Swagat Indian Cuisine

15380 George Oneal Rd, Baton Rouge
(225) 755-0937

Recent Reviews

Vincent Morebucks

Holy cow this place is absolutely delicious! The variety is quite wide and I honestly don't think there's anything I've tried that I didn't absolutely enjoy. The wait staff are incredibly courteous and professional and Swift with their service. I honestly don't think my drink was empty for longer than 45 seconds. The only problem I had was a problem that I created for myself when I decided to come on a Sunday and I had to endure a small wait of about 7 minutes. I definitely intend to be coming back soon!

Pam White

First time to try here. Very friendly service and food was very good. Lots of options and you can set your spicy level... can't wait to try other dishes!

PriyankaK Jain

My family's new all time favorite restaurant! Ohh the food is always so good. Love their lunch buffet because they have so much variety and it's all delicious. My mouth is watering just writing about it

Mary P.

This is my new favorite Indian restaurant in Baton Rouge and probably the best I've ever had. Great service, awesome staff and the food is very fresh and authentic. Will be back soon for sure!

Cindy N.

My husband took us to eat Indian food ! I must say one of the best I have tried. The fresh Indian bread that they bring out so Yumm! I love the butter chicken and curry chicken. And the mango fruit dessert was one of my favorite. The staff was very friendly and you can just tell it's a family run business !

Tejal P.

Very good food that was served piping hot. The service was great. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Would definitely come back when visiting Baton Rouge!

Akhilesh B.

Polite staff, clean dinning area and amazing food are the highlights of this place. The buffet has variety of food and almost all the items are tasty. The tandoor meat does get dry sitting there on the serving line. With 4 desserts and 4 different types of Biryanis this place is an example of value for money. None the less, all their curries are fresh and tasty.

sujatha Chakrapani

Great ambience, delicious food (we had buffet lunch) vegetarian/non-vegetarian, clean and well maintained. On the whole wonderful experience!

Ashton Melancon

My favorite Indian place in Baton Rouge. Servers are very friendly and prompt with checking on the table. The honey chili cauliflower is delicious. Lunch buffet is pretty good and the food was changed often.

Leah Bergeron

The quality Indian food Baton Rouge has been waiting for at a decent price. Everything was prepared totally fresh and was fragrant and delicious. I honestly couldn't find an item on the buffet that wasn't great. We live nowhere close to here but will still put this place in our regular rotation.

Kimberly T.

Don't pass this place up. We have been in search of an Indian restaurant like this in Baton Rouge for nearly 10 years and we are looking forward to coming back and bringing our friends here. We ordered vegetable samosas, chili shrimp, lamb vindaloo (spicy), and chicken andhra curry (medium). It was all delicious. The samosas were perfectly crispy with sauces that complimented the potato veggie mixture. The chili shrimp was aptly named- it had a bit of a kick in tomato sauce. The Chicken Andhra Curry was flavorful and the chicken was moist and tender. Our favorite was the lamb vindaloo- the lamb was cooked perfectly and the sauce was amazing and spicy with a good burn at the end. If you like authentic Indian, you best find yourself here. You won't regret it.

Brooke R.

Delicious food and excellent service tonight, as always! It'd been too long since we'd been there and we can't wait to go back. My favorite is the chicken tikka masala, but I've enjoyed everything I've tried there. They're good about accommodating for different spice level preferences. The only reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is the cleanliness/condition of the restrooms. The restaurant itself was very clean.

Jessica S.

Loved this place! A friend told me about Swagat a while ago and I've been wanting to go since. My boyfriend and I came on a Sunday for the buffet lunch and we were not disappointed. We were greeted by a friendly woman and seated right away. Our waters came out immediately and we walked to the buffet. They had so many options! I was pleased to see a variety of meats and not just chicken like a buffet can sometimes be. They had shrimp, chicken, beef, and even a veal dish I believe, as well as a ton of vegetarian dishes. We were brought some fresh naan and bread which was delicious and a nice touch. The buffet included some soups, appetizers, and desserts too! I tried a ton of different things which were all good but the butter chicken was my favorite for sure. We both easily ate our moneys worth - I think it was around $15 for the buffet. We live pretty far so we won't be back too often but it'll be a nice treat for when we want something yummy! 5 stars for sure - amazing food and great service for a fair price.

Sunny S.

