Izakaya Little Tokyo Restaurant

4704 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie
(504) 885-6125

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Carlie Staub

I always get white rice with steak and broccoli and it's always great.

Lesley Gambino

It was our first time at Izakaya Little Tokyo Restaurant. The food was very good and you get a lot. My husband and I split a Bento Box and had plenty for the two of us with an extra order of Miso soup.

Destyne Pound

So to begin, my fiancé and I walked in and it was so fun with colorful walls and some beloved anime characters decorating the walls and menus (we sat by the sailor moon and Naruto action figures)! We were seated quickly and helped by an awesome waitress. I ordered the chicken hibachi plate, and I mentioned that I had a mushroom allergy (ain’t trying to die). The waitress made sure to keep shrooms away from my clear soup and veggies! The food was huge portions, and I have enough for lunch tomorrow. My fiancé ordered tonkatsu ramen and said it was the best he’d ever had in the city! Overall great experience. No pictures because we were really hungry and had a movie to catch!

Sarah Witler

Yummy food I definitely recommend.

Cherisse Juliana Beekee

Bought Tonkatsu Ramen here and it was absolutely delightful! Got medium spice and it really helped to clear the nostrils. Great amount of broth to noodle ratio. Highly recommended!

Bryanna Revolta

Me and my boyfriend go here all the time and, for the most part, we love it. However, the waitress, while super sweet and nice, always seem to push you out the door after they assume you are done with your food. They come up to the table and hand you your check, yet never ask if you are even done or if you would like desert. There have been multiple occasions where we were going to order dessert, but they just slapped down the check without even asking. One time we asked if we could order it after they had given us the check. She said yes and we asked for ice cream. She then added it to our ticket and we paid for it before we even got it. She then comes back to our table to tell us they didn’t even have the ice cream. Last time we went, were going to try to see if they had the ice cream, but we didn’t even get the opportunity to ask before we were handed the check. The waitress there are generally nice and sweet, I just think they could use a little more training. It’s rude not to treat your customers like people and to just see them as dollar signs.

Phil deVries

We were starving and needed food, so we stopped in this eatery, thinking it was part of the Little Tokyo Restaurants elsewhere in NOLA where we have enjoyed decent Japanese cuisine.My wife ordered a Bento box of sushi and a salad, and I ordered the Ramen tonkatsu. Overall the food was horrible: it was poorly prepared, the ingredients did not even approach fresh, and the presentation and flavors were insulting to Japanese cuisine. A few salient details are in order. The salad was drowned in some vague dressing, with the bottom 1/4 of the bowl filled with water. Gross. The sushi was was like last week's leftovers from the airport vending machines -- the fish was like paste and the rice a gooey mess. The Ramen tonkatsu arrived with barely warm broth and vague bits of pork substance. The weak, unpleasant taste was definitely that of the Ramen tonkatsu available in the frozen food section in most Asian markets around NOLA. The condiment offered to season the Ramen was a dish of semi-rancid Thai chile oil. To be positive, there were fresh scallion frags littering the top when it arrived at table. After picking out some pork and noodles, I simply could not finish my lunch. Utter swill. The slightly warm green tea might have come from one of the canals. It was the worse facsimile of Japanese green tea we ever tried to drink.Bottom line: spend your money where someone knows something about preparing Japanese food. This place is a pathetic excuse for a Japanese eatery.To the kitchen staff and management -- I strongly suggest that you buy a copy of the classic book by Shizuo Tsuji, Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art, read it carefully, and learn what Japanese food is supposed to be by preparing it yourself.

christopher poole

Absolutely the best ramen in Louisiana and if you dont want that definitely try anything on the menu. Love the anime and Nintendo decor within the restaurant. Always friendly staff and always hot fresh food. Definitely a must try if you are in the mood for something new.

Henry Hu

Service real good. I ordered a little Tokyo roll not bad. I was trying to order a ramen and ordered wrong. I got a fried noodles instead. I unup to my mistake and ate it. But it tasted like the cook accidentally spilled a lot of soy sauce in my dish. They tried it said it was very salty. then I got the ramen I wanted. Nothing special at all. I can get a better ramen at a store. better then what they cooked me. This is sad. tipped the server real good.


Fresh fish in sushi is the most important element that separates a good sushi place from a decent one. I have had sushi all over the city and this place is among the best without question.I tried The Little Tokyo roll on a whim and it was fantastic and now I have to comeback and try the rest of the menu. I also tried the Yakiudon and it was ok I just don't think it wowed me. With that said ordering on line was a sinch and my food was ready in 10 minutes. I think the decour of this place (anime and video games) is clearly aimed at a younger crowd as compared to other sushi spots,but I like it. Ill add this to one of my go to sushi places in Metairie

traci Bailey

The service was friendly. The food portion was great and good.


We went to a different hotel then usual with all the work going on around New Orleans. The hotel didn’t have a restaurant but said we could find food down the street. I was expecting McDonald's but found Little Tokyo instead. I had a great sushi dinner and some Asahi beer. It was a nice meal at the end of an otherwise uninteresting travel day and likely the only part of the day that will be remembered.

Gabriel Ramos

Unauthentic, poorly packed and overpriced for what you get. Do not expect to get an actual Ramen here.

Gabrielle Felozia Hixon

So I just left this restaurant I ordered fried rice and some rolls there that I was unsatisfied with. The rice especially was unsatisfactory and unpleasant. I even had my sister try the rice and she agreed with me even so to the point where she spat the food out, she literally didn’t even swallow it. So I called the owner and explained everything to her and she asked me to come in so she could see what was wrong so I brought the food in and instead of trying to accommodate me

M. O.

Our waitress Michaela was so awesome and sweet!This place is amazing. The food was great. The atmosphere was so comforting. P.S. the wings are incredible!!

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