Bonefish Grill

4848 Veteran's Memorial Blvd, Suite B, Metairie
(504) 780-9964

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Banan Ibrahim

The bang bang shrimp tacos and kalamari were good, 4/5. The Bonefish Signature Pasta was pretty terrible, 0.5/5.

Adrienne Folse

Fantastic lunch!We arrived right at 11 AM as they were opening. The place was already spotless and ready.We had a group of five out for lunch or a business event. They sat us at a slightly larger table so we had plenty of room.I had a pretty extensive special lunch menu. Lots of fish and seafood dishes that all sounded pretty amazing!We ordered a poke bowl, trout creole with asparagus, rock butter fish, tempura sashimi and another poke bowlI know the two people who ordered the Poké bowls enjoyed them extensively. I ordered the rock butter fish and it was absolutely fantastic! The fish was cooked to perfection… Not over cooked in the slightest. it had a cream sauce over top with lump crab in it. The green beans or just OK in my opinion, but the asparagus was grilled to absolute perfection.The trout was served grilled with the skin on one side.One of my coworkers also ordered the lava carrot cake and proceeded to eat the whole thing. If you are a carrot cake fan you will want to try this.We were in an out of the restaurant in about an hour possibly a little less… A very good lunch spot.

Troy Salsberry

great service...The food was outstanding. A break from the norm of the Fried Seafood....DELICIOUS !!!

Champion Eddie

great restaraunt, excellent waiter and the food was delicious will definitely be back:)

Vanessa Kenworthy

Good food and good service can always be expected at a Bonefish Grill. We're from out of state and were looking for some good food and we're glad to find a location near us. The service is always fantastic and bang bang shrimp is wonderful.

John Roper

Appetizer came out ten minites after the entree but remained on the bill. My kids order a side item and the waiter told them that their order came with two sides so they got a second. The bill came and we were charged for the second side. When I asked the waiter he said he made a mistake about the meal coming with two sides but didn't bother to tell me till I challenged it on the bill. At one point I had to go to the bar to get more water after asking the waiter twice with no result. The food as over cooked and the portions small, thus making the price ridiculous. Three star food at best, priced as if it were five stars, gets a two star rating. Manager never came to the table. It's a shame but because going here used to be one of our favorite outings. Doubt I'll return.

Karen G Gonzalez

service excellent .very delicious food and drinks

Connie Lyons Nanney

The food was good. Waitress did the best she could. Took forever for food to come out. Manager was a joke. We asked to be moved to a bigger house table. He said they were booked to capacity. No one ever came and sat by the tables we asked to move to. You could tell when he came to talk to us, he already had his mind made up.

Yaszmine the Sun Queen

We came here for our vday weekend extravaganza lol as I would call it. The staff is great we were early for our reservations and they didn’t have to but thinking quickly on there feet they made accommodations. Which was lovely. The waiters communicated well and were extremely attentive. Now the food they have no issue there at all it was all amazing and so delicious. It was also well proportioned we took so much home and a lot left for lunch on Sunday. I got salmon and my love got a tasty pasta with scallops cooked to perfection, nice juicy and bouncy. I love this place and will come back again without a doubt. Plus my bf got a smoking old fashion that was definitely the highlight of his night lol. Keep up the amazing work you guys. HAPPY V-day. ??

Kathee Alongi

I'm giving my review of this restaurant 3 stars. The only reason why it got 3 stars is because our waiter was fantastic. The food, though, was bland. My son got the hamburger and the patty had no seasonings. He left most of it on his plate. My boyfriend got the scallop and shrimp skewer and he too was highly disappointed with the taste. Again, bland. I got the Maui Maui with shrimp. The fish was bland but the shrimp was good. My asparagus was still raw. I did enjoy the creamed spinach as well as the bread and seasoned olive oil for dipping. Overall, other than the waiter, we were disappointed in our experience.

Brad Taliancich

The Bang Bang shrimp is fantastic. Could eat a few orders for dinner alone. The food is good. The service could have been better. Our waitress went and sat with friends, at their table, several times as we waited for drinks, etc.

Pamela D

The appetizers were awesome! We had bang bang shrimp, crab cakes and the tuna sashimi appetizer. We will not be ordering entrees on our next visit. Staff was super friendly and manager came around and introduced herself which was nice!

Carmen B

Went to this restaurant last night for a special occasion with family. It’s been years since I’ve been here but I do recall myself enjoying everything since the last time. However, my experience was horrible this time around. Upon first walking in, there was a roach on the floor inside of the restaurant. I immediately wanted to leave but stayed because the guests in my party wanted to. Fast forward to the end of the dinner, there’s another roach crawling under my table. This was totally unacceptable and I can only imagine what’s crawling around in that kitchen. I did not speak with the manager about this due to my party convincing me to just let it go since we were basically finished. Needless to say, I will most certainly NOT return to this establishment. I am very disgusted and disappointed. This is not the Bonefish Grill I once knew. Even the taste of the food was a disappointment with a lack of seasonings. Definitely a waste of money for a special occasion.

Leslie-Claire Spillman

This place doesn't really fit the price point. We were sat quickly on a busy Friday night, which was good, and our Imperial dip was hot and pretty tasty. I think i probably just ordered the wrong thing, bc my date's plate looked decent (steak and shrimp). I got the chicken Marsala and it was cafeteria food at best. The chicken breast was visibly overcooked, and if they were going to dry it out so badly they should have given me more than 2 tsp of Marsala sauce on the plate. The broccoli was broccoli lol, and the mashed potatoes were good but the scoop was tiny. Pic is of my $18 plate, a rip off for what I got. It seemed like both of our plates sat a while before being brought to the table. Three stars ALL for Karen, who saved the experience by being a great server. I would go back and try again just to have her as my waitress again.

Jamal Granderson

The service was phenomenal. The Imperial Dip was delicious ? and The Bang Bang Shrimp ? tacos were also delicious. Today was my first time going and it won't be my last.. p.s. The Coral Reef Punch hit the spot..

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