Chez Pierre French Bakery & Café

3208 Clearview Pkwy, Metairie
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Joy Lee (Joy)

I was surprised by the French pastries and Vietnamese food combo being offered. However, I stopped in for 1st time being in the area and very pleased. Crawfish and meat pies were flaky outside and yummy inside. You can even purchase the crawfish or meat pies to go frozen and bake at home. I enjoyed the fruit tart and personal size king cake was delicious too. King cakes (cinnamon or filled) sizes being offered were personal, small, medium, and large. The personal size was perfect for my family of 4 dinner dessert.

Jordan Hill

Not the best breakfast experience I’ve had. The restaurant was a mess with paper goods filling the entry way. Anyway, I’d say grab your breakfast somewhere else. Service was nice, but she seemed to be the only person in the whole place. Cooking, cleaning, serving, and running the register. Give her a good tip, Merry Christmas y’all!

Hella Nathalie

I love this place so much. The food is very good & the desserts are gorgeous & divine. They are by no means cheap, but worth the money

April Somerville

Amazing!!! I have been to Nola several times and usually hit up cafe du monde because I usually have new people with me. But I woke up early before anyone else so I could actually check out some new places. And this little café was worth it! The lady at the counter was very polite and answered all of my questions and didn’t rush me at all. The displays were beautiful and I got one of each flavored croissants, all of which were amazing! Definitely check this place out if you get the chance to!


Great experience at this store for the 1st time! Yen was friendly and quick with my pastry order.Everything was delicious!Will visit again!???


Customer service here is deplorable, their deserts are delicious however they need to find employees with people skills instead of uptight youngsters family members!Very unprofessional establishment!

Maeve G.

I've heard people rave about the pastries here, and honestly I was very dissapointed. I got the almond tart and the mocha chantilly cake. I would've never expected there to be raisins in a tart, so I was quite surprised when they were there. If I had known there were raisins, I would've never ordered it. The raisins ruined it for me. The mocha chantilly barely tasted like coffee or chocolate. Personally the whole appeal of chantilly cake for me is the light and whipped frosting and this was the total opposite, heavy and thick and left a film in my mouth. Everything was also very pricey. Saving grace is the staff was very helpful and kind.

Dominic N.

Came here with Katrina to this "French bakery". It was le caca because my chantilly cake was moldy. The top was beautiful, but we looked deeper and the mold was everywhere. Ew. The cake wasn't the only thing moldy. Service here was moldy and rotten, too. The attitudes of the young girls who served us was so bad that it spread to the cake. How disgusting! I major in biology, but I had no interest to study biology in my cake. Never coming back again.

Katrina N.

Shut this nasty place down!! First gave us an attitudes selling the cakes. Keep in mind we always buy pastries/dessert/cake from them. We brought 12 slices of cake. Came home to eat them... 6 of them were molded!!! I immediately called them to complain how molded it was. The audacity of that lil girl on the phone to put the blame on us for the reason on why it's molded. "Did y'all leave the cake out the fridge because we cut the cake fresh every morning." Sweetie, the cake may be cut every morning but the cake may not be baked fresh every day. If y'all cut that disgusting cake every morning and didn't see that mold on that cake, it must be normal for y'all to sell molded cake or maybe you need to get some glasses. Get out my damn face with all that. Ofc we got our refund bc they wanted us to to drive at least 45 mins to show them their molded cake.. just shut this disgusting place down. They have been going down hill ever since Covid. Selling people old a** molded cake with an ugly a** attitude.. People do not have time for this. t's really an inconvenience for everyone.. spent over $100 just to be disappointed and sick. Save your money, your gas, and your stomach because it ain't worth it.

juan sabogal

Real good deserts. I had a raspberry filled pastry and was excellent. I don’t eat sweets very often but when I want to treat my self, I’ll do it right by visiting this place.Every time I go there I try something different.Customer service is very good.

Patrick Mongrue

This is not a French Bakery, it is a Vietnamese Cafe. Do not let the name fool you.Vietnamese Iced Coffee was decent, and the baked goods looked okay.Wifi was not operational and price point is high. $10 after tip for a Vietnamese Iced Coffee is in the higher end.

Michelle R.

I saw that they are a patisserie as I drive by to go to the bank and I had to go back. I got the Shrimp Banh Mi and it was the bomb dot com Banh Mi. There was cilantro, jalapeños, cucumbers, etc on a sautéed shrimp with lovely spices. The bread was delish too. Note to return and eat pastries.

Stephanie G.

My family always buys cakes from here for all occasions but this past year it's been awful. I'm not sure if it's the whole covid/hurricane relapse but it's not it. The texture itself was so dry,the icing didn't help at all it was so stiff. The fruits on top didn't have any glaze and looked dry. Overall my family won't be buying from here again because it's not meeting expectations anymore. I had ordered a tiramisu slice and even that was awful. It wasn't even cool it was room temperature and dry. The girl working gave bad service as well. While we waited for the cake to be boxed up,we looked over the first case of pastries and were interrupted rudely"anything else " as if we were keeping her from doing something. She really was inpatient.Really disappointed in how this business changed.The Pandan cake we bought a couples weeks back in May was also awful,you could tell it was still defrosting due to the water on the cake board.

kac real estate

My family and I have bought many mocha cakes for years, even before they had this Clearview location. Unfortunately, the cakes are a hit and miss. I never wrote a review to complain even when they made my order incorrectly and act like it was an inconvenience to fix it. However, my most recent purchase is what prompted this review. The cake was not fresh. As a matter of fact, it had small specs of mold. The top layer was dry while the bottom and middle layer was sorta wet. I wonder how long the cake has been sitting in the display shelf ?? Why are they selling the cake when they know it is past its expiration date?

Ken Tischler

Very disappointed in the pastries we got here. Canoli wrapper was soggy and the ricotta filling was not sweet at all. Tasted like it came straight out of the container. The almond bark was very dry and extremely chewy. I'll definitely skip this place in the future.

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Chez Pierre French Bakery & Café

3208 Clearview Pkwy, Metairie, LA 70006
(504) 467-3176