Dickey's Barbecue Pit

1736 W Prien Lake Rd, Lake Charles
(337) 419-0088

Recent Reviews

Amber Bordelon

I made a Waitr order for here, for one it took over an hour to prepare which is ridiculous because everything is already made & just needs boxing. Secondly, the portion sizes are a complete JOKE and a half. I truly cannot believe they sell THIS & 2 tiny sides for $18.25. The baked beans tasted like they were just a can of pork & beans dumped into the pot. The chicken was as dry as the Sahara desert. The brisket was bland. I don't have one good thing to say about the food or the service here. My order came with a card on the bag for someone in corporate, I emailed her two days ago when I recieved my order & have yet to receive a message back. (Edited to add- I got a reply back after posting this review & was told to get a refund from Waitr, which I did, & offered me a free meal. I don't want the free meal. I don't want food from this place ever again, free or not.. it's gross.)Do yourself a favor & go get some REAL BBQ at BBQ West.

Tim Skosana

Dickeys never disappoint. Tender juicy brisket. Like their brisket chillis and baked potato

Marcus Bryan

Google says open till 9pm but they are only open till 8pm. No one in there cares enough to change it so people don't drive there. Give your business to someone else!

Andrea Chavez

Clean location, Everything tasted greatHad a Brisket sandwich and their version of a Frito Pie

Jayne Anderson

Enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich.They have a great choice of sides. The creamed spinach is delicious. Nice drink station.


Food good as always, fair prices. Strongly recommended the 3 meat plate ribs and burnt ends my faves!

Alie DesOrmeaux

Every single time I order through Doordash, something is wrong with my order. This time I ordered a brisket potato and paid extra for extra butter, cheese, sour cream, and bacon. I got ZERO toppings, save for the brisket chili. How do you forget every topping?? Come on, y'all. Attention to detail, please.

Dan Fitzpatrick

The food was amazingly delicious as always but I was so disappointed when my sandwich with two sides showed up with no Caesar salad. Just the macaroni and cheese which is of course delicious but I really had my heart set on that salad. I ended up having to let it go because it was an Uber eats situationStill a Fan,Mrs. FitzR.I.P. Dan Fitzpatrick 11-16-21

Dawn Lo

Wayyyyy tooooo salty. Otherwise great food.

Carolyn LeJeune

Ate there last week and it was delicious. Very courteous employees. Will definitely go back.

sean Sandwich

Portion sizes are ridiculously small. Ordered a 3 meat plate (for $18 with no drink) and got the same amount of meat you'd get from other bbq restaurants with a 1 or 2 meat plate. The sides also come in a tiny container with maybe 4 or 5 bites each. The food wasnt even very good.

Laura Rita

A few days ago, I ordered tea, a chopped sandwich, beans and potato salad. The order arrives with no straw, no sauce and no utensil. Today, I have 2 straws with that same order. I can understand no utensil, but no sauce? I guess I'll just use the straws as chop sticks to eat the beans...

christina wright

Ordered thru DoorDash after hurricane ida and the food was delicious!

Rebecca Reed

Service was amazing and the food......Oh My God......the brisket and all the fixins was out of this world...melted in my mouth. And do yourself a favor and get the baked potato casserole!Highly recommend! My husband and I have a new favorite BBQ spot

Kaelyn Hollier

Walked in and was not really greeted. Was my first time in there and they didnt seem like they wanted to tale my order. They were out of 3 sides. Pulled pork on my sandwich was basically cold and dry. Did not give me any BBQ sauce for the sandwich. Sodas all tasted weird. Their machine to pay was down and gave them my only cash I had (I know thats not their fault). Hard to find decent food around here.

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