The Salad Station

201 S Cate St, Hammond
(985) 429-8988

Recent Reviews

Eric Clay

Always a pleasure eating in the establishment. healthy eating habits takes you farther than you know ??Food: 5/5

Lainey Marie

I ordered online from here at 2:00 today, the chicken in my salad had gone bad. The ranch has chuncks in it. I love salad station but that is disgusting.

Danielle Magruder

I will not be going back until the male cashier leaves. I have never felt more uncomfortable than when I was making my salad and he stood so close to me that I could have moved a centimeter and would have been touching him. He made a comment about everything I put in my bowl. He stood over me as I was making my soup. So close I could feel his breath on my ear when he made a comment about how the potato soup was too liquidy that day. He was rude when I forgot to put gloves on. I will be visiting other locations until I can comfortably retrieve a salad without violating my personal space during the entirety of my visit.

D'Ann D

I'm a little biased, but Salad Station is just perfect. You get to select from over 100 different item. What's even better is you only pay for what you create! Put as little or as much as you'd like- it's weighed at the end and you pay by the pound. Delicious soups too!Food: 5/5

Daniel Scheer (MrPhyzyx)

Salad Station is a wonderfully healthy concept that executes correctly. The key is tou get the salad the way you want it... every time. I'm sometimes put of by the price, but when I consider the high quality items, delicious dressings, and almost limitless choices... you just cannot beat it!

stephen Arnold

We love Salad Station and have eaten at 3 different ones. The employees here are literally doing nothing. One of the employees is sitting at a table where he has been since we got here. He has been on his phone the whole time. One of the others just got up a few minutes before I started writing this doing the same. The cashier does nothing when she is not checking customers out. The same thing went on last time we were here. And it happens at CM Fagen too. Isn’t there something that needs to be done at a buffet style restaurant? Makes me wonder if any maintenance at all has been done with the food on the bars at these two locations. I love the food at Salad Station and will continue to eat at these locations as long as it stays clean and fresh. But, I wonder how long it will be before there are problems with the food if they continue just sitting around doing nothing. Ok this is added, because I just can’t stand what I am watching. The cashier started maintaining the bar and cleaning a little. She had to add ice to the vending machine while one of the guys just watched. He is still sitting on his rear on the phone.

Tina Mcle

This is the second time in two weeks I’ve stopped by to get the new snack pack.Only to be told AGAIN they are having trouble getting the containers. Sir I drove to the other local last week & they are not having a problem getting them ! The only problem is for me to drive out of my way to get it !!

All N With Tiffany McGary-Cyprian

I love salad station, the food is always fresh , I just wish the price wasn’t so high ! The staff are nice but not very outgoing .

Sandra C.

I absolutely LOVE the Salad Station. The salad ingredients are plentiful and they are always refreshing ingredients. No waiting for items to be refilled or refreshed, they are constantly refill, refreshing and cleaning the counters. I do not like chicken salad but I always have to add a spoonful in the side to have with crackers while I eat my is totally great. I even got a couple scoops separate one day and took it home to make sandwiches later. (They were so good). I've tried the chili and the potato soup and can recommend them both. I've taken both home for dinner that evening. I have not tried the baked potatoes but want to as they look so good. I'm always wanting salad and too full to add a potato. There are also different meats offered if you want to add to your salad Oh and don't let me forget the fresh fruit that's offered. It is always at the peak of freshness and is great. I have to get a regular salad then get a fruit selection separately for my desert. The dressings are always fresh and plentiful and I like that there are little cups that you can use to have it "on the side". The employees are always pleasant and the owners are always on site making sure everything is up to their high standards. They will chop your salad for you if you like and while o haven't had it that way I see many people have it chopped. There are plenty of selections of beverages to choose from. The dining area is spotless and they keep the tables clean, never have to wait fir a clean table. I see lots of people getting theirs to go. They even have a website where you can choose from speciality salads or make your own exactly like you want it and it will be ready for your pickup. While salad station is not "fine dining" who wants fine dining everyday. It's the perfect place to have a great lunch or dinner.

Jesper Kristensen

Tons of things to choose from, place kept clean and items stocked. Very well priced and the staff was very friendly too. What's not to like

James Harris

Everything you could ever want in a salad can be found in this make it yourself salad bar. They also offer baked potatoes and wonderful soups.Heads up, they sell everything by weight (affordable, but still a bit eye opening!)

Melvina Thomas

Their buffet was well supply and full of food. It was very clean when I was there the young man was very helpful it was my first time in the building someone recommended the place to me. The young lady on the on the other hand wasn't so customer friendly when I first walked in. But in spite of her rudeness I love the young man service.

Eric Allison

Extremely clean restaurant with fresh salad & great hot bar.

Jerry S.

Let me start by saying it's one of the best salad bars that I have ever been to great food now the reason for the three stars is that you don't always get good service when you go in you get a few people that would actually greet you and walk you through things being that this is my first time ever going to a service station walk me through if I'm asking questions well they answer one and walk away and don't even bother to ask you again if you need any help or how things work that being said great food and will continue to go despite that portion

Airelle James

I only go for the potato soup, the only thing reasonably priced. I understand this potato soup comes in a bag, but I do not mind, it is delicious. However each week the soup is rather too thick or extremely watered down. This tells me that they are reusing the soup for about a week. Each day the soup is diluted a bit more. Today I noticed the soup was EXTREMELY watered down with hardly any potatoes and a thick layer of grease. Unfortunately, I will not be returning. Please be wise and do not waste your money on something you can make at home. I have learned my lesson.

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