Taco Bell

2313 S Sherwood Forest Blvd, Baton Rouge
(225) 272-9804

Recent Reviews

Cecelia Parisi

Rude! Employee shorted me $10.00! My order was not correct

Paul Hill

Was surprised that we actually had our whole order and everything was correct. Super quick and precise on our order even tho they was swamped

Courtney Y.

Your employees are telling ppl they close at 10pm when we all know those close at one it's March 15th Baton Rouge Sherwood location whomever was on the schedule tonight lost your company four hours worth of customers. Just thought you wanted to know

Austin Payne

The workers themselves do fine, but there is a tendency to be grossly understaffed. I feel terrible for the folks that work here. Management needs to figure out scheduling. Good food. Awful management.

hamm bone

Ok location. My only problem is the screen always looks nasty when ordering. I recommend putting hand sanitizers next to them so can atleast clean them ourselves.

Burke D.

As a hungry traveler passing through BR, I couldn't get anyone to take my order at the register. Btw, the men's room is out of soap and hand sanitizer. Thankfully, I bought some of my own!

Brad Harris

I wanted to order two “beefy frito burritos” off the dollar menu and a couple other items. I was told “we are out of burrito shells, but we have taco” I said cool just put it on the taco shell and they said they couldn’t???? She said the burrito shell is bigger. Yet looking at prices a soft taco is $1.29 and the beefy burrito is $.99, so why does the taco cost more?? Regardless I paid extra for soft tacos because they were out of burrito shells. Stupid. They owe me .20$ lol

Daniel Mayeux

Late night taco bell... well the drive through is useally slow after 10pm we can expect that. I found out today that what slowes things down is people not knowing what to order. Once i got my order taken it moved right along. Food was hot the drinks were sweeter than normal from the fountain drink machine worker was polite and honest. Not my normal experience from a taco bell. 3 stars because it is a taco bell but a better than normal experience.

Louise Griffin

Very Convenient, always greet toy when you walk in, they are always in a good mood, and that it's important to me that ppl love their job they get paid to do. This is a nice location and prices are decent, food is amazing, something for everyone

Engreath Scharnett

The guy who took my ordered fell to greet me. He was rude. No friendliness. May have been having a bad day. Prehaps retraining on customer service would be helpful.

Cameron C

Can be very hit and miss. Depends on who is working mostly. check food before leaving drive through, may be broken or missing.

Julie Persac

I had to wait a bit because I went inside to eat instead of ordering on the app but the food was delicious and I would love to go back. Taco Bell is one of my favorite places to eat.

john person

Food was fine, dining area could have used some cleaning.

Brooke Allen

Staff is rude. They do not get your order right. They put the stuff on there anyway. They do not care about their customers. Food was disgusting. Never again!

Lovepreet Randhawa

Im outside this tacobell at 9:52pm i came and they already locked doors, time says Dine In until 10pm.. Change time to 9:52 or whenever yu actually close the Dine-In so ppl dont come on those times. 12-13-2019 at 9:52pm, i work next door at super 8 so i cant use drive thru cuz if i have to leave for guest i cant.

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