O'Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

1780 W Prien Lake Rd, Lake Charles
(337) 478-9927

Recent Reviews

Sonja F.

I am so disappointed. We took an Uber to eat at O'Charlies from the casino and when we arrived the hostess said it was a 45 min wait and when we looked around there was 2 families in the entire restaurant. She brought the manager to the front but he kept his head in his phone and would not look at us. The hostess said we only have 2 waitresses, one for each table. We were in shock at the excuses not wanting to seat a table at 8:35.

Randy D.

This place is a joke. The hostess had to ask the manager if she could seat us (3). She said it would be a 35/45 min wait. The dude didn't even have the balls to tell us or take our orders. There's was only 2 waitress and 2 tables at the time. The manager needs to learn to step up.

Breana Camel

Terald was an excellent server! He had wonderful recommendations for the meal. The food was wonderful and everything came out quickly. We never had to ask for more bread or drink refills! One of my best experiences here.

Reece Camel

The food was very good and exactly as ordered. Our Server Terald was very good as well. We never had to wait for refills and he recommended some new things to try that were as good as he said.

T.J. Moore

Terald was awesome! Made sure we were well taken care of and very friendly. The whole staff was working hard to meet all the customers’ needs. They are short-staffed, but you would never know it! Great place! Great service! Great food! PS….get the Louisiana Sirloin!

Megan Tribble

We planned a surprise 30th birthday for my fiance here and everyone really pulled it off! Terald was a great server, he even brought my fiance a special birthday drink. Our service was quick and efficient and I was extremely pleased with how the visit went.

Teresa Hunt

Went here for a surprise birthday party for my son's 30th. We had a large party (15) and they were able to get us in and seat us quickly.Terald was our server and he was outstanding! Above and beyond what was expected.

Demetre Mathews

Good food. Great service. Terald was absolutely awesome. Attentive and fast. My daughter ordered my food as I was coming from work. My starter and drink was brought out within 1 minutes of me sitting at table. Absolutely awesomeness

Destinee Delahoussaye

Really enjoyed the food. Excellent service was given today. Our sever, Terald, was prompt and kind. Our food and drinks were served in a timely manner. Overall, a great dining experience today.

Mark C.

Waitress tried to rush us to order even after we told her we've never been here. Our 4 year old was brought the wrong food so he had to wait again for them to make the correct item. Anyone with a hungry toddler knows this isn't a good time. The food was haphazardly tossed together. Burgers were token in pieces and hanging halfway out of buns and the roast beef was more on the plate than on the soggy bread. Only decent thing was the broccoli and adult beverages.

Benswing Rich (Ben Rich - Electric Biker)

Ordered online while in a road trip going 800 miles today. It’s hard to get healthy food on the road so I was glad to find some good salads on the menu. The California chicken salad was just the thing to hit the spot with grilled and herbed chicken and salad with nuts and fruit.Employees were friendly and efficient. Got food quickly while supercharging my car nearby.

Trey Cain

Took my family out to Charlie’s for my dad’s 64th birthday we didn’t wait long we’re table for seven we never get service anywhere we go so we expected the same all same all we ended up with a server name Terald And I was immediately relieved and excited because he has waited on me several times as a bartender in another restaurant he is prompt precise respectful and knows every aspect of what he’s doing. When O’Charleys hired him you hit a home run . If all your servers did what he does you have the best restaurant in town .

Bernadette Vincent

I had the best dining experience at o’Charley’s! Terald S was the best server! After a day of travel and fatigue from Northern California, just good hot meals with a smile (his eyes since he wore his masks), was all I needed. GM Thomas even got in on helping us to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Her plane from Denver was delayed but we had not seen her for nearly 2 years due to COVID!

Monika Morg

Horrible experience eating at O’Charley’s this afternoon . Took forever to get it. When they did bring food, the steaks where over done . Very rude people. We will start going to Texas Roadhouse .

Ashley Coleman

From the 30 minute wait you would really expect some awesome food and service...I was WRONG.I should have known something was up when the table was sticky, but I somewhat understood. I've worked the service industry. Queso was too salty, Margarita SUCKED, thats why it was so cheap. I should have left when we saw the server vaping in the kitchen and the staff dropping food on the floor. They did throw it out though BUT WHEN MY FOOD had gnats or mosquitoes cooked in it that was the last straw... never again. Not even as a restroom stop.

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