527 Julia St, New Orleans
(504) 875-4132

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Four of us gathered here after our Red Cross shifts and what a treat is was! Every dish was packed with flavor and all of us left content, but not stuffed. The interior is fun and the service was perfect. Give it a try!


So many great menu items to chose from and great to share with someone for small bites

Julia M.

Warm and welcoming service, adventurous food and a fun atmosphere. Satisfying for vegans and non- vegans alike. We had a lovely time and plan on returning. Thanks!

Joseph T.

Good food but dam price is way to high once was to much I will never return plus you don't get enough food for the price ouch

Kevin H.

Absolutely an amazing meal, cannot say enough about this place, I am from New Orleans born and raised, but live out of state, and my girlfriend has gluten allergies, we went enjoyed the atmosphere, great drinks, but the food was absolutely amazing!

Jalence I.

After a day of exhausting project planning, my vegan friend and I were hungry and decided to make good on our plans to have a #Coolinary lunch @ Carmo, her "most favorite restaurant in all of New Orleans". It was SO good. Service was excellent. But the fooood. Omg. The Soup de Jour was full of crab and shrimp and corn and all kinds of amazingness. I could have been satisfied with just the soup but here comes this "Rico", which couldn't possibly have been as good as my friend proclaimed Boy, was I wrong?! I can't even descriiiibe how delicious this thing is. Smashed plantains w some sort of cheese on top w pulled pork (bunch of other options), an out of this world sautéed veggie mix w flavors that *will* result in an orgasm in your mouth. I didn't have room to finish it and was completely bent out of shape about it. Thennn a desert. Banana something or other bread w vanilla ice cream? Very different than anything I've had but such a delight. Highly recommend!

Alexander Brook

Really good food near the WW2 museum and galleries. Open for dine-in. Nice drinks, too.

Elaina B.

A suggestion from a local, a few friends and I stopped in while visiting the area for a conference. Everyone was super pleased. Ambiance of the restaurant was nice. Bright with tropical flair, plants and paintings. Food was amazing! Fresh and so damned tasty! Would def recommend as they have options for all food restrictions including vegan, gluten free.

Deirdre T.

Worthy of plenty praise. It's coolinary month now (aug 1-sept 13) and the menu options were awesome. I suspect the menu will change thru out the month but if they offer a curry of the day go with it! It was amazing. Very flavorful with some spicy notes. They offered adding protein to the curry for $5 extra so the shrimp just soaked up the sauce. The Ceviche was ok. Veggies could have been chopped smaller. Crab chowder was more like gumbo but very flavorful with lots of Veggies and beans. The dessert was kind of pitiful and sounded amazing..."Chocolate Chicory Cake" but was reminiscent of your toddlers first attempt at homemade chocolate cake and with thick buttercream frosting and chopped pecans. Drinks were strong, pricy, but tasty! Our group dropped $170 total for appetizers, drinks, one Coolinary (app, meal, dessert), and 2 other entrees including taxes and gratuity. Not too bad for 3 people.

Cindi A.

I have always loved this restaurant! I was able to take part in the COOLINARY August lunch special OMG! Soup , entrée and delicious dessert for $20! I picked up three meals they were packed and ready for me to go and we enjoyed eating them outside in City park! I will definitely continue to support this restaurant during this hard time.No pictures unfortunately because I ate it so fast LOL

Immanuel L.

I love that this place is still serving food and dinning in. They were polite and fast. Their food is delicious and with the Latin Asian fusion that will put your taste glands dancing. I plan to come here again and more often.

Haley P.

Wow, I can't believe we've been holding out on going to Carmo for so long-it was like a delicious, exciting culinary journey to Latin America! Inside the ambiance is nice and open with cool artwork on the walls and bench-style tables in the big room.We tried a bunch of different dishes and shared them around the table, and had few (very strong) cocktails: canchanchara (I had to add some extra juice to this one bc it had a bite!), caipirinha (also strong), and the piece sour was just right as is for my taste. The food was incredible. We started with the Carmo salad (spring mixed greens topped with cold rice, ham, pineapple and a light dressing-it was delightful), and the smoked gulf fish fritters (basically a melt in your mouth grown up fish stick that was so so tasty). We got two variations of kottu-one with chicken and one with shrimp-a warm rich noodle dish that I could eat by the pound. The Peruvian ceviche was fresh and you got a boatload of large soft pieces of tasty fish! The pao de queijo were absolute crack-I could eat buckets of these dense cheesy bread roll puffs! And then our friend got the massive banquet bread-looked like a yummy pizza kind of with crispy crust.Such a cool place, and so different from most restaurants in this city. We will definitely be returning!

Amanda C.

Absolutely delicious food every time I visit. This area was not a food destination when they opened, yet, in the last few years, as more restaurants open around them, they've been a delicious mainstay of the neighborhood. They provide comfort food with a ton of vegetarian, vegan, etc. options while also catering to those that prefer some meat with their food. You really can find something for everyone here! Great spot for lunch to order ahead and go, or eat at one of their small outdoor tables. At night this turns into the perfect spot for dinner with friends. They also have fresh juice, which I highly recommend. I would suggest something specific off the menu, but I've eaten so many things off their menu and have never been disappointed. Try it all! Don't be nervous if you're not sure what something is - just ask - or be adventurous. You won't be disappointed.

Megan B.

Absolutely delicious! The speciality cocktails are a unique and tasty! The little library adds so much character. I can't wait to go back!

Robert McDonnell

Great eclectic food , all fresh and well prepared. Excellant covid safe service . Split multiple dishes with my dining companions and we all left well satisfied. Give 'em a shot, you'll be glad you did.

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