Really happy that not much changed when Al Noor became Swagat. The food is bomb and I love that naan and rice are included with entrees! The food is definitely spicy though so be sure to order it mild if you can't ha for spice. Even the mildest level is pretty spicy. Their best dishes are the butter chicken and palak paneer. The butter chicken curry is super aromatic and creamy and the chicken is extremely tender. The palak paneer is loaded with butter so naturally it tastes great. I tried the dosa which was served with potatoes and sauce. The bread itself was good (not great) but the potatoes and sauce were awesome. Definitely recommend trying it in store since the bread isn't as good when it isn't fresh out the oven. I've only been to the buffet once but it was great. It's not a HUGE buffet by any means but you can get sample 4-5 different entrees and get all the naan and ride you want for a pretty reasonable cost (around $12 on the weekend). I do wish they had some better desserts at the buffet but it's probably for the best I don't put on thoS eextra calories. Definitely itself check this place out! Closed on Mondays but a great option any other day. Not much can beat a warm Indian meal when it gets cold outside!

Jackylene S.

My husband and I love this restaurant. It's our go-to for Indian food! The buffet is a great way to sample their different foods but we normally get take away for dinner. Our staple items are the butter chicken (rich and creamy) and palak paneer is so flavorful. The only word of caution I have is that the spice level is pretty intense so be forewarned! We are so grateful this is walking distance from us!

Jeff W.

This old Pizza Hut building eventually became what it was destined to become. The food here was absolutely delicious. Even if you think you don't like Indian food you should give this restaurant a try. They do have a buffet, so if you are hesitant to order off the menu and get something that you did not quite want you have that option for one simple affordable price to pick, plate and eat. The customer service was kind and helpful. I ordered the Lamb Chops which was really a rack of lamb with a Mango Lassi to drink and shared the Masala Dosa and Poori Potato with my wife and child. All the food was delicious especially the "Lamb Chops" as listed on the menu. I highly recommend this place for Indian Food as I would be surprised if you were disappointed.

Afat Aliyev

The food and service are excellent. The reason of 4 stars is that 2 guys (obviously, not from staff) walked in the restaurant while we were having our dinner and after a small chat with the girl at the reception, they just walked in the kitchen, a place that they shouldn’t allow people other than the staff members. It shouldn’t be that easy for friends (or customers, etc.) to go to the kitchen to look for someone.

Apr!L Cherie

True Indian cuisine!

Sean Murray

Great environment, great service, and great food. We are definitely going back to try the lunch buffet during a week day! Super cheap weekday buffet price!

Meghan K.

I love a new Indian find in town! I always try to go when my son has baseball on that side of town, but they're closed on Mondays. Well, I finally did it before football tonight. So glad I did! The servers are very attentive and nice. I couldn't decide what to get, so she recommended some things to me. I ordered myself 2 entrees (sorry not sorry). I loved the chicken shahi korma and then I got a cheese and vegetable dumpling one (the dumpling had an extreme flavor but the sauce was great). I also got the vegetable manchurian (delightful) and the garlic naan and roti. My husband doesn't even like Indian food and he was satisfied. The atmosphere isn't the best, but I'm willing to overlook for good food. I'm totally going back to hit the lunchtime buffet. Can't wait to try more things!

Sudarshan Thrissur

Feeling very happy to share this wonderful experience we had at Swagat Indian restaurant Baton Rouge. The food was very tasty and price is the best we have seen normally at a Indian restaurants. All these topped with the best customer care.They are so kind and dint even charge for my 6 year old.Which is normally not the case with a famous Indian restaurant in Baton Rouge where they charged for even 3 year old.

Destiny W.

Great customer service, great food. Loved the fried cauliflower! Our waitress clarified a lot of things on the menu, and made a great suggestion on our appetizer. The food came out a little late but it was worth the wait. Loved it so much, can't wait to come back, love some spicy foods

Zack F.

Eat here almost once a week the food and service is amazing. The lunch buffet is a steal and the quality is second to none. I would highly recommend the food and service is outstanding

Robert K.

First time ordering, carry out can be a problem at times. Not in this instance. The food arrived hot and fresh, every bit as good if not a bit better somehow than my other favorite restaurant for Indian food on Sherwood. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, I ordered a lot, everything was excellent, my favorites were the lamb burra kabab and the chicken shahi korma (really really good). Won't hesitate to order again, I'm looking forward to sitting down in the restaurant to eat.

David T.

