China Palace Restaurant

1050 Roma Ave, Hammond
(985) 542-8141

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Kim Chapa

We ate our food from the buffet, it was ok. Ordered a hot tea, got cold and then I asked for a hot tea. We finished eating and was going to enjoy my hot tea and the server told us we had to hurry up and leave because people were waiting, the whole other side of the restaurant was empty. Was going to leave her 25 percent tip but instead she got ten for being rude. Won't be going back there again.

Holly Chapman

Wow! I've never enjoyed a buffet more than this one. Their boiled shrimp and crawfish were amazing! The sushi and sashimi were equally delicious and the service was great too. I will definitely be back here.Food: 5/5

Teehee Issa me

This should have a Two star rating at the most. The fact that it says 4 at this time is incredible. Anyways let me start with, there are roaches in their food. I saw a lady point out the creepy crawlers in the chicken. When she told an employee, they took the pan out, brought it to the back, waited five minutes, and put the EXACT SAME PAN BACK! It was so gross. I began to feel sick. This place has a horrible reputation for roaches. Ever since I was a kid, they were known for roaches. I went this one time on my own to give a second chance, and still no change. This place is gross.

corey hulin

Friendly service. Always checking to make sure everything is good. Food is ok at best. But it was hot and hadn't been sitting out a long time. That's always a good thing.

All N With Tiffany McGary-Cyprian

This place is always clean , they bring out fresh food all the time , they’re grill guy dues an awesome job when you put in your order .

Cynthia Munroe

Very good food friendly service. Try it you will like it.


Having been to nearly ever China buffet in my surrounding areas, this is the best. They have the same thing and it's usually plenty and hot. Also depends on when you go.

Aryadi Presley

Small place but good food taste good not too much variant, some old guys in the front always use a musk and i didnt see his smile and no greeting. As generaly good

Ellen Riley

Food was fresh and plentiful. Staff complained that walker was in their way, they moved it. Otherwise, good dining experience.

Emma M.

We were iffy about this place due to the past reviews and the old exterior of the building but this place was great. The inside was VERY CLEAN, buffet food was great and our server was super nice.

Sydney Kempler

We stopped here on a road trip for a Chinese food fix and it did not disappoint! Everything was flavorful and delicious and the staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating. I will be dreaming of their creamy honey shrimp dish and hope to be back in the future!

Abigail Richard

Our server was so sweet and awesome! The food was great, and I actually found the selection of food was bigger than some of the Chinese buffets I usually visit. Their desserts were delectable! The chicken was perfect, the sushi was perfect, everything was just crispy perfect perfection! It was reasonably priced too. I can't wait to go back!

LadyJ Love

The food was great service was great I hadn't been there in a while was a little underwhelmed by the price increase but that's life.

TheSister T.

The owner of China Palace in Hammond, LA, the tall middle aged Chinese man is extremely rude. For no reason at all, he screamed at me as I was standing at the counter getting ready to check out after fixing my to-go plates. He screamed at the top of his voice "Are you ready to check out?" It was so loud and disturbing that it took me by surprise and I screamed back, "Yes I'm ready to check out" The entire restaurant heard all of this. For this to have been the owner that screamed like this, it was the lowest of customer service and disrespect that I've ever encountered in my 62 years. He is the worst. If you don't believe me, go see for yourself.

Earl C.

Does not monitor temperature of food on buffet, too many items are below safe temperature

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