Taco Bell

6895 Airline Hwy, Baton Rouge
(225) 357-7873

Recent Reviews

Jake S.

Took an hour to get 2 burritos . They trash Isjsjjsjsndnfbffjkdjdjdndndndnbdbd d dndnxnxjjxjxjdjdndndndndnndnndnfnnFdndndndnndnfnfnfnfnnfnfndnnddndndndndndndnndndndnddnndnddnndndhddbdhdhdhdhhddhddhdhhdhdhd

Juanmedik Brown

Good prices

Jerry Washington

I bought taco’s at this place and when I got home the tacos barely had any beef on them. I took them back and they did remake the taco’s. When I got home to eat the tacos I noticed the meat was not at all warm and I live 2 minutes away. Literally one city block away. I’m very disappointed and will definitely stop supporting that establishment. At first the taco was flat and they're cold. I’m very upset about this but it’s pointless to try and get them remade again. Smh... The service is terrible.

Joe Savage

Service was not good. I work in fast food now.ATTITUDES. but mainly they messed up 3 different meals then got mad at us for it. The red woman that was clearly in charge had no nice service at all. We recieved incorrect food and strong attitude . They follow no protocol for service what so ever, bad location just needs new workers

Pixel King

Slow food mess up. Now I feel sick.

Mable Rowan

I LOVE this place

Raven Lawson

This one of my favorite places to go 💖💖

toosdhi raoof

The cashier was friendly and professional. I ordered from the KFC side😉

Nicole Brown

Food taste great. But the wait was ridiculous. Manager had to come inn go in freezer to get orders done. When staff claimed they were out of nachos and chicken pot pies. Waited every bit 30 to 45 minutes. Very slow

ashley bourgeois

Tacos!!! Can't go wrong with the 12 pack of tacos!!!

Gary Smith

The service was much better than it was prior to the flood. I had completely stopped going into Taco Bell Airline Hwy @ Prescott. The wait was crazy and the old staff was worse. This was a pretty good experience, I will be back.

damien perez

For being in a rough part of town at a Taco Bell/ KFC, I really wasn't expecting miracles.

Sweet T

Food is good ..but temp.of the food should be higher..

Torri Morris

The meat was horrible, I haven't ate fast food in years and I had a taste for them. Completely different from 1998 Taco Bell on Florida blvd

lisa hutson-jimenez

Customer service was awful, food was cold, place was empty, now I know why...

John Crowder

I ordered a shredded chicken burrito and it was so nasty i spit it out

Donell Floyd

Good but could have been better

Joann Magee

May have been the best ine i have ever been too. Great staff

edward dawson

I always have a good experience at this Taco Bell. Maybe once it took like twelve minutes to go through the drive-thru, big deal. I can wait for tb.

GG Gaming

I don't like Mexican food but my grandson loves the popcorn chicken.

Toney Stallion

Great place for a quick snack

Jack Roberts

A ****ing dump, workers lazy as hell....

Jamie Cutrer

If you are looking for a great taco Bell then skip this place. There are a lot better locations that will serve you. The out side of this taco Bell is in bad shape it needs to be cleaned up in a very bad way. The inside is also dirty . When you order food you can see lots of paper on the floor lots of food on the floor it seems no one takes the time to sweep it. It also seems like it's a problem when you order food because they don't want to take your order. Getting your food is a challenge in its self. Do your self a favor just go to another taco Bell.

Jen Marie

My first time visiting my experience was awesome. Everything was awesome food was hot and customer service was great! I was suppose to leave a review that day but something told me to wait. So I did the second time I visited it was not so good. They did not use their listening skills. My tacos was wrong I said soft with cheese and meat only I ended up with lettuce on both and was rushing to get to Wal-Mart I was very disappointed(.)

Debra Debram

Food is good, poor service.

Evan Martinez

gives you atomic diarrhea

Debra C

Fast service, friendly cashier but was out of what we wanted. The cashier kept apologize for being out of everything.