Rick's grill

201 St Charles Ave, New Orleans
(504) 595-8887

Recent Reviews

Helene T.

Two days ago I ordered an enchilada plate and...as I was eating and got to the bottom of the food I saw that the plastic plate had obviously been microwaved and had melted away, leaving huge holes and undoubtedly I had ingested plastic! Upsetting, to say the least!

Helene Thian

Two days ago I ordered an enchilada plate and...as I was eating and got to the bottom of the food I saw that the plastic plate had obviously been microwaved and had melted away, leaving huge holes and undoubtedly I had ingested plastic! Upsetting, to say the least!

Martin P.

The taco salads here are the best. Tastes fresh and great combination of flavors. I just wish they had more locations. Not easy to find on the second floor of the food court. It tucked away in the back corner. A worthwhile find at affordable prices.

Ryan Magee

Great food. Awesome staff. Rewards cards to earn free sandwiches. 10/10 i would recommend.

Teira R.

I had the surf and turf with sweet potato fries, it was sooo good! And the portion size was enough for me to have it for lunch then dinner after work. The cook is so friendly and funny, him alone makes this place worth visiting!

Mark Elkins

Great sandwich!

Jose Andrade-Cora

If , while in New Orleans, you suddenly get a craving for a cuban Medianoche (i.e. Midnight) sandwich, Rick's is the place to go. Enjoy!

Melondie Harris

The food was excellent

Taheerah B.

I ordered a quesadilla with veggies, but I couldn't eat it because it was extremely greasy. The tortilla was dripping with grease and soggy. I felt sick to my stomach. The black beans and rice were great, but I'm definitely not returning.

Ellery D.

How odd that the best NOLA Mexican food I've tried thus far should be found in a food court! The chips were fresh and crisp and the beans had tons of flavor. So did the guacamole and freshly made pico de gallo. My taco salad was a respectable size and very satisfying, and the side of rice and refried beans made a meal later that evening. The prices at Place St. Charles can't be beat. These are some quality eats for a an excellent deal.

Alfred Hamilton

Best sandwich ever!! I'll drive 30 minutes or so just to get this sandwich! If I stayed closer I'd eat at Rick's grill everyday. #nobullshit!

Curtis Edwards

Fast service good food

Jeffrey Malone

Really good cheese steak. Prices fair.

Billy F.

I love Rick's Grille! My favorite Philly cheesesteak in NOLA. Prices are reasonable and service is always efficient and great. There are plenty of variations of cheesesteaks on the menu, but I always opt for the Rick's Special, minus the mushrooms. It is perfect. The bread makes this sandwich, in my opinion. It is the perfect texture and always fresh; and they toast it on the flat top grill. The surf and turf is also a nice choice for seafood lovers, with grilled shrimp. The place is tucked away in the food court in the Place St. Charles/Capital One building in the heart of the CBD. There is lots of seating in the food court, including outdoor balcony seating. They ask your order while you are standing in line, and by the time you pay, get your condiments and drink, it's basically cooked and ready. So fresh and efficient. I highly recommend!

Michael Klein

Best cheesesteak in NOLA. I drive downtown and find parking for the Surf 'N Turf.

Camaura E.

LOVEEEEEED this place. Def satisfied my craving! Quick and a great amount of food! Even have jalapenos.

Kathy T.

We came sliding in right before 2pm and the staff couldn't have been more welcoming and helpful! It is in a food court upstairs in an office building. I've been to NO many times and never knew about this place...I ordered the famous "surf and turf" and my husband ordered the Ricks special...they did NOT disappoint! The steak had great flavor and grilled to perfection mixed with bell peppers and onion and mushrooms. Definitely come by here! They close at 2pm though!

Alan S.

