The Ambrosia Bakery

8546 Siegen Ln, Baton Rouge
(225) 763-6489

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Mandy W.

I ordered a cookie cake for my son's 18th birthday. He is at LSU, and we are 4 hrs away. I hated that I couldn't be there with him. Since cookie cake is his favorite, I ordered online with Ambrosia. I had a friend of his pick it up for me and deliver it. I ordered the birthday cookie cake off their website which is described as having red, blue, yellow balloons. I even mentioned in the comments section 'the more icing the better'. How is this more? I emailed the bakery to share my frustration. I never received a response. Upset with the lack of customer service. I won't be returning when we are in town; and won't be ordering again.

Samuel M.

I don't really understand the hype for the pastries here, anytime I've bought something from this bakery it did not taste fresh; perhaps I have bad luck and come before the fresh pastries come out. I'm not sold on this place having the best desserts, but they do have a plethora to choose from. Your experience may be a hit or miss depending on who's behind the counter when you walk up, some are really nice and respectful, others not so much. My girlfriend really loves their petit fours so I'm giving an extra star.

William Brister

Delicious. The smells alone are crazy good. Wish they sold a perfume/cologne...

Julie Coughlin

The customer service was great and the detail was amazing. It was a beautiful cake. Everyone who saw it was blown away by how absolutely adorable and detail oriented it was. Ambrosia made our wedding cake and groom's cake 25 years ago. They did excellent work then and they continue with their amazingly detailed and high standards to this day. Beyond impressed.

Julie East

Worst customer service! Placed an order over the phone to pick up two days later. The lady took the order, asked pick up time, personalization and all. Asked for payment over the phone, but we are a long Corporate customer, so we pay in house. Young lady said no problem, hung up.Two days later, I walk into the store to pick up the cake. No order. It's not even in the system. The young lady informs me that they don't put in orders unless they are paid for in advance. Now understand, we have placed many orders over the years and have never been told this. She walks around the store because apparently what we orded, is a stock cake. Guess what? No cake. She goes to the back to speak with the owner. The owner doesn't have the time, effort or care to come out to speak with me personally, so this poor girl has to come out and tell me...again, that sorry, its company policy to only put in an official order only if its paid in advance. Now, if two days ago, the lady who took the order had told me that, it would have been paid for. It's a Corporate account. No biggie. But instead of issuing an apology, they reaffirm that...too bad YOU didnt pay in advance. I feel sorry for the young lady who received full Karen attitude. Years of orders through my Company have just ceased. Apparently, my business does not warrant even a nod from the owner. Baum's Bakery will now get all of our business. I'm not that heartbroken though...Ambrosia cakes are dry and tasteless anyway.


Ambrosia Bakery created this cake for my Dog's first birthday photoshoot. It is a yellow cake with butter cream frosting and decorated beautifully. And, it tasted so good. The cake was very moist.

Riley Sons

Best cake I've ever had and their customer service is incredible! Highly recommend.

Angelica G.

I want to start out by saying this is a great place to get an assortment of desserts It's been hectic to say the lease but in no way should you answer a call over the phone and make it feel like we the customer are not as important as any other customer that walks through your doors. I hate to even write this but I felt I had to just to clarify it I had many good experiences up until COVID-19 hit fro here - But that doesn't excuse how you treated my husband a medical worker who was trying to surprise me for my birthday with a cake and was short on time. He made a call and whomever answered the phone (I'll leave name out) was very short and didn't want to hear what he was asking. He was trying to tell the person that he works long hours and was not able to come Into the store but that person kept telling him over and over just come in to pick out a cake. I stead of taking a breathe and stopping to listen what was being said or asked which was quite simple he wanted to see if a strawberry cake was available for a date but that person couldn't stop saying You just have to come into the store - but if they took the time to listen he couldn't come in that day but just wanted a simple answer that was it - In no way am I saying not to go here I'm just saying just like any other person respect others how you would want to be respected This place does have the best desserts and every time we go we always buy way too much but it's hard to decide on just one dessert. Everything taste good from cookies to cakes to ice cream and the yearly king cakes with more then a handful of flavors

Tina Livingston

I’m not sure why last few cakes we have ordered have been such poor quality in appearance, but again, this cake was an absolute disappointment and should be an embarrassment to your business to even present this to a customer. Ambrosia cakes used to be second to none. That is no longer the case. It looks like a child attempted to decorate the cake we just picked up. I will take my business elsewhere moving forward after over 10 years of being a customer.

Teommi M.

I have been going to this bakery for over 15 years & never have I experienced the customer service like I did this week. I place an order online Tuesday 6/9, for a cake I needed for that Sunday, I was responded to in regards to the order but after that, no one called me back to confirm my order. I, in turn called to inquire & someone told me they would call me back with a price & they did not. I then called Friday & told the "manager" what happened... she proceeded to take my order & was not pleasant at all, telling me what I need to do, what it will cost, the handling fee of artificial flowers etc. it wasn't the questions but the tone that was taken with me as if I couldn't purchase the cake I was requesting. In return of her rude attitude, I chose not to get the cake. I could not let this experience slide so I called back to inform the manager, which ended up coincidentally, the same woman who took my order & she proceeded to argue back with me of what she meant, which was a waste of time, I asked to speak to someone over her in authority & she told me "I am the manager" so I informed her that I would be severing my ties with this bakery. I have never had a problem with Ambrosia Bakery before; the cake artist are very talented & the pastries are good but after this experience ... it's not worth it.

Cathy Greene

Ambrosia Bakery made the cake for my wedding. Best decision ever! Moist delicious cake and beautiful finished product. Exactly what we ordered, even better than expected!! Thank you!!!

Heather D.

I stopped here to get a few King cakes to take back to Texas. There is an abundance to sweet treats in their cases that all look homemade. The only reason I'm giving 3 stars is the service was SLOW (not because they were busy), and the person checking me out at the register had an attitude after I asked for a 2nd "special" bag to take my 4 full-sized King cakes back in. The King cakes were tasty, enjoyed by all in Dallas and appreciated.

Arlaina Norsworthy Payne

I picked up my Anniversary cake on Saturday and was not disappointed. They made our wedding cake last year and even with everything going on, they still provided us with an amazing tasting and beautiful cake. Thank you so much!

Victoria H.

Love this place especially the signature strawberry cake. It's on the price side but worth it. Yes, let's not forget about the king cakes. I always ordered the strawberry cream cheese king cake and the original to give to families out of states. It's best to order a day before to guarantee the flavor and freshness you want. The bakery is always busy during Mardi Gras time.

Rita White

Make amazing cakes. Do great with speciality design birthday cakes

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