Mello Joy Coffee

313 N Chestnut St, Lafayette
(337) 264-7195

Recent Reviews

Sonya McManus- Platt

Life can be summed up in two groups: people and coffee. This company has AMAZING COFFEE and AMAZING PEOPLE!

Leon Franklin

very good mellow coffee. hard to find in la..

Justin Dickens

Some of the best coffee I've ever drank

Chelsea Andrie Levine

Drinking my first ever cup now! I love it!! I have been drinking Community Coffee for years... great to be able to enJOY something different!!

Eldridge Indest

My newly established business "Preservation Bar & Grill" was just refused service by Mello Joy because of "a bad history with this location"...I'm rather confused why an address would be refused? I've successfully registered with quite a few vendors and you are the only one denying us. My credit rating and history has never been disputed prior to this. Eldridge Indest

Michael Guidry

Brought some back from Lafayette on our annual run home. My coworkers here in NC love the taste!

aaron broussard

I loved the place real friendly bosses

Quentin Lewis

Good strong coffee

Christian Beyer

We love Mello Joy, and since we can't get it around Natchitoches, we travel down and pick it up by the case.

Elizabeth Beyer

Wonderful coffee, nice employees at their offices

Alex Littman

I use the grounds in the filter with my K-Cup brewer. The medium roast blend has a unique and tasty flavor unlike the big store brands. I am glad I stumbled upon this brand way up here in MN! Thank you for a very satisfying morning treat!

Natalie S. Everett

I tried my first cup today and I'm very impressed. My mother gave me a bag of your ground coffee, because it's caffeinated and she can't have it, but she knows how much of a coffee connosuier I am, lol. Mello Joy is delicious, and if I can't find it in Hattiesburg, MS, I have no issue picking some up the next time I'm in Louisiana. I've tried it all and even worked in a well known coffeehouse franchise, but Mello Joy can go cup-to-cup against the competition!

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