greek place that has walk in and drive thru options.

Matthew Bryant

If you're hungry for something hot and delicious, no other place will serve you better food faster. I would be proud to invite Serop's to cater my wedding.

Rhonda M.

The food is decent... nice serving size...The only downfall is their rude drive thru customer service...The cashier asked what do you want, just because I asked to add a drink! Really? Always rushed! No chance to view the menu! Not everyone is familiar with what Serop has to offer! Geezzz!

Carla Edwards

This food is absolutely delicious, especially the chicken and lamb combo salad!!

Lyle S.

Greek on the go. What's not to love? Fast and friendly service and the pita wrap was delicious. Great place for something quick. The staff really knows how to work as a team!

April May

Poor excuse for greek cuisine.Rude workets using unsanitary practices all over food.YUCK!!!!

Denise Barringer

We enjoy their food every time we are in Mid City. It is so fresh and delicious! The portions are large and very reasonably priced. FIVE STARS!!

Kayla G.

I finally got the chance to stop by here after weeks of seeing it! I decided to go through the drive through which is a pretty cool feature, there wasn't a line either, just one car ahead of me. I got the chicken plate which I'm very familiar with from other local places too. I didn't have to wait long for my food either, and the employees were kind, so that's good. The Food: the chicken wasn't dry, but it wasn't the juiciest I've had either, (maybe it could've been kind of old because they were slow, not sure) but there was a good flavor. It also was a good amount but the pieces were also pretty cut up. The rice pilaf was pretty good, I just wish it had more flavor besides the peas! The rice was a good texture though, not hard. The hummus was probably the strangest thing to me though, it was probably the most tart hummus I've ever had, not bad, just tart, and the texture was kind of runnier than expected. Overall, I would get it again, just probably at a different time to see if the quality changes.

Celu Bering

Serop's never disappoints. Muhjadra, Gyro,Sauteed eggplant are my favorites. A variety of clean and healthy veggies choices are always available. Fast take out food.

MR Jones

Great Lebanese food ready to eat.

Jeremy Worley

Serop's Express offers quality Greek and Lebanese food while also offering quick service if you're in a hurry. My only complaint is that menu items do seem to be a tad on the pricey side compared to what is included in your meal.

Emily Taylor

Love the food here, fast, fresh, and a good variety. I would eat here more often if it weren't for all the styrofoam usage. When they switch to compostable serveware (like Izzo's) I'll be a regular again. Hope it's soon!

Jimmy D.

Honestly one of my favorite go to places that's quick and relatively healthy! I always get the #3 combo cause of course, it has a little bit of everything.

Vanessa Thibodeaux

Great service and quality food in a good location - you can't beat that! Definitely try the hummus. It's better than anything you'll find in a store!

Natalie Krusemeier

This is very standard Gyros and Shawarma type of meals. You can see them preparing your meal, which is nice, and the price prices are very good. I recommend to the Gyros here as there really isn't much of an option for anything else, but they do have some different sides which is always good. Things like macaroni and cheese, would you normally would not find me a gyro shop. As far as Lebanese Cuisine goes, I could say that this place cannot be beat for the price.

Stephanie Bailey

The food is fresh and delicious. The service is fast and courteous. I love coming here and the downtown location.

DonandTiffany George

The okra and tomatoes is the best I’ve ever had!!!

jimmy norris

Best lunch spot ever. Prices are really good, portions are big, I eat on my lunch twice before I can finish it, for $9. And the food is delicious. The creamed spinach is my favorite. You wont be disappointed.

Bobbye Alexander-Johnson

Great food. Especially beggies

Chet C

Fabulous Eastern cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. There is dine-in, but we often enjoy take-out to relax at home.

Melissa Sykes

2nd experience here and I think I’m in love and the size of the plate I have lunch and dinner

Serop's Express Jefferson Hwy (Mid-City)

720 Jefferson Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(225) 248-9500