Taco Bell

15295 George, O'Neal Ln, Baton Rouge
(225) 752-0709

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Tony Reed

Good food. Lovely service

Jason Haden

Closed at 10:30pm in the drive thru posted. Workers outside smoking and getting paid for not working. Management take notice of what your employees are doing.

Wyatt Andrews

Kind of slow service to eat in. Food is pretty good.

Joshua Levee'

So I'm 4 cars back in the drive thru, 10 min go by, no movement. So I get out, park and go inside. 5 min nobody even came to the register! Hardly any customers, and they might've been shortstaff maybe one person. I left. On the way out, peep were coming back in bc they got the order wrong!! And...no watermelon freeze!!?? Not ever gong back on that principle alone!!


Pros; Easy automated ordering inside, easily accessible. Cons; Long wait times at certain times mixed with heavy traffic entering and exiting.

Caroline Isemann

Absolutely absurd how long it takes to get an order at 1 am. Been in line over 10 minutes. This is ridiculous.

Bryan A.

This just seems to get worse and worse, service is subpar, the management doesnt even have respect for service, the most rude interaction I've ever had at the counter. The manager barely acknowledged my presents then immediately directed me to use the kiosk after telling her my order(as if she couldn't be bothered). Left immediately.

Peggy Bry

If you spare 30 minutes of your life waiting for your food, then go here... the worker was very slow to serve, used same gloves to serve your food after cleaning for 2 minutes her shirt that she "accidentally" spilled on the refried beans... terrible place, we came for a long road trip and all we wanted was to eat (kids were starving) so not happy to see the worker taking her time to make simple soft tacos. Place empty

Dana Lewis

Taco Bell isn't for everyone. I like it, this was a clean store and good service today.

Lee Smith

Have gone through this drive through twice and one time took 20 minutes and the next time took 31 minutes! Unreal and they put huge boulders to the right of the drive through lane so you can't leave. Sent my son inside because we could not figure out what was going on and he said one person working and 3 employees sitting around talking. Unreal. Go over the the Taco Bell on Oneal by Interstate 12 - 3 minutes away and I always get excellent quick service there! Nice staff there too!

Omega Perry

This taco Bell is super quick that food is extra fresh love it

Bobbie Favaron

Cooked fresh just the way I like it

William Boyd

I love taco bell but this particular day it was like I was in the DGAF store for lunch. My food was pretty much all in the bag. Will not be back to this store EVER.

Carly O.

Worst Taco Bell ever. I keep going back because there close but end up throwing it away almost every time. This last time is the last though. I'd rather be hungry then go here again.

Kayte Kleinpeter

If I could give them zero stars, I WOULD! Don’t make the mistake of ordering inside! You will wait close to 15+ minutes. And that’s not even during peak hours!!!

Michaela L.

This Taco Bell is the WORST that I have ever been to. My boyfriend and I have been several times, and every time, we wait for more than 20 minutes. Today was the final straw. We waited in the drive thru for more than twenty minutes for some nacho fries and cheesey roll-ups. When we got the food, I noticed that the fries were not seasoned. We tried to go back inside to get them seasoned, but they had locked the doors and were turning people away! A girl saw that we had a problem and was nice enough to open the door and see what we needed. We told her that our fries weren't seasoned, and she told us that they were OUT of the seasoning! We wouldn't have bought them if we knew there was no seasoning. So we wasted our time AND money. Never again.

Cody Brent

Close to my work. Food is quick and good. They mess up orders sometimes. Biggest fault for me is the drink machine hasnt been serviced in over a year. Stop here few times a month over the past year.

cindy le

Don't order online for this location because they won't have it. They'll send you to a different location and it won't be there either. Took 40 mins until they actually made me my food with all the driving back and forth to different taco bell locations.

Chris Steffek

A pretty normal Taco Bell serving consistent food.

Bob McGehee

So, they no longer will make a burrito with just meat cheese and onions? The drive thru clerk said they don't be making those anymore. Is this place due for robots to take over? Or will they continue to hire complete morons?

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

15295 George, O'Neal Ln, Baton Rouge, LA 70817