8875 - A Highland Rd, Baton Rouge
(225) 767-6455

Recent Reviews

beautiful soul

Okay location

Mersaydes Davis

Service here was great but my food was bit fixed properly. Pizza was not baked all the way, some of the cheese didn't even melt.

Mya Whitfield

Very Rude! Talked to a customer disrespectfully!

Cassie Isabell

This is the best subway I've ever been to hands down. The staff is phenomenal and the food is always made on point! They even know our orders?

Lauren Janell

The food is great and the staff is friendly, but if the website for the store states that it’s open until 8:00pm, then it should still be open even if someone arrives at 7:40pm.

Danielle Scott

Professional Fast Service!

Darren H.

Never too crowded and always clean. The sandwiches are on point. No complaints about this location. The last time I went there was a 'bathroom break' sign on the door so I had to wait outside for a bit. Maybe someone called in that day and they were short handed but I'll let it slide.

Matthew Bolda

There are a dozen subways in the area, but these guys are just on point. Everything is always fresh, their store is always clean, and the regular staff have been there so long we have a running conversation. If your a sub fan I would highly recommend this location.

Anon M.

I think this was the one I had a bad experience at-it was in the same shopping center as a neighborhood Walmart. The lady behind the counter(who turned out to be a manager) was VERY RUDE AND RACIST. She did not say a word to me or my brother when we walked in (there wasn't a line) but had no problem saying hey when people of her own color walked in a few seconds later. Her face suggested she wasn't happy to be taking our order and didn't want to be there. When I called Subway Corporate(because she was the manager, I was not going to give HER a chance to fix this), they called me back but offered NOTHING to make it right. This was the third and final insult committed by Subway in August. You know what they say-3 strikes and your out. Well, no more Subway for me! In this city, there are plenty of other places you could go to get a sandwich sub-like Jersey Mikes, Jimmy Johns, and Which Wich to name a few. Personally, Jersey Mike's is my favorite. Come to think of it, I usually never got good service at MOST of the Subways in this city at all. Oh well

Rutherford McNair

Great I love and the food is soooooooo good 5 stars keep up the good work subway

Trace Purvis

Service has been friendly and prompt during every visit.


great food, friendly staff!

Daren Moore

Food was delicious properly prepared

Harper's Haberdashery

Best subway in town

Jacob Schlecht

Wish I could do no star!!! 7:45 I walk up, a lady that works there sitting in her car tells me "we we're slow, we closed at 8". Not sure I'll try and go here agian! Horrible!!

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