Jester Mardi Gras Cafe

730 St Peter, New Orleans
(504) 525-7511

Recent Reviews


We got an order of Beignet to go before our steamboat trip. We waited a long while, but the wait was worth it.


Beignets and mocha au lait were great but should have passed on the Cajun hash browns. Excellent location in the Quarter with efficient staff for the long line.

Michelle M

Cafe Beignet had the beignets I dreamed of, they were light and fluffy and oh so delicious. I highly recommend. To be honest we visited more than once and I would go back again.

Wolf K

You can enjoy good beignets (lots of people think better than other places) and good music. Great corner location for watching people.


I wanted to try some different beignets and some jambalaya. A local tour guide told me that this was a great place to try. Boy they were right. The food was Authentic and delicious.

Leslie C

Stopped by for a mimosa. The cafe has a player piano and a clean, French atmosphere dining area. Next time I’ll need to try a beignet.


Stopped by here to get some drinks on the go. Service was quick and friendly. Drinks were very tasty and reasonably priced.


I was so happy for some chairs, pizza, and a bathroom break. Thank you guys for the hospitality while we were on Bourbon. Go ahead, take the shot!


The hostesses will physically pull people from the street, have them drink 3 cheap shots, and charge them $30. All without consent or a warning.

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