Who would ever think to walk inside an office building to the back left corner of the second floor to eat at Rick's Grill when in a city like New Orleans? Thankfully some other yelpers did and steared me this way! Be prepared to yell out your order even when you're six or seven people back in the line. The surf and turf is a Philly cheese steak that also includes some Cajun grilled shrimp. with cheese a little bit of mayo on a warm and slightly toasted miniature loaf of bread. the sandwich is garnished with a sprinkling of lettuce and tomatoes so you don't feel so guilty, but with the amount of steak you hardly notice it, which for me is just perfect. I was torn between the fries and onion rings but no one seems to order of the onion rings, so I tried the fries. They were perfectly cooked, despite being rather basic fries, slightly crispy on the outside warm and soft on the inside. I'm sitting here pretty stuff in this office food court, all for about 12 bucks. My only recommendation would be to spice up the fries a little.

Shayla R.

Rick's Grille was my first stop for food in New Orleans and I absolutely had to go back before leaving. My experience was outstanding. The service was top notch, they were very welcoming and friendly and the food was absolutely DELICIOUS! I ordered the Philly Mushroom Melt on both visits and it was made right in front of me and seasoned perfectly. I will definitely return on my next trip. Best Philly I've ever had!

Snap S.

Really nice food at reasonable pricing. I had the taco salad with mesquite chicken. Would definitely go back.

Brandon Lee S.

Walked in circles trying to find this place. Called the number listed and it rang until I got a voicemail. Standard greeting that appeared to be a cell number. After hanging up I received a text from the number "can I call you later" which was odd.

Shelby L.

This gem of an establishment is tucked into the back corner of a corporate building food court (Place St Charles, and no that's not backwards) so it's not really on the tourist radar. Which is totes fine by me, because I would just as soon avoid all that mess in the middle of a workday. The best Philly I've ever had, no joke. Good greasy, but doesn't leave you feeling disgusting somehow. HIGHLY recommend the Surf n' Turf sandwich if you're going to go for it (traditional Philly with added shrimp). For a non-steak option, I like the Hawaiian (ham and pineapple, dressed like a Philly). This is a place with a very simple menu, so if this type of sandwich is not exactly what you want, don't rock up in here holding up the line. It took me a second past too long to figure out Rick was the guy manning the grill. He's so nice and mad quick - man knows what he's doing at that counter. Like others have said, he will ask you for your order before you're even close to the register, so be paying attention and know what you want. I've seen him take special proper care when a customer mentions anything like an allergy (since everything eventually hits the same spot moving across the grill) which is bonus points in my book. Never had anything that wasn't fresh and piping hot. Fries aren't allowed more than a few minutes to sit, or they'll have you wait for a new batch. Also, off-menu pro tip: Rick's shares space with a Mexican eatery, and you can ask for plantain chips instead of fries. Reminder: this is a LUNCH spot in the Central Business District, so they close early around 2 PM like most everyone else around.

Tony T.

Ricks grille is a typical food court Philly cheesesteak restaurant. The guy behind the grill is fast paced and his voice carries greatly. He definitely has his cooking method down. I opted for the rick's special which is a basic Philly cheesesteak with fries and a water. It was buttered bread with beef onions mushrooms bell peppers cheese and I opted for jalapeí±os. The sandwich is so so but it does the trick. Fries were crunchy but lacking in real flavor and tasted like they were pumped full of oil. The locale is typical food court and seating is wherever you can find a spot. They upcharge you 25 cents if you use a credit card. The only good quality of this place is Reggie and they're fast.

Sebastien R.

Man that place is so good. Like it is literally a simple sandwich (for once) and it is really really good. Really nice staff also ! That is one of the cheapest place and with good food in NOLA I have been.. I would recommend if to people. Go get the Rick's special, it is so good.

Brittany D.

Although known for its sandwiches, this is my favorite lunchtime salad in the CBD. Delish every time.

Brian S.

Be forewarned, you better know what you want to order about 5 people back in line. Rick will yell to you asking what you want to eat. To me it is part of the charm of this place and what makes it work. During busy times, Rick will be making 7 or 8 sandwiches at a time and it is fun to watch him hustle. The sandwiches that are made here are full of flavor and are very reasonably priced. My Cuban sandwich was 8 bucks. Several others ordered the surf and turf (shrimp and beef) sandwich which was 9 bucks. The fries were meh as they come from a bag but they are hot/crispy. Don't be turned off that this is in a bank building food court. The food is first rate and delicious. You will not be disappointed and you will not leave hungry. Just be sure to know what you want before Rick asks!

