Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

201 Westin Oaks Dr, Hammond
(985) 542-1828

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Theresa Lind

We have eaten at a lot of Cracker Barrel’s over the years….and for the longest time all were great with the only draw back for us was the chairs….which we have passed up Cracker Barrel a lot of times due to picking a place with more comfortable seating. This visit however will prob make Cracker Barrel a no stop when traveling. We waited well over 30 mins to get our food. The server was attentive….and she was not the issue….but we actually had conversations with other travelers who had been waiting every bit as long…..and they too also said….so many miles to travel…and here we sit! So prob will lose them as a guest also. The food was “okay “….nothing to rave about here….just food…..and nothing special….it will not be the food that keeps us from returning….but seating…and waiting for food time. I will also note…..that the bathroom was in need of service….toliet paper all on the floor etc…there is no excuse for this….Cracker Barrel needs to step up their game if they want to keep people coming!

Terri H

This Cracker Barrel is what you expect when you visit a Cracker Barrel. The hostess was very friendly and seated us immediately. Our waitress was the shortly after being seated and took our drink orders. She promptly came back with our drinks and took our order. When the food arrived it was a good portion and was hot. We have to say this Cracker Barrel is great.

Nikki LaCroix

After waiting nearly an hour for my food, it was cold when it arrived and my hamburger steak is clearly not smothered. Very disappointed.

Gary Oliver

Disappointed at best. I ordered the hamburger steak to go. It was way undercooked and red (not pink)in the middle. Coming from someone who eats rare steak all the time. Someone else would definitely complain alot worse than me. Ordered two cups of the peach cobbler and they are small and barely half full. Both of them came with mostly crust. Extremely disappointed in this store and it was my first visit. Probably won't be back.

Wayne Hueske

Service was bad!! Ordered scrambled eggs, bacon ? gravy with Biscuits every thing was cold!! Scrambled eggs were extremely cold and very dry they need to get some one that knows how to cook properly !!!! My mate ordered chicken and dumplings , everything was cold not fit to eat and like I said service was horrible. Will never go back do not recommend this cracker Barrel!!! ??

Rodney Este

I love the Cracker Barrel in Hammond La. because they have the best and funniest waitress Marie always brightens our day

Scott Nichols

I am under the belief most people believe Cracker Barrel food is a lot better in their heads than in reality. For years, I would go to Cracker Barrel with excitement, only to eat the food and wonder why. Now, having said that, this Cracker Barrel was decent as Cracker Barrel's go. I enjoyed the biscuits with strawberry, grape, and blackberry jelly. I had the make your own platter, with scrambled eggs, hash brown casserole, and country fried steak. The eggs...are eggs. The hash brown casserole was ok. The country fried steak was better than I usually get. Even if I don't think Cracker Barrel has great food, I will still keep going as if it does.

Danny Neal

Y’all this place was awesome! We were a party of 12 I mean yeah the wait was long maybe 30-40min at most . But the food and the service. I think the only thing we didn’t care for was that our food came out at different times my food and wife’s food was still warm but it wasn’t a really long long wait.

Alice Evans Johnson

Great Service and Food!!!

Vanessa M.

I always enjoy the fish and honey glazed carrots. The biscuits are such a rewarding treat; unfortunately, I had to ask for them twice before I received them. Normally the server will automatically bring them to the table.

Larry Castille

Great breakfast ! Excellent service with a smile !

Bill Donnell

This was really good, The staff was very friendly.. the lighting was just alittle to dark for me. All in all Very Good I give it a thumbs up

James Harris

When you walk through the front doors of the restaurant, you are magically teleported to a backwoods country store filled mostly with things that no one needs (or should have) in their home, trailer, fishing/hunting camp, or shack. It is easy for some to fall prey to the glitter, gingham, ruffles, bows, and anything printed with grandma, America, bears, and fairies, but one must! (Oh, what the the Chinese sweat shop worker must think!) There is a small area of the store strategically placed by the hostesses station filled with retro and colorful candies, allowing parents the ability to work up an appetite from chasing children who have grabbed a handful of treats, doing dead lifts using children throwing tantrums on the floor, and the occasional tug-of-war.Once you are seated, take a moment to look at the decor of the restaurant. The giant fireplace is nice to sit next to on cold days. There is generally a fir going. The walls are filled with flea-market finds of fishing poles, old advertising campaigns, pots and pans, and the most unattractive, unsmiling, scariest looking portraits of people watching to make sure you finish your meal.The service is generally very good. The food isn't bad and you can get full menu at any time.Beware, you have to repeat the entering process in order to get out. Resist, resist, resist!Vegetarian options: There are a few vegetarian options, mostly on the breakfast menu. Don't be fooled by the offered vegetable plates, down home cooking mean⁵s that EVERYTHING is cooked with meatParking: There is ample parking. Saturdays and Sundays can be a bit challenging at peak times.Wheelchair accessibility: There is wheelchair accessibility to the restaurant with ample handicap parking.

All N With Tiffany McGary-Cyprian

The service was awesome , the food was ok today . I had been wanting Cracker Barrel coffee with some of their awesome biscuits , they said 30 minutes wait for 1 person not too bad I was seated in about 19 minutes , so that was good and for a Sunday that’s really good . I ordered the grandmas breakfast sampler eggs scrambled with cheese , my eggs came out half cooked , my server took care of it right away & no problem . Overall great experience .I was a little disappointed my server told me that they don’t do the fixins anymore I was like when did they stop that b/c it’s in the menu . So when I asked to see the menu again and possibly speak with a manager , she brought me out some biscuits so idk ??‍♀️ if it’s changed or not but I saw a lot of tables getting the fixins

Martin Denesse, Sr.

Nice beautiful shop and great service. My waitress was lovely and attentive. The order came back a lil different than I originally ordered but no big deal! The food was good and hit the spot!

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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

201 Westin Oaks Dr, Hammond, LA 70403
(985) 542-1828