This was our FIRST.TIME.EVER! to eat Indian food. We had passed by here on Sunday and when we got home, I looked the restaurant up on Yelp. I read ALL 85 reviews, good & bad, took notes of the foods people raved about, etc. First off, soon as we came in the door, we were greeted by not one, not two but three people. All very friendly. We were shown to our table asked what we wanted to drink. I told the lady this was our first time eating Indian food, so she and everyone else was curious as to how we liked it. She said it was the buffet so, try everything. And that we did! Butter Chicken, Chicken Chettinadu, Onion Pakoda, Lamb Biryani, Badamkheer are the ones I can remember. Everything we ate was good, it just hasn't left an impression on us like other ethnic foods we've eaten. We probably will return, just not tomorrow. Lol.

Jimmy Sebastian

The best food experience in town. We had a long journey from Tennessee and we had the stop by in this place. Butter chicken is delicious. Overall we had a great experience .


Reminds us of my mother-in-laws food. Its a taste of home every time we go since she lives so far away. Saying we love the food is an understatement, because it is just that good. They’re also very sweet people. And the service is amazing

Sarah A.

What a wonderful, unexpected treat! We came here with our family while visiting Baton Rouge, and every bite was delicious. We had several vegetarian dishes that we haven't seen in many other Indian restaurants. The service was warm and friendly, and we'll definitely make this a regular stop on future visits.

John S.

Amazing buffet and I hate buffet style dinning but everything is always fresh and hot. Kitchen always refilling stations . Good vegetarian selections and desserts outstanding.


Whether you're ordering food to take home or dining in, Swagat is the place to be! From the moment you walk in, you will be greeted with kind staff and they will certainly meet your expectations. Authentic Indian food is served here and always seasoned to perfection. Reasonable prices and delicious food. If you're reading these reviews in doubt, you can be assured that Swagat is unreservedly the best Indian restaurant in Baton Rouge. You won't be disappointed! Enjoy!

Just A Janitor

The Butter Chicken is the best I've had. I like it as hot as possible, but they have good choices for heat level. I wholly recommend this restaurant over others in the area.

Z G.

The food is gross! Cannot compare to Bayleaf on Sherwood Forest, even India's on Essen is way better. Not even the naan bread is good.

Kay C.

YESSSS! Love this place. Absolutely delicious Indian food. Drooling just thinking about it while writing this review. So first things first, you must get the garlic naan. The butter chicken is always a staple at every Indian restaurant, but there's something about this one that just blows me away every time. It has a hint of sweetness and burst of different spices that just takes the dish to a new level. We also got the lamb saag (has spinach and other spices but ooooohh so good) and the lamb curry (spicy). Mango lassi (mango smoothie with yogurt) is the perfect ending to the meal (could be colder tho).

D.J. M.

Swagat is now our favorite place to go for the Indian buffet at lunch. The price is right for lunch, about $10. The service was relatively outstanding. We never wanted for anything the whole time. Everything was full and kept that way. They even had self-serve Naan on the serving line, which is different from most Indian restaurants we have visited. The restaurant has been recently remodeled and clean.

Lisa Rice

Wow, the food is Awesome. Love the butter chicken, lemon rice, and spinach with potato. The buffet is exceptional. I give the highest recommendation possible. Extremely clean with attentive service. Very kind and professional!!!

Ed Lewis

This place is always a hit when I come. Food is great, portions are great, staff are great, everything is just great. Oh, and during the week they have a very affordable lunch buffet.

Kelley M.

I've never been a fan of Indian food, except for Naan,but wanted something spicy af and close to home one day. OMG - I discovered "chilli paneer" am totally addicted. "Paneer" = "fried Indian cheese". Restaurant was clean, service was wonderful!


My first time eating Indian food outside of samosas.. 😀 I had the lamb saag and it was delicious w/middle spice which wasn’t spicy so I asked for more spice & it was just right. The lady couldn’t believe I needed more. Nice place & very friendly people. They helped me decide on my dish. They offer a buffet which most eat & enjoyed. Thanks for my first Indian experience

Ralph Knipp

I was in Baton Rouge on business and was in the mood for some Indian food. I ordered take-out on the phone. The food was ready within about 15 minutes and the people running the restaurant were friendly and helpful. Prices were fair for the amount of food. I ordered Chicken Andhra Curry and it was very good. I got regular spicy but it was still much hotter than I was expecting. Highly recommended!


This was my first time trying Indian food and it was so delicious! I would definitely recommend. The service was outstanding and the ladies were so nice.