Envie Espresso Bar & Cafe

1241 Decatur St, New Orleans
(504) 524-3689

Recent Reviews

Michelle L.

The hot chocolate here is amazing. We came here multiple times after walking around in the cold and it was the perfect treat. If you get hear a guy yelling tamales, go run after him and get some. They are amazing. But this bakery is super cute and the coffee and hot chocolate was delicious treat!

Elisabeth P.

This was a great little coffee house we found near the French Market after shopping one day. I was in the mood for something warm and sweet to take with me as we paroozed through the French quarter for the day. This is a super cute coffee house serving up caffeinated drinks and snackas, what more can you ask for when you've woken up with the wine flu? The inside has a beautiful carved wood bar, natural brick walls, and cheerful pastel mint paint. Seating is limited to some bar seating and a few window view tables and chairs, and when the weather is pleasant you might be able to snag a patio table. When we were here the line wasn't too bad and we received friendly chipper service as we ordered our coffees and the husband couldn't resist a buttery flaky croissant. Our coffees came out with hardly any wait and included a lovely bit of barista art on top. We had plans for lunch though we wished we didn't as they had many delicious sounding items on their menu and gluten free options available as well. We happily took our coffees and the husband his croissant and were on our way. We hope to be back sometime and sample their menu.

Kevin Mazer

Very calm helpful staff, a great place to relax and regroup from the high paced quarter. Quiet jazz in open air layout. Loved it.


Fabulous French toast! Others had really nice grits. Coffee was good too. Very busy, but worth the wait.

Reilly B.

This was a perfect dining experience. Every single staff member was super friendly, and they were very accommodating to my girlfriend, who has gluten and dairy allergies. The food and coffee were phenomenal as well. Will be sure to return whenever I am in NOLA.

Carla C.

Velvet Eggs, I went in early every day, 8:30am, plenty of seats, fast service and so gracious. It's a great place for breakfast!

Jennifer Merkle

Great coffee and food items. They have a good selection of alcoholic coffee beverages as well. Would highly recommend any espresso or coffee item as you can't go wrong. I haven't had many food items but people I know love everything.

Rishabh Shah

Loved the veggie wrap, great way to have best items of breakfast all in a wrap! Didn’t like the envie breakfast sandwhich at all. Overall great place lovely people working, made us feel very warm!

Aynsley Comer

Breakfast was good but the woman making my coffee was unbelievably rude and dressed me down for asking if I had missed my coffee order. It was really upsetting and totally uncalled for. There are too many other good spots with equally as good if not better food and coffee and overall experience.

Nathan Lansdale

This is more of a thanks for what you do. Food is simple and dynamic. Cofffee best I've had so far. If you're nearby make a point to stop in.

Bailey S.

We stopped by the coffee shop at 11:50 PM on Saturday, 2/22/2020. So to be fair, the two-person staff had likely been fielding hundreds of drunk people for hours. My husband and I got in line to get me a cup of coffee. There was a group of 3 people ahead of us being rung up by the female employee. The male employee was making beverages. The female employee already seemed very angry, but I assumed it was because the shop was supposed to close in ten minutes, and it was probably difficult to get everything they needed to get done with so many customers. About two minutes after we walked in, a couple more groups came in, so there were maybe 15-20 people in line. Despite the large number of customers, no one was loud or roudy or clearly drunk. This is when the female employee seemed to hit her wit's end. She turned to the male employee (who was ~ten feet from her) and said, "What the fuck IS THIS?" The male employee didn't really react, just kind of gave his coworker a nod and continued making drinks. I felt SO badly. When we got to the register, I quickly asked when the coffee shop closed thinking the female employee would say midnight, which was less than 10 minutes away. She wouldn't make eye contact with me and said, "1:00 am. What are you having?" I said, "Just a small cup of coffee -" She cut me off and said, "Anything else?" I said, "Just cream in the coffee. Is it out here or behind the counter?" She then sighed heavily, said, "No, it's not out there," and turned again to her coworker and said, "Guess what YOU get to do. This coffee needs cream." This comment came with tangible frustration on her part. As she turned to pour my coffee, my husband decided he wanted to get a hot chocolate, but I asked him not to order it because the staff was clearly very angry about something. I didn't want to cause any more issues. (He ordered anyway, and I'm glad he did because he really enjoyed it.) Our drinks were very good! Maybe they were short staffed? But the animosity in her demeanor was definitely aimed at customers. We were in town from Wednesday, 2/19/2020 until this morning. This was the worst experience I had while we were in town. I know it's Mardi Gras and people are insane. But wow. I felt like I had personally offended this employee.

Aynsley C.

Breakfast and coffee were decent but holy s**t the barista was so vile and rude that it ruined what was otherwise a good experience. I doubt she cares but will never, ever go back. Chewed me out for asking if I missed my coffee order then proceeded to give me an intense thousand yard stare. Proceed with caution.

Rebecca W.

My husband & I walked over here for lunch. They had a hefty line and the cafe (inside & outside) was almost full, but seating had opened up pretty quick. I ordered a vegetarian sandwich (they were were out of veggie burgers) and a toasted marshmallow coffee slush. I understand the bit of a rush with getting orders in, so I didn't expect much from customer service (at the counter). The lady, who helped me was not super nice, but all others I encountered were great. My husband sat and enjoyed our drink and sandwich, which were both delicious. I love cafes like this, where there is hustle and bustle. Some would love to sit here and just people watch, too. There were many coffee options and decent food options. If I'm in the area again, I'd like to be back, especially to try the veggie burger.

