Walk-On's Sports Bistreaux - Houma Restaurant

1795 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Houma
(985) 262-8501

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Jae & Zoey's VLOGS

First time going back since Ida hit & it's 1,000% better! My server was really nice & made sure we were good. We got 2 Cajun Ribeyes & they were perfect. Waited about 5 minutes for a table. 10/10

Domingo Rico Menudo Presenta

Great place, good ambiance, a lot to choose from the menu. Had the stuffed burger and fries. Enjoyed my meal; burger was juicy and delicious, fries were great, but the portion was too small. The staff was very attentive. Will return for more

Phil D.

Local chain I've been to before. This trip was just OK. Food was fine, service was so-so and my server was training a new server. (Not a good role model). My primary issue was that my server specifically asked if I wanted my dinner salad before my entree was delivered and I said yes. The salad arrived after my entrée. I also asked for a glass of water that showed up halfway through the meal. They weren't particularly busy and there was really no reason for the lack of attention to the customers.

Leslie B.

I went in for lunch with my daughter. The food was extremely salty even on the hamburger you could not taste nothing but salt. I am allergic to seafood and they even fry the french fries and the cheese sticks in seafood grease. Will never be back!

Mike Burden

Love this place. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. And delicious food

Sonia Revolorio

This was my 2nd time at Walk-on's. I had not returned since my first visit (soon after they first opened) because I was not impressed. I felt like the cost was too high for the flavorless food and the extremely long wait time.This time around, we visited during lunch time (around 1:30pm). My expectations were very low but I was willing to come back because my husband finally convinced me. He likes the food here so he's been coming back on his own but he wanted us to enjoy it as a family.Food:Our mozzarella sticks (i believe they call them cheese logs) were a little burnt. Not enough for the kitchen to turn them around but enough for me to notice. The meat on my burger was the same, which didn't bother me a lot because it was just on the outside. Otherwise, everything else was fine and came out hot.My husband says the food took a while to come out but it didn't feel that way to me; maybe because I made 2 trips to the restroom (once for myself and the 2nd to take my daughter), before the food came out.Service:I was very pleased with our server. She was good about making sure we had everything we needed.We did have an issue on this visit, though. Since we hadn't visited in a long time, we didn't remember if they had a kids menu or not. We looked all over the menu but didn't see any Kids Meals on it, so we assumed they didn't have any. I was already dreading having come back. Regardless, we tried to make the best of our visit and ordered appetizers for our children. That was the least expensive option for us but it was still around $10 appetizers for kids meals. Our server saw us ordering the Slider appetizer for our son so she mentioned the Summer Slider deal which included 2 sliders and a side, instead of just 3 sliders that came with the appetizer. We did get the Summer Slider because it seemed like the better option for a meal. As we waited for our cheese logs we watched one of the many TVs they have. Instead of commercials, one of the TVs showed different Walk-on deals. One of the deals showed Free kids meals on Tuesday's from 5-8 pm. Once our food came out, I asked our server if they had a kids menu. She mentioned that they were supposed to automatically give us kids menus since our party had kids. She apologized for not letting us know because she assumed we purposely meant to order from the regular menu. She DID, however, said she was going to mention to the front employees so that this wouldn't happen again. This, to me, is above and beyond her scope of work. She could've easily just apologized and left it at that. The fact that she went to the front to let them know made my visit a great one.Overall, my experience was a good one and I would be willing to come back.Kid-friendliness: Have kids menu and offer Kids Eat Free on Tuesday from 5-8pmWheelchair accessibility: Even though the inside has a lower seating level, they have a ramp inside

Marion Broger

Amazing staff, really kind and helpful. The food was delicious and the menu had some extraordinary dishes on it, plus points for the creativity.The restaurant was clean and servers were cleaning the tables fast but perfectly.Kid-friendliness: Familienfreundlich und Unterhaltungsmöglichkeiten für Klein und GrossParking: Genügend Parkplätze, jedoch nicht übertrieben viele.Wheelchair accessibility: Komplett barrierenfrei erreichbar

Tyler Adams

Disappointed. Normally a good experience. Ordered a Cobb salad and had half an egg, no cucumbers, very little avocado, no bacon and diced tomatoes instead of cherry.

Sharon E Ledet

Had a great Birthday Party there. Wonderful Server!! And food was Delicious.

Mary Roussel

It was great!! Food and service exceptional!! We even requested the same server Erin we had a couple weeks ago because she was awesome!!!

Racheal Lagrange

Went in on Sunday afternoon, no wait, friendly server, clean, great atmosphere. We enjoyed our meals which included the Chile glazed Salmon with corn grits instead of green beans, the Cajundilla, cheesy waffle fries & the kids fried shrimp. I’ve never been to a Walk-ons before but I will def go again.

Russell S.

Is it too much to ask of a restaurant to educate its staff on the menu or beer list? Maybe include a basic description of the beers on the menu? I don't need the 25-year old waiter to tell me the history of the IPA, but I expect a bit more than, "I think it's an IPA or a lager. I could go ask the bartender, but it's a bit busy." Pretty insulting. Standard, run-of-the-mill corporate shitty food. Don't waste your time. Go somewhere else.

Destin L.

Old faithful of Houma restaurants. They have Guinness on tap and always have great food. I've never been dissatisfied with the many times I've been.

Jason Ward

The food at this Walk-On's was better than any other I have been too and came at a decent time. This was also the cleanest location. Staff was great. My only reason for 4 instead of 5 stars was I was a little frustrated with how long it took them to get our tables ready and then got the count wrong and had to get more tables. But they made up for it with the service and food. We will be back and I'm sure they'll have everything perfect next time.


This location use to my favorite! It was an amazing restaurant even compared to the other walk ons locations. However, since Ida, I find it’s changed. The service is still impeccable! But the food quality has gone down. I find everything had gotten spicy, even salads some how. Also, I get is a sports bar / restaurant, but the noise level is incredibly loud. I wouldn’t recommend going if you’re looking to have any type of conversation.

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Walk-On's Sports Bistreaux - Houma Restaurant

1795 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Houma, LA 70360
(985) 262-8501