Cafe Du Monde Veterans Blvd

4700 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie
(504) 888-9770

Recent Reviews

Jason Mouton

Quiet location but just as good as any other.

Maya Mardini

You can't go to New Orleans and not stop by a Cafe Du Monde for some amazing Beignets!! We drove thru and OMG! An absolute experience in your mouth and soul.

Bruno D

a coffee tradition in New orleans, well worth a try! the coffee is fantastic

Don Stevenson

They're beignets are pretty good I go there once in awhile and buy some with a cup of coffee.

Shari Felker

Delicious day or night. This place is a time honored tradition in New Orleans. Nothing like a hot fresh beinet and a cup of cafe' au lait! It is a must visit if you are in the area.

Katie S.

Good coffee and awesome beignets. Just wish the dining area was a bit cleaner at the time. The employees were very nice as well.

Bracin K

Great coffee. Great beignets. Location in Metairie. Loved it.


Great place to eat bignet’s! Authentic!

Fred Fedinard

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Rick Martin del Campo

Beignets we’re really good coffee shop vibe not so much. Place isn’t too aesthetically pleasing. But the beignets are delicious.

Hillary Marshall

I love Cafe Du Monde. Tried this location for the first time, and I wouldn't return. Bignets we're chewy, not fresh. I'll go back to the City Park and French Quarter locations next time I'm in town.

Milo Mannino

Great atmosphere and a terrific server! We had a great time!

Alicia West

cafe du monde in the riverwalk mall, we love this place usually, but had a worker that kept playing with his hair and putting bigness in the bag without washing his hands!! omg so nasty!!

Lisa Colvin

Locals place to hang. Same as in the quarter with none of the hassle. Love this cafe and staff. Please stay true to your values. Thanks for taking care of us!

Sean Clay

Great place to get the best cafe au lait and beignets without the wait

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