Taylor Oatman

It was great food and nice staff....the coffee and drinks were good

Brandy L.

One of the best local coffee shops with bakery foods. You can't go wrong with whatever you get here. However, it is not an in and out quick Place. Even just a coffee to go can take 10-20 Minutes and if you order not good, It can be much longer. Waited 27 Minutes after I ordered one cafe Mocha and 2 bagels with cream Cheese

Rhonda Hickman

I love this place. Every time I come to new Orleans I go to this coffee shop. Great vibe and excellent people watching. Coffee and food are good also.

Antony/Madonna Loforte

Really cool, cozy coffee shop. The coffee is also very good here. Love this place.

Leigh S.

I stopped in here during the middle of a parade for some caffeine and warmth. The Zulu Queen latte with Malibu and kahlua was delicious and just what I needed/wanted.

Michelle R.

These are some of the nicest people ever! I came in in sugar-shock and was shaky and ordered the hummus plate and was totalLy not ready to order a drink. They offered me water when I explained. The hummus plate came out and it was as described, hummus which is "homemade hummus, roasted red pepper, feta {which I had them hold}, walnuts and pita triangles. It was delish, but next time I will have them go light on the red peppers. After awhile the sugar-attack left snd I ordered a cup of the flavored southern pecan coffee. I asked for soy milk and they handed me the container of soy. The coffee itself was delightful. The decor and specifically the tables in the restaurant are really cool, with metal ornate legs. There are 2 bathrooms, both unisex.

Margaret Malthaner

Really delicious, smooth Americano. Lovely accommodating staff who were able to make up a vegan bagel sandwich for me... Delicious!


Excellent avocado, goat cheese omelet with red peppers and mushrooms. Husband said the espresso was excellent as well. Nice staff and ambience was really nice. We’ll be back. Thanks!

Steven Lepre

All staff was great except for the person making the coffee who was absolutely rude and snarky. Besides that great spot.

Tabitha Davis

This is one of my go to spots when I'm in the city! The service is friendly and fast! I really enjoyed my breakfast this morning. We ordered the french toast and the prosciutto and asparagus omelette. Everything was delicious! The coffee is always really good!

Carmen Torres

When I want a coffee in the Quarter, this is my go-to. They've been consistently awesome for years. Whether you want a simple cup of joe, a cafe au lait, or a boozy latte, Envie will serve you well. The food is good and reasonably priced. The raspberry white chocolate macadamia cookies are destination-worthy and the almond croissant is a favorite.

Julie Mewes

Superb. Loved it! Will be back.

Brianna K.

This is a low key get away from Frenchman street. It is for sure a hidden gem. My husband and I got hot chocolate with Bailey's. They were delicious! It is quiet, warm, and seems to be a local spot. It is a nice get away from the craziness that New Orleans can bring. The biggest downfall is cost. 2 medium hot chocolates with a shot of bailey's in each costs $20.

Tabbie Davis

This is one of my go to spots when I'm in the city! The service is friendly and fast! I really enjoyed my breakfast this morning. We ordered the french toast and the prosciutto and asparagus omelette. Everything was delicious! The coffee is always really good!

Amanda Deason

Stopped in last night for dessert. Cookies were good, chocolate pie, not so much. Strawberry tea was delicious!

J R.

Tall, hot coffee with brandy--and coffee liqueur. Hell, yes! And my friend loved her cafe au lait. Next time I'll try their food, too.

Caesar S.

Holy cow! The breakfast in a go cup is next level! Helped cure my hangover!

Scotty Herron

Excellent coffees; breakfast in a cup will make a puppy pull a freight train! It’s on of our must go to places....dog friendly too

Cameron Swanson

Awesome place. Great coffee. Had the tipsy eggnog latte, was incredible.

Tyler Deitsch

This is one of my favorite coffee places in New Orleans. They're very nice and the coffee is great.

Athena H.

Probably one of the best Cafe au Lait's of my life. OMG wow. If you are looking for a great coffee near the quarter or Frenchman's St you need to go here. This is where the locals go.

Rance W.

Great coffee great food and amazing building . That's it folks nothing more to say Yelp is going to make me keep typing until they see fit but whatever I will keep typing until the message below doesn't say hey don't keep us hanging ....... ahhhh done . This place is great come drink eat you will not be disappointed.

Rosalind Cordero

Nearly every where we went the coffee is weak. So we were recommended this place as a good place for coffee. So we tried it. SO glad we did. The first good cup of coffee we had since we arrived in town. Others say it's strong. I say it's delicious and others are crazy. Next time I come to town for a visit, I'll be coming here.

spencer mudge

Really solid morning stop, amazing pastries, great omlettes, and the cold brew coffee on tap was the perfect fuel for a long day.

Jorge Trillo

Great place!!! I had a ham omelette and a mocha. I enjoyed it a lot. Make sure to visit this place for morning coffee.

Barry Turpin

Nice little coffeehouse with a funky, somewhat artistic vibe. Excellent breakfast choices with great people watching. We personally had the traditional breakfast, French toast plate, and an omelet plate. All were fantastic.

Gaurang Patel

Great coffee and the vegetarian omelette was one of the best I ever had. Cody took good care of us. Sumatran coffee was great.