La Carreta

108 NW Railroad Ave #3264, Hammond
(985) 419-9990

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Jeanna Stewart

Ordered Steak fajitas for $17 & had 7 small pieces of steak. Not long strips. Small pieces. We ordered it to go or we would have showed it to them. Just be aware and check your order before leaving. Basically, all onions and peppers, no meat.

T Power

Lost of flying things outside. Couldn't eat in peace. Maybe they can put up more fans outside. I ordered a Trio meal that came with shrimp's chicken, and steak. I had more chicken and steak on my plate than shrimps. You shouldn't put one shrimp on a person's plate.

David L.

Had a horrible day at work and was referred here by the hotel. Wasn't up to looking at the menu and asked Grace to bring me dinner. Not uncommon for me to let a server choose. Grace brought the Monterey dinner with shrimp. The meal was seasoned well and delicious. Anyone who follows me knows you loose a star if the kitchen doesn't execute. In truth the lost half a star but I round up. The half star was lost to shrimp that had either been steamed or boiled before cooking and as a result had a boiled texture. The texture didn't kill the flavor but the execution was not flawless. Grace's excellent service (1star) game on TV Monday night (1star) Beer Cold 1 (star) excellent environment (1star) food (1/2 star) Grace's service extra 1/2 star they earned all 5!

Lizzie Ransome

Food is good, as always, but the bartender was rude and lazy. I stood there for at least 10 minutes waiting on my pickup order and then had to catch her attention and ask her for my drink when she started walking away after handing me my food, which was literally right there. Normally it wouldn't be an issue but I had my 3 year old with me and we had to stand at the bar. If the girl was busy, I'd me more understanding but there was only one other person even at the bar, including the servers who had put in drink orders. We were just completely ignored because this girl didn't feel like doing anything.

Jerardus Kersbergen

Fast friendly service, food was hot fresh made to order and well presented, with great drinks, new renovation very nice better flow for kitchen but very load dining room

Nancy B.

I've trying calling the restaurant 4 times this evening (8/12/22 6:25 pm) I got home with my takeout order (placed online) there were several issues with the order yet I can't get anyone of the phone. 1st problem- long hair in the tamale dinner. (Have a pic for proof if needed) 2nd problem- ordered a kids taco meal- only received the side of veggies no taco. 3rd problem- ordered chorizo queso- the chorizo was burnt/ crunchy and black. (Have pictures if needed) I've called, messaged on Facebook, and also submitted an email from the form on their website. Nancy Bertaut


The food was excellent. Everything was seasoned throughout.You get chips and salsa as soon as you are seated. If you don't like cilantro, you may have to ask for another option.The service was extremely fast. Most places struggle during the lunch rush, but they didn't seem to have any issues.Our server was very attentive.

zach kilpatrick

Wait staff was very friendly, portions were generous, and the food was very good! Will definitely eat here again if given the opportunity. Here is a pic of my shrimp tacos.

Robin Casanova

Excellent food. Great atmosphere. Great service.

Brandy Diamond

Great service and food was delicious. Will definitely be back.

Gabriela guerra

Was here last night with family, we were driving to Texas from North Carolina and we stopped here to eat something, was honestly very impressed, I had the carnitas and it tasted fresh and delicious. The server was also very kind and attentive wish I had gotten her name. Will definitely come again in the future if I plan another road trip.

Mickey Bonura

Server was polite and knew the menu. Atmosphere was too busy. Could not really make out the music playing due to the noise. There were flying insects inside because of the open doors. My food was luke warm. Drinks came to the table with open straws in them. I was dining with an environmental friendly person and an aware person that was not cool. I am still having to hear about the straw thing from them. I find this to be more of a hang out hookup, looking at eye candy, bar type, place. Not really family friendly sit down restaurant.

Annie Meddler

Practically our first time here. The drinks came to the table with straws already in them. I don't trust a straw that was already open. And some people think straws are not good for the environment. I suggest not to just put them in and not to assume all people would be ok with this. The food was alright. They should put the salt content at least on the menu. The atmosphere was ok but the open walls allow for bugs to come in. I didn't like brushing the flying bugs away. The service was good and the server had good knowledge and opinion of the selection.

Jamie Green

Took my family for Taco Tuesday, was completely forgotten about in a corner! I know what your thinking it was just busy right? However, We waited over an hour for food that never came. As we observed two larger parties sit after us and began receiving food. To make matters worst, I couldn’t find my waiter AT ALL to at least get a status update on the food.

Nickie Baham

First time here since they remodeled. Everything was excellent!! I will definitely be back.

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