Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

1981 Hammond Square Dr, Hammond
(985) 543-6011

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Harold Robertson

Back at The Olive Garden with the family. Just picked up our son and we decided to eat dinner before heading back to Lafayette. We took part in the Neverending Pasta Bowl with never-ending soup or salad with breadsticks. We had soup touscana(potato,kale,Italian sausage), chicken & gnocchi(roasted chicken cheese,dumplings) and fiolia. Main course started with chicken frittas, rigatoni, and marinara sauce. Me and my son had the chicken fritta with alfredo and rigatoni. I followed up with fettuccine alfredo and crispy chicken fritta. I bowed out after the third round. Good food, great atmosphere,and family what more can you ask for?. Until my next review good eats and God Bless u all.

Princess R.

Always a pleasure we always get the picture of sangria (insider we spike it with our own grand Marnier ) so good the waitress was super cool

sarah alcott

I visit all the time and receive the best service. Very talkative friendly servers who are on top of it. I absolutely love the food here and think it’s better than other olive gardens i have visited. this one is just awesome. thank you guys for doing the best every time

Jari Sanders

This is the worst dish. I have more asparagus than pasta. And the waiter lied telling me he was going to refund me my money back. Whatever you do don’t order the shrimp scampi you will be very disappointed. And I called the manager and she lied to me also. Just sad.

jason wehner

Ordered shrimp scampi to go. There was barely any food in the container. See attached photo. Does that look like it is worth $18.29? Completely ripped off. Second time this has happened at this location. Never again.

Donald L. Brown Jr.

We went on August 10th for my mother's birthday!! It was amazing in every way. I was even able to order am amaretto sour with pineapple ? juice. Definitely a place to take anyone for any occasion.

Donald Brown

We went on August 10th for my mother's birthday!! It was amazing in every way. I was even able to order am amaretto sour with pineapple ? juice. Definitely a place to take anyone for any occasion.

Jasmine McCormick

The entire experience was just okay. I had the soup, salad, and breadsticks. While my wife got the salmon. Her salmon was good, but the broccoli was horrible. It had no taste, and it was cold. To top it off people were coughing and sneezing all throughout the restaurant. Of course no one covered their mouth. Disgusting! We were so uncomfortable. Soon as the waitress brought out her food we asked for the check, and promptly left.

Lauren Nix

We took our Italian Exchange student from Rome to dinner here. We enjoyed him making faces and saying that real carbonara from Rome doesn't have chicken and shrimp in it. He graded Olive Garden O... K.... So from a real Roman that is a high rank! Wait staff is always friendly and welcoming and the food is delicious!

Natalie D.

When you ask for extra sauce(they put it on the side) but they put like NO sauce on the pasta. Who's eating that? This is pitiful. Why charge for extra sauce when you don't put any in the first place? Dry eat dish from any Olive Garden I've ever had.

MARCIE callaway

I just want to say I’m supper impressed with the service at Olive Garden! I take my elderly grandma there to eat. The young man standing at the door is such a blessing. He is so helpful and kind to her. All the staff are so nice. Its so nice to see young people show respect to the elderly. Thank you young people for choosing to be different.


Excellent service! Fantastic food. I highly recommend "Soup and Salad, never-ending", all you can eat! The food is consistent, everytime!!! My girlfriend and myself eat there for lunch 1-2 times a month. Very reasonably priced. Nice selection of wine.

Hannah O'Neill

I originally came for the unlimited soup and salad, because who doesn’t? But Rachel recommended the tour of Italy and may I say, it is to die for, absolutely love, will definitely be coming back. Best service I’ve had in a while from here.

Hannah O

Shrimp Scampi was amazing, great food. Never disappointed, ask for Rachel when you go, she’s awesome, cannot complain a bit.

Abrille Dixon

We had an AWESOME experience. My husband took me there to celebrate my birthday and the staff and their customer service was amazing! The food was EXCELLENT as well! Even during a graduation rush with a bunch of large groups eating, I was truly impressed with how everything was handled! I highly recommend!!!

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