Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

4110 Ryan St, Lake Charles
(337) 478-8828

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Blake Marso

I love canes, but not the canes on Ryan street. 60% of the time I do not get what I pay for, especially when going though the drive through. Go to Canes on Ryan street if you want to pay more for less.

Sarah Garza

Employees at Cane’s are supposed to be friendly and happy. The girl that gave us our order didn’t even smile.Got the order fast but everything was cold, like it had been sitting out for 20 minutes or more.

Lamont Vige

As for fast food, Raising Cane's is one of my favorites. Lake Charles location has a great atmosphere and clean establishment,Food: 5/5

Amanda Cahilog

Very expensive tiny chicken strips. Very fast and friendly service in a long drive thru.

Amy K.

Two hours and still no food. Granted it was through WAITR/ASAP but food was 'preparing' for almost two hours. One.freaking.box. WAITR wouldn't let us cancel despite the fact we don't even want the food anymore. Their response was 'an influx of orders came in around the same time' Youre telling me if I went in, I would be waiting two hours for the food.... Yea... no. Both canes and Waitr suck on this one

Chad A.

My name is Chad Muguira I'm leaving this review for any one trying to get a job miss Lindsey the manager/supervisor completely arranging and disrespectful I was told I had the job and they were going to send me the info to do a background check instead of sending the info they stalled me for up to a week knowing I needed a job to pay bills and on the 6th day of me calling and being stalled she tells me the position has been filled like hey lady you could've said this 5 days ago but this is what happens when pre mature wastoids are given a job that they can't handle ps Lindsey get off your lazy ass and do your job CORRECTLY

norlens noel

I don’t see what the fuss is with Raising Canes, it’s very bland food. The best part is the toast and sauce.Fries are extremely bland and chicken is basic.The staff was friendly so that’s a plus. I gave 3 stars for being average.

David S.

Y'all, don't be skeptical. It's a college city Cane's. It's good and more than likely, they will get your order right!


I love Cane's but not this location. The last two times I visited this location, the tenders were extra small and I had about 10 fries. I frequent Cane's at home in Houston and have no issues. The location in Sulphur, no complaints at all. I asked my spouse if he ever visited the Ryan location, he said absolutely not! He said, they don't give you, what you pay for. I will never again patronize this awful location.

Drew White

The Chicken, dipping sauce, and the toast are always incredible. The fries are also good, just not on the same level. I don't care for Cole Slaw ever, but I know many people who do enjoy it.The lines are incredible long right now, frequently stretching out of the parking lot and down Ryan Street. Don't let this discourage you though, because Cane's has evolved to handle this extra business. We were probably the 15th car in line and still had our food in 7 minutes. I was very impressed by their ingenuity!On my most recent trip we ordered the 25 strip tailgate box. When we got to the window the price was $12 more than what the sign suggested. Naturally, we changed our order at the window. Other than this strange occurrence, our experience at Cane's was great as we've come to expect. That's my only reason that this review wasn't five stars.

Jada Winford

Amazing! I noticed that the prices went up from 7 dollars to around 9 on the box combo. However, the chicken is definitely way bigger than it used to be!! Way more filling that a mcdonald’s chicken nugget meal which is about 10 dollars!!

Ricky Webre (Darth Maul)

My wife's favorite place to catch a bite. Great family friendly environment and helpful staff. O and the best chicken tenders ever!

Keegbug Girl

Canes always has the best chicken! I will always rather eat here then anywheres else! Chicken is always so juicy! Coleslaw is the best over here! Their bread is amazing! And the fries are soo good! Friendly people also!

Adrian Mallett

Place still nice & clean for the age.Employees were friendly and helpful.Tea and Lemonade still good. Toast still good.Chicken fingers. Bland bland bland. Batter bland. Chicken bland. I guess the stopped marinating the chicken.If you gotta bump the price $.25 or $.50 to keep the original recipe, do it. And the chicken wasn't juicy like it used to be. Remember, your known for Chicken fingers!

Robert Blackman

I had to try this place when I was in LA due to all the TikTok reviews, it was really good for a fast food joint, the sauce and the Texas toast make it, the fries are nothing special and the chicken although maybe the crispiest and tenderest I have ever had lacked seasoning without the sauce.The staff were super friendly, I would definitely go back!

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Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

4110 Ryan St, Lake Charles, LA 70605
(337) 478-8828