Taco Bell

2313 S Sherwood Forest Blvd, Baton Rouge
(225) 272-9804

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Jenna Anne Sands

Out of bajan blast, out of potato's... out of patients with Taco Bell. Even the employees acted liked they wanted to be "out" to

troyce Thoms

It is 8:29 am. Doors locked. Sticker on door says open at 7:00am.

Jessica Peterson

Kids enjoyed it. The tables weren't cleaned off had to do it myself what's up with that in baton rouge? I noticed that in alot of fast food restaurants here?????

Maddie Martin

Horrible. My food was cold. I went during lunch time, thinking that everything would be hot and fresh. My chalupas were hard and cold.

kilenn Gordon

Great place!! Speedy service

Someone Else

I've always had pretty good service here. Sometimes late at night they'll be out of ground beef, but things like that are typical of any fast food restaurant.

Anita Wright

I love ordering the fiesta bowl!

Brenda Cole

Loved their Cheesey Gordita Crunch

Rivers Pen

I've seen some bad service before but I think these guys are trying for an award for it or something. By far the worst service I have ever had from a fast food place.

D'Ann D.

Kind of strange, it's bad management for sure that at 10:50pm on Friday night they ran out of hamburger meat. No tacos! They said they'll have another batch in 30 minutes!

Adam Chenevert

It's open late, and the food still tasted fresh around midnight.

Charles Cook

They were out of Dr pepper and crunchy taco shells. Not overly friendly either.

Christopher Harrison

Tried the new reaper ranch nacho fries burrito. It was absolutely delicious and a nice departure from the standard Taco Bell menu. I've never had bad service or poor food from this location. Definitely worth a stop to satisfy your 4th meal cravings. Or 2nd or 3rd meals too.

Christina Allen

It was for my daughter. I never eat their food.

Ashley Stuteville

Friendly order-taker, food made fresh, fast and accurately! Can't ask for much more

Donnell Blount

I loved it it was fast and the food was great

Angela Milam

Quick service good location and open late night!

Martrice Brown

The location is key food is always fresh but they be very busy and over all it's my fav

David G

Employees were not friendly. I had to use the kiosk to order because no one helped me at the register. Close enough to walk but will drive to a different one next time.

Brittany Betz

Customer service absolutely sucks here! My food didn't come out until 30 minutes later and I asked for a manager and didn't know it but the person I asked was the manager and she rolled her eyes and walked away from me. My food was cold I asked for a refund and her name and she refused both!

markayla taylor

I came here a couple of weeks ago and it was around 12 per say and the service was great, however my soft tacos were so soggy that the paper wouldnâ??t come off. Then I noticed that my sprite was literally carbonated water and it was very strong to taste, but I love taco bell and keep up the good work!!

Zaidra Grimes-Walker

They are NEVER staffed, eve when it's slow. I went in for 1 taco and had to wait 15 minutes. They young lady was telling everyone that entered there would be a 15 minute wait when you ordered because they were short handed.

Kevin Landry

I can eat anything from Taco Bell!! But let's keep it real even the Spanish/ Mexican people I know say their is no such thing as a Mexican Pizza. Lol pizza is Italian y'all ð???

David Moss

I wouldnâ??t advise bringing your family here. Walked in and there is some arguing between employees in the back. Then turns to full blown yelling and cursing at one another. Instead of the manager stepping in and fixing whatever the situation is he walks out of the store. It took me 20 minutes to get my food. The guy I was with didnâ??t even get his. I was honestly about to call the cops.

