42559 S Airport Rd, Hammond
(985) 429-1905

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Macy Fabre

This is probably the only problem I’ve ever had at a subway… this young girl was at the counter. I asked for a soup and ft. Long meatball, separated in two halves, cheese on one half toasted and done. Easy? Yes. Well.. she gets to my half and I’m not seeing my meatballs but I’m patient maybe they’ll put them on last.. nope. All my toppings and even toasted, other nice gentleman goes to close my sandwhich and I asked politely where my meat balls were. And my soup, not realizing my partner had already paid for said food. We got charged for one 6in meal and 1 6in veggie. Although I walked out with my soup and foot long meatball. I’m not one to steal, but I had not realized because she was busy complaining about having to close and mop. As a past employee, customer service is important and it’s stealing from the company, and it’s rude to speak of such things in front of your customers. So I’m myOpinion, her constant complaining distracted her from her job resulting in money lost in their business and an unsatisfied customer.


came here about a week ago. Will absolutely NEVER come to this one again. Ordered 2 subs. One was a meatball sub and the meatballs were not fully thawed out and you could TASTE the freezer burnt flavor in the middle. My other sub was a chicken blt which I get at other subways and never have a problem with. This one the cucumbers were moldy, the tomatoes were turning WHITE and the lettuce was turning that reddish color when it’s going bad. Absolutely disgusted with what I received.

Jeremy Dozar

They do not accept any coupons.

Ted B.

Buy foot long, get 6" free. Lie! 6" @4.99 and had a reduction of $3.18 on bill. Foot long $7.99. Bill was $10.00 no other items purchased. Food was good but lied about price.

Gary Gehegan

We had a wonderful day at subway SMILE God has blessed blessed us with a great lunch together and awesome afternoon ??

Emily McCleese

One of the smaller subway but still good food. Friendly and helpful staff.

Joshua Jenkins

It seems like this is one of those places that is run down and hasn't been kept up with and maybe they just don't care about the appearance of the place anymore. I don't want to eat here again.

Chasey Matherne

2nd time I have found a hair in my sandwich and no one answers the phones

Elvis Smith

Great plAce

Ashley Robinson

I have to buy extra cheese on my sandwich just to taste it. If you get a pizza be ready for cheese less pizza.

Dwight Sons

Great young guy works there keeps it at a home feel and I appreciate that

stephen phillips

They are changing the store colors, I'm not sure if I like it, something is off about it. The menu is a lot easier to read, understand and simpler to make chooses but seems smaller.

Walter Askew

Good food, nice selection of items, great service.

Pam Brownfield

Clean store with sweet, meticulous sandwich artists

Christopher Carter

This subway received my online order which was processed and accepted. When I arrived at the location it was closed. I called the next day and several days after no one answers the phone. The voice-mail box full. I work 6 days a week I need to call to receive a refund.

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