5050 W Esplanade Ave c, Metairie
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Nayelly Barrios

This place is definitely worth your time! The customer service is top notch and the food is amazing.I have finally found good birria tacos! The consome was a bit lacking in flavor, but it was not bad. The meat was juicy and so flavorful. We also ordered nachos which were fantastic. The queso they use for the nachos was perfect. We also ordered pupusas, and enjoyed them. I'll definitely be returning for the nachos and birria!You must try the aguas frescas, especially the mango.They make their own tortillas, and it makes the food all the better.


Great birria tacos and yuca frita with chicharron.

Angie Jones

The food here is really good and you can tell it's made with care. Very flavorful, yet not salty or overbearing. We had the birria nachos (without pico or beans) and the pupa fritas - both were exceptional. The hibiscus aqua fresca was really refreshing and not overly sweet. The staff is really nice and welcoming. The place is quaint with just a few tables, so ordering to go is a good option.

armato k.

Went and closed on a Sunday. Went during the week and the Papusa cook left for the day so no food but still open. No more chances.

Johnny J.

Amazing food that is pleasing to the stomach and the soul. Fresh flavor that bursts without being overly salted. Coupled with awesome service. 10/10 recommend

The S.

I took my Salvadorian boyfriend here for pupusas because we both love it and he said he couldn't taste anything from the pupusas. He had cheese, pork, and beans. He couldn't taste anything and said the pupusa tasted like tortilla and that's it. He also had horchata which was water down. The elote loco isn't really a elote loco, more so a Cajun elote. Hospitality was great tho.

Rose M.

Man o man I hate this restaurant. Why? Because ut is walking distance to my house! Every damn day I have to talk myself into not eating there due to dietary restrictions (low carb). Otherwise every day. So delicious. The Birria is so yummy. Trying the puposas and a couple of other things today. They have food to go as well. Containers of guacamole, salsa, soups and of course freshly made tortillas. Someone mentioned that the Birria tacos are greasy. Well, they are fried! If you are used to soft tacos where the tortilla is just heated then yes, these are not that. But just so good. If you want to eat healthy, don't order them. Eat a salad. Otherwise eat food from this little hole-in-the-wall place that will make your taste buds sing with joy!

Kimberly L.

We are always searching for the freshest - CA and Mexican. We LOVED Honduras and the food there ....we FOUND it!!!! Pupusas as authentic as the ones I watched being hand made in a home in Honduras. The Birria tacos are better than any I've tried locally. We live about 30 min from here, but may be worth the weekly trip! The tortilla chips are just like the chilaquiles we had with salsa and cream (they sell the cremas and quesos too!) in Mexico! Had to review even after the first visit. I was texting our Honduran friends as soon as I saw the food! Wow! Genuinely care! Had the agua fresca too! Will be back soon!

Savannah D.

I love this place like it's one of my favorite places in the area. The service is great. I do recommend takeout if you're eating with more than two people and also if you need cold air conditioning. It's warm inside but I personally don't mind. The food, yum! I just love this place so much. The nachos are absolutely delicious. The bean and Cheese Papusas as well. I also love queso. The food is also "light" to me. I also love getting the fruit drinks here. Every drink is bottled or canned as they don't have fountain drinks. You can also buy cheeses there and other things such a pico in the coolers. I definitely recommend going because it's just so good.

Lacey D.

I finally got to visit Mawi! I have heard such great things. My husband and I ordered the Mexican corn, bean and cheese pupusas, yuca fries, and Birria tacos. The good: the Birria was so so good. Flavorful and perfect texture. The yuca fries were good as well. The not so good: the pupusas were fry and lacking filling. They seemed as if they had not been cooked on a hot surface- no cheese crust and very few crispy spots. And there was barely any filling. The corn was not for me. The cheese they coated it with had such an incredibly strong and sour taste, it was too overpowering. I will definitely come back, to try some other things and definitely the Birria tacos again!

Kara C.

Oh my birria!! My partner and I love birria and the birria at Mawi is next level. The meat was tender and juicy as ever. The consumme was *chefs kiss*. The cheese was gooey and rich and the little salsa on the side brought a pop of freshness and acidity to cut through the richness of the birria. But the best part honestly was the tortilla. Yes, you heard that right. I've had some really delicious birria tacos before, but these are 110% the best tortillas I've ever had. So crunchy and the flavor was somehow both light and packed a punch at the same time. Really words don't do this justice - you just need to go and try it yourself. I was also really in the mood for some tres leche, so we were so sad when they told us they ran out. But the world was on our side that day because the new delivery came in just as we were wrapping up dinner. The owner came out immediately and gave us a slice! And told us he was glad we hadn't left yet. If it's not already obvious, we are huge fans of this place. Top notch food and friendly service! We will be coming back here ASAP. Until next time, 'cya birria!

Joey Kuchler

Service is kind with a smile. Birria tacos and quesadillas are a bit greasy but so good! While we waited we got some chips, salsa and tortillas…freshy fresh! True Mexico in Metairie!

Joey K.

Service is kind with a smile. Birria (brisket) tacos and quesadillas are a bit greasy but so good! While we waited we got some chips, salsa and tortillas...freshy fresh! True Mexico in Metairie!

Joey Sanchez

Website shows that they’re open from 9am to 4pm on Sunday so decided to show up early to avoid the crowd and arrived at 8:50am. When I arrived the lights were off and there was a sign indicating they the would be returning at 9am…. I waited till 9:40am when someone with a sonic bag shows up to eat there food and watch tv! I give him another 10 minutes to open up shop & turn on the open sign and nothing ? At this point I’m losing my cool so I walk over and wave to the guy and you can already see it in his eyes that he wants no part of me. I said hi and he responds with we are closed today….? no, sorry for any inconvenience, no good morning, Gzzz! Worst customer service

Jordan Jones

Perfect tacos, everything fresh, nice people… love this place!

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