B Hampton

Fast Food Mexican Food. Quick Service

Steven Abrams

Yeah y'all make me feel at home it's good food very courteous Pepsi which is what I drink and I feel at home there thank you so much te quiero Taco Bell te quiero me amor thank you for feeding me much love Steven Abrams

canhtam nguyen

Enjoyed the food...always a good price

Lakivia Richard

I went through drive thru and the cashier had taking my card and giving me my food. Well as I got closer to my destination I realized she had kept my card. So of course I immediately try to contact the store, but there was no response. After calling for a while I ask my mother to pick the card up on her way home since it was closer to where she was. Well the next morning I went to make a purchase and what happens my card declined. Come to find out one of the TACO BELL workers had stole my card number and purchased a item for $135 which now places me in a bond. I spoke with the MGR on duty and she says they'll get back to me. Well 3hrs has gone by and you would at least think the Area Coach would of contacted .e by now.

kelly oneill

Unfortunately nowadays you really cant go without a taco bell run. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not. But in the baton rouge market this goes for most large chain fast food restaurants.


I walked into this store and seen a group of females just standing around texting and talking on their cell phones. It wasn't nobody doing any work. The lobby was trashy paper on the floor, nothing was stocked, lids was all over the drink machine. It was disgusting. The cashier named Taneisha took her time coming to take my to go order. She didn't even seem to be interested in taking it. She acted like i had did her something because of the look she had on her face and the nasty attitude she had. She was rolling her eyes as i was placing my order. She is so rude!!!! Half of my order was missing i asked for nachos instead of the cinnamon twists. I didn't have it in my bag. The other girls was either sitting down in the lobby or sitting on the counter. I don't know what kind of business the manager is running but he/she need to get it together and hire people that actually want to work and not the ones that's only there to collect a check!!!! This Taco Bell is the worst of the worst i will never ever again visit this location and I do have your corporate number and they will be hearing from me very soon. I've already sent pictures of my suppose to be meal to show them exactly what i had and a picture of my receipt of what i was suppose to have!!!!!

Austin Egan

They close at 2am, I came to the drive through at 1:45am and was informed that since it was close to closing only five items were allowed to be ordered per vehicle. I'm pretty sure this isn't company policy. I will know for sure when i make a call to the proprietor of this franchise tomorrow.

Kevin Boyd

Nobody expects great service at taco bell, but this might be the worst one I've ever been to.

Kevin Boyd

Nobody expects great service at taco bell, but this might be the worst one I've ever been to.

Jose Solorzano

I have always receive hot fresh food as well friendly service at this location.

F Hilton

Love the $5 cravings deal. I especially love that Taco Bell allow you to make changes to suit your taste.

Ashley Mason

Love the food .Very clean place to eat

Joe Favaron

Food is good service is not good at all. Very inconsistent

Barry Davis

The workers were very nice but it was very odd for Taco Bell to be open at 2 in the afternoon with not enough people to work the drive-thru like what they were saying and there was a very long wait there wasn't I think that possibly two people working the whole restaurant very unusual for Taco Bell all of the restaurants anywhere anyplace to not have enough people to work the drive thru the people were cordial as they could be though expected after you got in there to find something wrong with the drive-thru and it was working very substandard for Taco Bell

Jon A.

Disclaimer: Since this is a chain restaurant, it gets three stars right off the bat from me, and from there I will rate up or down based on cleanliness of the store, and attitude of the staff. The food can only bring the rating down, since there is no room in the formula for a place like this to go up in quality... only down due to screwing things up. In this case, I can only give three stars. The food was fine. The place was clean. The staff were doing their job and got the food out in a timely manner. The only real issue I can call on for this Taco Bell is that the neighborhood is a bit... questionable. Not the fault of the store or anything, just... keep your head on your shoulders when it comes to security.

Tiana J

Went to this location because it literally close to my home. I order the the chalupa box with 3 additional soft chicken taco with sour cream and 1 beef soft taco. What i got was no sour cream on the taco, and what seemed like a cup of sour cream on tge chalupa. The service was friendly when i ordered it and the order was even correct on the reciept ans when she repeates it back to me however its not what i got. The service was not so friendly when i let them know they got the order wrong. I would think this would be a slow location vs the busy one because of the location, but i have been to a busy location wherw my order was the same and actually correct. Im pretty sure i wont go to this location again abd wouls travel the additional 10 mins to the busy one on airline.