4212 Ryan St, Lake Charles
(337) 474-1880

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Merlyn Villery

Manager working hard to please customers. A lot of us retired people getting senior coffee and pastries complaining about service. Why can't we realize we have nowhere to be and we were once young. Please provide the working poor some grace.Food: 4/5

Peter Talamantez

There was someone outside talking on phone. Also no one was taking orders, all the cars in front of me and behind were leaving. Poor service no one said on the speaker they were closed for an hour and half but I thought it was 24hours restaurant?

Zaida Ontiveros

Best service ever! The manager was so nice to us and fix an issue with our order quick. We definitely coming back!

Lorena Palacios

it is the slowest mcdonald's that exists I ordered a caramel frappé and after half an hour it was delivered to me and because I complained.

Craigory F.

I wouldn't even give it that one star. We've been sitting in line for over an hour. It's not the two employees that are actually working so don't take it out on them they were nice and polite. Sad that we have to drive over to this side of town when y'all have another location closer, and then still can't even receive the correct food ordered ( microwaved) y'all suck . What happen to y'all's quality and the type of people y'all use to hire had some decency. Won't be back

Michelle Savoy

Was in the drive thru and no one else. Sat about 30 to 45 seconds and another car pulls up the the 2nd one and they take their order immediately. This place is ridiculous. Bad service everytime and wrong orders. I didn't even order. I left.

Sarah Bonvillain

Don’t bother ordering curbside here, you’ll just have to wait 20 minutes and go inside anyway to ask where your food is. The lady said “we never got that order” then went back and got it and the burger was cold and wrong, had to get it remade. She did throw in two apple pies for the wait, but I don’t eat those so…

Melissa S Vige

Ordered a double cheeseburger plain and fries. Absolutely old as hell, bun was so crunchy sounded like you were eating crispy chicken, plus they got the order wrong and gave a single patty burger. Fries ice cold. Time to start looking at management not getting on employees to do their job right which means management is doing their job.


We enjoy taking our grandchildren to this location. The inside playground is air-conditionined and clean. A very convenient location across from the university. Friendly staff and fast service.

Logan Horsley

I’d leave zero stars if possible. Two cars ahead of me, took 30 minutes to get my food, fries were cold, paid $25 just for the woman at the window to put in that I gave her $23 and gave me incorrect change and wouldn’t respond to me when I asked about it, no apology, sprite wasn’t closed and got everywhere, terrible experience, the woman’s name on the ticket was Sidel.

C. M.

Consistently bad service. Giving this rating after numerous tries. Restaurant is consistently filthy. Employees just don't care about the customers. They don't care about the condition of the Restaurant.They ignore you at the counter until they feel like helping you. It's a shame. Whoever owns this location, are you okay with your location here, representing the McDonald's brand so poorly?

msb baby

I ordered at the drive thru but was sent immediately to the car slots...I waited over 10 minutes for a happy meal so disappointing...I will need yall to do better...I love McDonald's fries

Ryan Ruiz

McDonald's Nelson was terrible the little guy taking my order thought it was a better idea to keep asking me to take a moment to go over the menu and he would be right with me, apparently he was having a bad day in his career but wanted to make my day bad, I had just left the emergency room and was not in the mood for games.The McDonald's on Ryan St was great they took my order abs served me promptly

Ryan “Ub3r” Phillips

This location gas gone down hill over the years. From employees not being able to get the order right and when you try to correct it and pay for the missed items they tell you to go around threw the drive threw again . Plus if you are trying to get your food in a timely manner don't count on it you will be pushed off to the side stalls and wait up to 30 min for simple menu items.

lizzy smith

Worst experience I've ever had!! Terrible management!! They were all high! It took an hour for 3 burgers!!!!Update: went back another time and they pulled me up for 15 minutes just to serve me a raw quarter pounder!!

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