Whiskey Bar

5032 W Esplanade Ave, Metairie
(504) 265-0081

Recent Reviews

Lindsey Dumser

This is a really cozy spot with a great pool table and lots of parking.

Mark Mueller

Great neighborhood bar. Friendly people and great bartenders

Brad Kellett

Best local dive in the area. Great service, food, and crowd.


Great drink specials, pool table, neighborhood bar. Everyone is very friendly.

Donald Brocato

Whiskey bar is a very nice place so is the place next door to a call Bay Cafe very nice people get along with them like they were family they'll talk to you it's great you get along with everybody and sometimes some people like tonight wrong a dog on over there on caller and a very nice dog and all it's no problem over there anybody wants to know about whiskey bar or Bay Cafe right back to back to each other it's the big catfish got great food daiquiris mixed drinks soft drinks whatever they can sell and it's great environment for everybody and Sundays kids can go there at the Bay Cafe not whiskey bar and believe me it's well worth it all right


I'll go back after covid is done..whenever that is.

Rigoberto Flores

excellent steak, very juicy

Christine Meche

best bartender ever! Tammy

Gabrielle Grass

The bartender is amazing! She is so friendly and fun to be around!

Brian Barley

Small okay bar but good bartenders.....good prices, good selections, but kinda small.

Louis Perez

Great rib eye. Throwback bar with a lot of sports memorabilia.

Shanin Ordoñez

love it nice music good people

Matt Daniel

Standard hole in the wall bar. Pool table available. Tends to be smokey.

Eugenie B.

Wow. Walked in with a friend who is a local and frequents this establishment for many many yrs. The bartender approached and I tell you, I didn't need sharp nurse assessment skills to note the body language and look on her face that automatically had me pensive for my friend. He asked if she was mad at him. Katie took that opportunity to give him s piece of her mind. I was pretty uncomfortable for myself, him as well as her. Then she turned to introduce herself to me, which until that point I was not acknowledged. Her attitude was curt as if she gained satisfaction out of being rude to him then overly nice to me. Awkward... when my friend left the bar for a few minutes she approached me to apologize for her behavior. I suggested that in the future, perhaps she should consider taking the patron aside to discuss her displeasure with them. That lashing out in front of customers is not the appropriate response to a prior issue. My hope is that once tempers settle down they would be able to compromise. I know my friend well. Yes, he may have been intoxicated &/or rude. I know he's gone through hell for the last few yrs. That's not Katie's concern. Being cognizant of other patrons within earshot when you have issues with someone they are with should be her concern shouldn't be a platform to display irritation.

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