1925 SW Railroad Ave, Hammond
(985) 318-7778

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Robert Evans

Not sure if the order taker was working a long shift,or upset. And the only one that I had contact with was the person that we paid for our order. Even the woman at the drive thru was let's say not that friendly. As my sister works in the one in Laplace,she tells us what is required for them to say,and do for the customer..but I will still go back to them. But if I get service like this again,I will go to a different the one close to 51Parking: The way it is set up it makes it difficult to enter the parking lot...Wheelchair accessibility: I seen that they do. But I think that every place should have wheelchair access..

John Regard

This has been by far the worst experience I’ve had at ANY fast food restaurant EVER. My girlfriend ordered on the app at 11:30. We pulled up at 11:45. It is currently 12:27 and we still have not gotten our food because they “don’t have her order in the system” she was charged the full amount for the food and management has been absolutely abysmal in helping us figure this out. The woman working the drive through taking orders was also completely incompetent and disinterested. I will not be returning to this chic fil a EVER.

Kristina A.

I stopped by on my way back to Texas. The food was fresh and hot which was to be expected. Decided that I wanted a coffee after ordering and when I got up to the window I asked if they could add it on and apologized for the inconvenience. Staff was super nice and accommodating even though it was busy. Great staff and great service!

cathy Ancalade

Ordered grilled chicken 7 meal. Sandwich chicken cold, cheese was not melted. When got a new one manager was rude. Quality has really gone down. Everyone got asked refill on drink not me. I am quiet polite.( no Karen here)

Philip R.

No Spicy Chicken for breakfast. It's available across the country, but not in Hammond, La.

Mary Alston

I stopped in for lunch and it was extremely busy at the drive thru so I opted to go in. I was greeted with a smile and my wait was minimal. Although it was the lunch rush and everyone was busy it did not affect the customer service. My food was hot and fresh! I don't live in this city but I'd definitely stop again when I come back.

Bradley Grosjean

Service was good, food was good. They were quick to have us served. The only knock on this location if you even want to call it a knock was its to crowded.

Lynn Bailey

Coke was terrible. Fry container was half full and fries were soggy. Chicken was not hot. Usually get better service from Chick-fil-A.


You used to never have to check your bag but now you run the risk of being short something. So their quick line will be slowing down because people will need to check their orders before they leave. In addition let’s talk about how they hand you you’re ice cream cone first so it’s melting while you wait on your food then they come and hand you two bags of food that you now only have one hand to grab it with. There is no less than 6 people standing inside the window and they still manage to forget something.

Terry Horton

One of the busiest fast food restaurants I have ever seen... 10:30 on a Friday morning and it was backed up crazy. I gave a three because of how busy they were and our food was good and hot. On the down side, we ordered it 12 hours early, got there 15 minutes before pick up time and we still got our food 30-45 minutes late (waited 45+ minutes for our order)!

Rachael Rae

I visited this location about 45 minutes to closing. I got home and realized we were missing the fries to our combos. I tried to call them, but no one answered. I had my daughter call the following day. She gave them the receipt info & was advised someone in management would call her back & to also be on the lookout for an email. A few days passed without receiving said phone call or email so I called & spoke with a young lady. She advised me the same thing that upper management would call & I would receive an email. It’s been a month & I have yet to receive that phone call or email. This has not been “my pleasure” & I’m highly disappointed. I won’t be back!!

Zahid Ahmad

Brand new Chick-fil-A with a usual long line of drive through cars. However, their service was quick and I did not spend much time waiting. Diet Frosted Lemonade was very good and I will go for it again. Chicken burgers are better than a few other places.

Michelle Gasaway

Worst Chick-fil-A EVER! We sat in line for about 15 minutes, finally placed our order…1 salad, 4pc chicken strips & fries…order was NOT ready at the window. Had to wait in our vehicle for another 5 minutes

Chuck Diehl

Great experience in every way imaginable. Brought my 8 year old granddaughter here for lunch. The staff was friendly and it appeared they actually enjoyed working here!! When they brought our food to the table, it was accompanied with a container of maraschino cherries for my granddaughter, and we didn't even ask for them! Food was hot and fresh. Great job, folks!!

Ramey Arceneaux

I love Chick-fil-A. All of the food and employees are excellent. I can't give a 5 star review though. I love that they have the kids outside taking your orders, but it makes 0 sense to have the menu board at the end of the line and they are taking your order 5 to 6 cars away from the menu. I always order the same thing because I'm not able to look at the menu to see what else they have.

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