4500 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie
(800) 782-7282

Recent Reviews

Brandon Sage

Stopped in to get a coffee, Lindsay made the best coffee I’ve had in a while. Great service from her.

Elizabeth Soulé

For it being around the corner, it’s ok!


We ordered and waited like all there. Drive thru wrapped around bldg as we waited inside. Cashier was as friendly as a cobra snake, not long after all behind counter went to drive up window to talk with someone in car, apparently they knew, while about 8 of us waited for our coffee. Our order came out as no make and type, second part of our order not there. Asked for refund, told them what I ordered. Oh we’ll make it right now. No, credit my card back I do not want the drink from here. Got credit and left Poor service, disorganized, go elsewhere but not here. Wife’s coffee was weak. Def nit worth what was paid .

Brian Jones

The service was excellent

Kiara T.

I would give no stars if I could. I apologized and asked for my drink to be remade b/c it was the wrong flavor, and the barista stared me down and remade it without saying anything. It tasted like she left the syrup out entirely when she remade it. I'm a barista, and I would be held accountable at my store if I treated a customer this way. You make more b/c it's a Starbucks in a Target, grow up and act like it.

Mr R R

The location is closed. I wish they would update this online so other people's time isn't wasted.

Shelby Stuart

I know it was probably a mistake but just a warning. I went there a few days ago and ordered a salted caramel cf cold brew. The boy there filled my entire venti cup up with iced espresso not cold brew. I didn’t try it until I got to my car or else I would’ve gotten him to remake it. It was horrible, I could only drink a few sips the pumps of caramel also were not in there. It was just ~10 shots of espresso and cold foam

Majo Majors

It's closed!!!!!

Cryptonium Fog

The location is closed. I wish they would update this online so other people's time isn't wasted.

James Cook

Room temperature hot coffee.should have waited in the long line at DD next door

Kevin Doherty

I don’t feel they do a good job of keeping track of orders in chronological order

Jessica Coleman

They were out of all regular coffee when I was there at 1pm today, New Year’s Eve. When I asked for a mocha , the lady behind the counter said they were also out of Mocha, even though she had a bag of mocha powder on the counter behind her and a chocolate syrup pump. Way to be on top your game during the holidays Starbucks in Clearview Target !

Nancy L Nicholas Watson

Line was soooo L O N G but worth the wait


Great Starbuck , nicest in town , big , fondly staff very fast drive thru ...plenty of parking available

Caroline Wallace

Good drinks and friendly service!

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