Zea Rotisserie & Bar

4450 Veterans Blvd, Metairie
(504) 780-9090

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Julia P.

Zea is consistently a great place to dine. The food comes out relatively quickly, servers are very responsive and never leave you waiting. The Mediterranean hummus is my favorite restaurant hummus! It's loaded with a generous amount of toppings to make sure you get a little bit of everything in every bite. The honey island chicken sandwich is my new favorite entree as well if you're looking for a lighter option. It comes fried, but it's delicious grilled as well! The chicken has a nice char but doesn't have that burnt flavor, and it's consistently tender and juicy. The chicken salad has a typical sweetened vinaigrette, but it isn't overly sweet. Perfect balance of acidity. Would highly recommend for lunch with friends or family!

Steven Molina

Had the rotisserie chicken quesadillas as an appetizer and had the Sirloin in a mushroom souce and two sides one consisting of corn and grits and the red beans and rice as my entree... the server was very welcoming as much as the hostess the food was served quickly and had nice taste to it. The experience was as you would expect from a late lunch and the service was great had a second server approach and ask about the dinner and if we needed anything at all. Will definitely be coming back as we always have !

Skip Sutton

Johnny and his kitchen crew are amazing. I usually get the bronze trout, corn grits and collard greens. All of which were amazing. John, our waiter, was on point and just a cool person to talk to. It'd work for the company for 18 years and totally understands how to take care of his people. I'd return two nights a week easily.

William W.

Always great best Asian shrimp and ribs are always perfect. Can count on this restaurant

Jess F.

We're never disappointed at Zea. Believe it or not, I go here when I'm craving hummus - I highly recommend getting their hummus appetizer. And their menu has more than just rotisserie chicken dishes; their paninis are awesome too.

H. Dubna

If I'm being honest, the food was just ok. The rotisserie chicken with house rub was dry. They put way too much smoky flavoring into their collard greens. I've never had collard greens in that way before and it was overbearing and annoying. It already had bacon in it. "Why fix what ain't broke?" as the saying goes. The grits was outstanding, however, as usual. The (unsweetened) kiwi strawberry tea is just okay. It has a nice fragrance but don't expect much extra in the way of flavor. The service was really nice and they clearly cared about our experience. Our server, Jordan, did everything right and was very helpful! The kitchen also agreed to an extra side of sliced cucumber for us to dip into the hummus appetizer. The hummus appetizer was fresh and delicious with lots of garlic. The duck empanadas appetizer was fine but considering how unhealthy it probably is, it wasn't worth it. It tasted a lot like a Doritos Locos chalupa from Taco Bell ?, surprisingly!The atmosphere is great, though I'm not sure why they were playing hardcore "screaming" rock at one point hahaha. It was a funny juxtaposition.I think the most impressive thing about this place is how consistent their service is even when they're clearly very busy. We had no wait at all and great service. Also their menu is very diverse and I like that.Just maybe don't get the white meat chicken. Opt for dark meat wherever possible.

Joseph Lazaro

I ordered a lunch of grilled chicken ,2sides and a salad for my lunch on 8 /16. I also ordered a water as I do not drink tea or soft drinks. I was also told by the rather rude waiter Nick that I had to order a soft drink and ice tea and that I would be charged 3.50 for the drink even though I did not want it .I showed them a receipt that I had on 8/13 with the correct amount as I had eaten there a few days earlier and had great service from Matt ,but the waiter Nick disregarded looking at my receipt. Instead of staying for my 8/16 lunch , I decided to leave and voice a review of the service that I had. Zeas has now lost a very good customer. Never again will I buy any gift cards nor encourage friends to dine here. I will miss the meals there as the food is great but if zeas staff give arguments to customers to force them to purchase 3.50 ice teas to get lunch specials , I will dine elsewhere. I could not send a second review but I would like to give a review on my 8/12 visit. Your server Matt served me with the utmost professionalism. My food promptly came and my check out receipt was very honest and correct. I give 5 stars for his service and professionalism. It is sad that my 8/16 visit was not the same service. The system would not let me send a second review so I had to attach my 8/12 review to this one unfortunately

Elicia S.

fast fresh and yummy! our server tony was a delight and the food was great :) it's definitely a nice spot with great service and kind workers !! :)

Atlay Phillips

We were celebrating with my daughter Karlesia for her birthday. The hostesses were so great, seated us by the bar! Even better move!! These gentlemen were professional and super friendly which made us have the most fun. The Food was to die for Delictable items on the menu were mouth watering and we left with well satisfied taste buds!! Loved it

Tommy Costales

We Had a small wait, but reasonable. The place was packed, but the food and service were excellent. The service was a well-managed team. Our waiter was on top of all our needs. I would recommend a visit

Sunny A.

Zea in my opinions is more in between of 3 and 4 stars so 3.5. I had ordered a rotisserie chicken with ribs and the ribs were really good while the rotisserie chicken were rather dry. I had ordered the Thai flavor but sadly received their special rub instead it was probably a small mess up so I didn't worry about it that much. My sides were fries and sweet mashed potato and I will say the fries seems like your normal regular fries served up nicely but the mashed potato was pretty good. I also did get appetizers which were spinach dip and the duck empanada. Those tasted good but in my opinion the price is not worth it. If you are looking for somewhere to eat out for like a special occasion or you're craving for rotisserie chicken and ribs this is a good place but it is not a bad place to go to often.

Cassie M.

Best Thai Ribs, Mediterranean Hummus, Asian Almon Shrimp, corn grits, red beans, and Thai snap peas! Sad that they no longer have my all time fav Tuns Stack, though.. happy hour makes up for it :)

Thomas Scott Ball Jr

For a chain restaurant, it is truly outstanding. Dad likes to go here every Father's Day and they never disappoint. We go here in between fathers days because it's that good. Highly recommended!

Willie WhoDat Iruegas

Very good food except for the Thai ribs, which used to be so good. The ribs were very fatty and small. Everything else was delicious and the margaritas are awesome!

Charlotte Parr

We really enjoyed the food and service that we got!

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