Luna Bar & Grill

719 Ryan St, Lake Charles
(337) 494-5862

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Blake Becker

Tried this place out after several coworkers suggested it. The place has a really cool jazz/music vibe with lots of art on the walls. The food and service were top notch. I highly recommend the redfish apollo. I've lived on the Gulf Coast my whole life, and it was probably the best grilled redfish I've ever had. In addition to the great food, the drinks were made well and were reasonably priced. I will definitely be back for more!


If you like food… and o mean it that way … you’ll LOVE the food here.. even the fried cheese is better than any place I’ve been. They just seem to cook differently. I highly recommend the Luna Tuna cooked medium. This is in a garlic butter sauce that will make your taste buds go cray!! Also their salads are amazing. Get any of their salads with grilled crawfish and the COSMIC dressing and… you’re welcome !!! This place has beer and really great wine too. Recommend the wine roller coaster. Nice red. Get there quick!!

Andy Lutz

Awesome place! The patio is So cool, cant wait to go back here and see some live music, and enjoy the excellent food. The waitress was on it the whole time!


OMG!!! As a foodie and a chef it is very hard to find a place that just gets you LUNAR!!! The Tuma was out of this world!!! Even the cream spinach and sautéed veggies were great! Another treat was Rally Cap Brewing, Wendy Peffercorn! I spoke with several patrons and all stated their meals and drinks were out of this world!!! I shall return!!! Ask for Heater, she is a true star!! Country Boy In total Luna Eclipse!!!

Laurie Vanderveer

Food was great! Lively, colorful and eclectic decor. Waitstaff was attentive and on point. Would definitely go again.

Bryant E.

Awesome vibe And friendly service. Had a great time there and really enjoyed the menu. The fish was fantastic


We stopped by the Luna Bar during our trip to Lake Charles, LA and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food, atmosphere and service. We shared the Galactic Crab Dip and Neptune Sandwich. The service was fast, friendly and efficient and the food quality was top-notch. My wife tried one of the featured beer selections and it was excellent. We'll definitely make this place our go-to when visiting again in the near future.

Tom Gorsulowsky

Actually fantastic food.Everything was cooked perfectlyWe are coming back for sure.

St. B

The menu included chicken, beef and seafood . The food was very good. Service was slow. But I do recommend this restaurant.

Chad L.

Becoming a Lake Charles staple. The music, food, atmosphere and beverages are top tier. There are not many nights that wouldn't be made better by a trip to get something with Cosmic sauce!! Great local beer choices and outdoor seating. Must visit!

Bianca G.

I never thought a sandwich or salad could taste so incredibly satisfying. It's like the food is being made with love and pride. The atmosphere is pleasing to the eye and ears, making you think about all your favorite bands.

Victoria R.

It was just ok. The food was very bland. The crawfish cheese bread was the most bland thing I've ever had and seemed like under or uncooked crawfish...the service was nice but overall just a very disappointing meal in a cool location. The drinks were good.

Christian T.

Great food and nice people. The only problem they seemed to have was being unable to handle the amount of customers that were in the restaurant around lunchtime. I waited so long for food that I ended up having to put my food straight into to-go boxes because it took so long to come out.

Angie T.

This place is seriously cool and I couldn't love it more. It is a vibe, y'all. I'm talking jazz band playing, toe tapping and head bobbing to the beat VIBE. Exposed brick walls are always a pleasing aesthetic and here they are plentiful and adorned with an eclectic mix of Jazz Fest posters, cool album covers and local art. Oh, just the coolest restaurant setting in Lake Charles I've been big deal ;) Whatever you order here is sure to please your palette but you must try the Galactic Crab Dip. It. Is. Heavenly. I'm so happy a new location has just opened up in Lafayette and will definitely add that to my list but if you're in Lake Charles this is the place to eat!

Alexandru O

My friends say this is the best place to eat !!! I will give them a try First we walk in nobody pay any attention to us at all I have to go to find the staff to ask if I need to get table or waiting for host and a lady told me to choose any table i want ok is fine After we all sit down we’re waiting like maybe 10-20 minutes nobody come to us and the other table is walking and they sit down the waiter come right away and give them water and ask why you want to eat and me still waiting for a server !!!! I’m like What is happen here ? I have to go to ask the staff for a server everyone is ignoring us! Finally a server came in and he say I’m not your server but I will take the drink order for you it’s ok But another table walk in and again they have a server who was there right away and we still waiting for server !!!! W…. I work in service industry and I know all how it work my guess is I think they all just ignore us because maybe I’m from Europe and probably they hear me talking another language! Anyway to be honest the food is amazing I love and the atmosphere is great! I will be back for sure and I recommend this place! Only the staff need more training and I don’t even see a manager on the floor ! Thank you and hope if the future will be better

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