Bay Cafe

5036 W Esplanade Ave, Metairie
(504) 885-4091

Recent Reviews

Mark Mueller

Great neighborhood Bar & Grill with cold beer, great food, and excellent bartenders. Great deal on steaks, burgers, and sometimes Lobsters, crawfish, or hot boiled shrimp. ?

Stephen Grodsky

Good food and friendly bartender

Frankie Luis Birkhoff

Great lil neighborhood bar and grill. Great spot for food for late night snack !!!

Michael Davis

Awesome steak on steak night M W F. Bay tots a hot item too.


Paige is literally the nicest girl ever and the burgers are bomb! Love the food and service here.

angelle hall

I didn't like the food to much .the burger was big that is a good thing but it was too salty for me. The sweet potato fries were over cooked then the egg rolls I got was super spicy. The people there were very nice but that's about the only real good thing I can say .

Tony Fasola

All ways fun

Jonathan Tardo

Would of had 5 stars but they're playing golf on 3 TV's while the Saints are playing. Shame Shame Shame

Louis Mounicou

$2 imports of Thursday. In time for TNF.Ya heard me

Janie W.

I ate there last week ! Excellent hot sausage sandwich with fries . It's been awhile since I had one from there but will most definitely return

Amy Goodlett

Bring Green Cafe local hit back please local hit Callld B A Y B R E E S E .......please las try for a month to light And badlies will i will packpo mutt my son left for bootcamp

Eric E.

No explanation needed. Just don't be a non-regular. Ok, fine. Yelp demands I add more content. NO EXPLANATION NEEDED!! JUST DONT BE A NON-REGULAR.

Michael Shook

Great chill place to enjoy a couple of nice cold draft beers


This is definitely a neighborhood bar and food service place. Great if you want a cocktail at a good price and you can sit in the restaurant area with your children. Burgers are tasty. Several of us go every Friday after work to wash down the week with snacks and drinks.

Ray R.

I came into Bay Cafe needing a place to provide food within 30 minutes. The bartender was attentive despite the kitchen being slow. The food was good for a quick bar but the kitchen was a lot slower than it should be.

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