Firehouse Subs Channell

1750 W Thomas St Ste A, Hammond
(985) 429-1000

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I don’t believe I’ve ever been to a Firehouse subs where my business was turned away. I walked into their store and not a soul inside customer wise and I was told I can put an order in but it would be 25 minutes before they could even get to it. Wait what? A staff of 5 ladies and they tell me they can’t get to my order for nearly a half an hour. Absolutely wild. Never experienced that before. Hard to believe a staff of 5 can’t manage walk in customers and call in orders at the same time.I’m sure this store won’t miss my money. If I was a business owner I’d like to know that my staff was turning away customers. I won’t be back that’s for sure.

The Bearded Adventurer

Great subs but it takes 30 minutes to get one even during the slow hours.

Matthew B.

Staff was wonderful Food was delicious The lady that cleans the tables was very personable and professional It was a true delight

gloria boyd

I share no experience I give them ? percent very much more satisfied.

Dawson Chavez

Sandwich’s are decent like every other complaint on here the service is so slow and u literally wait 10-15 min till they take your order and they always forget the pickle one of the worst fire houses I been too

Dino Jebacinovic

Worst firehouse subs I been to. Unprofessional and wait times are 30 minutes also it was not busy at all. Cashier took just 10-15 min to get my order. Definitely need a better staff .

Dena Hendricks

Tried the meatball sandwich. I was pleasantly surprised, it was very good.


Food is freshly Served every time you go.. I appreciate that.

Robert Locascio

Love their subs. My favorite is the hook and ladder toasted. Yummy yummy ?

Scot Hughes

Good alternative to always going to Subway. The only downside is there are only a few locations here.

Charles Johnson

I went in because I had a T-mobile promotion for a bogo. There was even a sign welcoming T-mobile customers. The promotion was easy to apply. That was a wonderful rarity. T-mobile has a lot of sandwich promotions and often the employees can't figure them out. The ordering line went quickly, but it took me 25 minutes to get my order. There were several people waiting for their orders. The place nearly cleared out by the time my order arrived a little past 1 PM. The place was generally clean and there was a lady actively cleaning. The sandwiches were good, but nothing outstanding.

Jessica Bradford

The brownies here are delicious - probably my favorite brownies ever (only reason I didn't give a 1 star) Seriously, don't ever hesitate to get these things, but prepare to be addicted.Now for the bad. I normally get the potato soup in the evenings, but decided to switch it up and get it in the afternoon and found a couple of hairs in it! I got it to go instead of eating it at the store as I typically bring it to work to eat for lunch the next day. Definitely turned me off of the soup for a LONG time.

Moto Workz

Way over priced. Small sub is size of my hand. Would have figured it to be about the size of a 6” sub from subway. Received a chip and drink.But sandwich was so small and not worth the money. Rather go to Izzos and get a regular size burrito for the same price I paid here.

Mel Stein

New owners in this firehouse and the food has taken a downward dive.

Ted E Gill

Firehouse Subs is Always Excellent!!!!! The food and service is Awesome too.

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