Our Mom's Restaurant and Bar

205 E Thomas St, Hammond
(985) 662-5038

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Caitlin C

In town for the SELA Football playoff game and looking for a place to get burgers. This restaurant is super charming with a great aesthetic. We started with the onion straws, they were great and the Rae Rae sauce was delicious. I ordered the PB & J Bacon Burger, pictured below, I really like the combination of the jelly and bacon.

Morgan Logan

I love Our Mom’s if you go in the restaurant, they have such creative and delicious items in the menu However, the packaging for delivery orders has some kinks for sure. We ordered through door dash so it takes a minute for them to pick it up and bring it to us. (Just more convenient with Kids who are loud and do terrible in a restaurant) and my jalapeño ranch burger had like one tiny dab of ranch and our debris fries were stuck together in one piece. Probably would do better if the toppings were separately packaged. It was still okay but I would definitely recommend the dining in experience over delivery .

Caleb Bogaczyk

Great place! Not sure its what mom would have made though. Huge and wacky burger selection. Burger was good. Mac and cheese was bland.

Melody N.

The service was amazing, food was great and loved the atmosphere. We started by trying the taco place next door but they were having issues with long wait times so we came here instead. They were great! Loved the jalapeño ranch burger! They are well known for their award winning burgers so give them a shot! The kids loved their food too, they loved their homemade Mac & cheese. Next time I'm gonna try the rockin roast beef. Thank you Mom's!

Dustin D.

Get anything with a sour dough bun. You won't go wrong. In town for a tournament. We will be back.

Lynn S.

LOVE the decor and atmosphere! My first visit I decided to try the chicken Philly. I was excited to try this, because I love bell peppers and onions on my sandwiches. I've seen Philly cheese steak many places, but never chicken Philly! When I received it the chicken was flavorful, but there were only a few (and I mean just a few) cut up/diced "pieces" of bell pepper on the sandwich, with no onions that I could see at all. The vegetables are my favorite part! They were busy so I just ate it as is. My second visit I decide to get the same thing, but ask for more vegetables. Even after describing my first visit and ASKING FOR PLENTY OF veggies, the sandwich came with only a few cut up/diced pieces of bell peppers and onions. And I do mean . . . a few. Clearly my idea of a "Philly sandwich" and their's is not the same. I asked if I could order some more sautéed bell peppers and onions. Instead of simply getting some, the waitress got the manager, as she seemed to think my request was unreasonable. He was polite and said, "No problem." Within a few minutes he brought me a small plate of veggies! Gotta tell you . . . they tasted like they were boiled, not sautéed. If they used butter, these were the end of a batch they added water to. Other than the waitress not getting my vegetables, the service was good. The chicken was very good. It's shredded, VERY FLAVORFUL, and they're very generous with the amount on the sandwich. Although, truth be told, I'd rather less chicken to get a decent amount of bell peppers and onions, sautéed in butter. I'll be back! The menu is quite interesting, I'd like to try out a few more of their selections. I love the environment and the employees were polite. I just won't be ordering the Philly sandwich again!

Wendy N.

It's sad to see the decline of what was once a very good restaurant. And this one has fallen pretty far down the chain. Cold food indifferent servers and overall poor quality. 0 out of 10 I simply do not recommend. The icing on the cake was the forced gratuity on 3 adults and 3 children and the server telling me *we should be guaranteed something* I mean I think as customers we should be guaranteed a decent meal.

Stiles Small

My waitress Gabi was amazing, she was so kind and never missed a beat.. Super sweet girl and had great manners. The food was also really good. I got the fried mushrooms and they were awesome and I also got a Buffalo chicken sandwich that was out this world. Definitely will come back because my service was so great!!

Amber S.

Love this place for a quick bite to eat or having out for some drinks. The Pb&j Burger is awesome! Love the atmosphere and service.

Katelyn Mackles

Anna was great! Our appetizers and entrees both came out hot, and she checked on us a generous amount to make sure we were all good. Love meeting attentive servers especially since i work in the service industry myself.

Karen W.

I'm just gonna say it, jalepeno ranch burger! I get everytime because its every bit worth it

Jackie M.

Honestly, I would only recommend this place if you have about 5 hours of your day to spare. Service was so bad -couldn't find staff. Short in utensils, napkins, etc. Our waitress was more concerned with losing her drink list then anything. Food was just okay, it was a very long event just to have lunch. I get everyone is short handed these days but this takes the cake. I will not make a second trip there.

Teddrisa B.

This is how it's done !!! My burger was freaking phenomenal! The bun was fresh and able to with stand the toppings with out coming apart . The patty was juicy and grilled to perfection. Fries came out hot with the burger. Good morning burger and gnarly sauced wings

Kevin Callahan Jr

Been hearing about this place for a little over a year. This was supposed to be a great place to grab a burger.Very clean old time feel to the place. I think all the workers are women (I did not confirm this but only ppl in uniform I saw were women). Staff is friendly enoughIm here to confirm this is probably the best burger joint in Louisiana! I got a burger a side and a beer for just under 20$ so the value is unbelievable as well.The bartender told me that even if the burger u want isn't on the menu they prob can make it for u.I personally had the Mac n cheese burger w/ fires subbed for Mac n chz.100% plan on coming back I just don't go to Hammond often.* there's not alot of room to park in front of the restaurant so u may need to walk a bit if u can't parallel park in front of it.

Ben Autin

Food was great, enjoyed everything we ordered; however, each time I've had occasion to patronize this establishment the service has been so slow that by the time the food arrives it really doesn't matter as at that time you are just thankful to be able to finally consume anything that was ordered.The waitress was accommodating and helpful but after 3 visits (with a significant lapse of time between) it does not feel like coincidence but a distinct pattern of long waits for food once it is ordered.Each of my visits were never on particularly busy nights either, so one wonders if the kitchen is understaffed or overwhelmed perhaps? Or maybe I catch this place on nights were things are a bit off?At any rate I hope a way can be found to increase the efficiency of getting food out to the table.

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Our Mom's Restaurant and Bar

205 E Thomas St, Hammond, LA 70403
(985) 662-5038