Spencer B.

Hidden in the food court of the bank building. What a hidden gem. Food is excellent! One of the cheapest and best restaurants in town. Best cheese steak I've ever had.

Mary-Amm D.

Simple, good food! The Rick's special is what I had with sweet potato fries and I really liked it. It's a small hidden place in a big tower. I had to ask around to find it. I'm glad I didn't give up and turned around. The cook kept checking on us and asking how the food was which also makes you feel appreciated!

Josh B.

Holy Schnikes!! I must say Yelp reviews and suggestions have done it again! Don't be fooled that this place is in a food court as it's the real deal for sure! The Surf and Turf wrap with fresh beef, shrimp and onions all grilled right in front of you like a Philly cheese steak with loads of mozzarella cheese and mayo is magnificent!! The price the lunch option with fries and a drink is under $10 so you can't beat it! HINT: also they will serve bleu cheese crumbles on there but you will have to ask. They don't promote it. ;)

Scott M.

In town looking for something quick and extremely tasty and happened upon Rick's Grille. Very fortunate for me and my taste buds! Rick's is located inside a food court, which typically means more quick than tasty, but not Rick's. Had the #1 with everything, sweet potato fries and drink for $10. Took less than 5 minutes from order to delivery and there was a 6-7 folks ahead of me. Head grill guy was extremely friendly and genuinely cared about what he was doing. Everyone else was pleasant as well. The taste blew me away! The #1 is sirloin, and comes with onions, green peppers, mushrooms, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato. I am not one that normally eats this as a first choice, but hearing everyone in line ordering it made me go with the flow. I was not disappointed! Sandwich bread was amazing and all the flavors together was unbelievably good. Fries were crispy and perfectly cooked as well. I will be back at least once more, can't beat the taste, speed, friendliness, and price!

Charles H.

HEFTY BOYS KNOW WHERE TO EAT, AND IT'S AT RICK'S! To me this food court sleeper is the best inexpensive lunch in the CBD as well as the best philly cheesesteak I've ever had. I knew Rick's had to be good because one of my favorite hard-ass reviewers "Michael K" gave it a rare 5-stars (read his informative review, It is spot on). RICK'S TAKE OUT TAKEAWAYS: 1. You WILL have to wait in line (that is 99% hungry burly He-men). 2. Don't be a stooge, know your selection number in advance. 3. Nothing on the menu is more than $8, $10.50 with fries and cola. 4. Part of the fun is watching Rick simultaneously grill 7 or 8 orders. 5. Thankfully the bun is not Leidenheimer but a buttery freezer roll. 6. Get your meat covered in melted cheese & slathered in maynez. 7. Free Refills! POPULAR HERE: #2 chicken and provolone $6.75, #3 steak & shrimp $7.95, #4 Hawaiian Steak $6.75, the Cuban $7.75. SEE PICS!

Christina T.

I love this place!!! The surf and turf is one of my favorite sandwiches. The hawaiian steak (i think this is the name) is also really good. Super nice people. Pretty quick to say it's made literally right in front of you. Always a good, quick eat when downtown.

Bogdan K.

I've been coming here whenever I work nearby this place. I have the "Surf & Turf" with fries and a large coke. Fills me up for lunch and dinner. Even the guy that mans the grill knows what I want ahead of time even though I don't go there everyday. Just try it once and it'll be good.

Steven R.

Horrible food. Too much grease on the Cuban Sandwich ... Tasted terrible. Will never eat there again.

Michael K.

The "Philly" style cheesesteak sandwiches from Rick's Grille in the food court of Place St. Charles might be the best cheesesteak I've ever had. The #3 Surf 'n Turf (a New Orleans twist with shrimp and beef) is awesome. It is definitely a heart clogger because in addition the massive amounts of cheese they melt on at the end you have to get it with the buttered bun with mayo. As long as you're going for delicious, go all the way. People from Philly (and The Liberty) can eat their hearts out because Rick's is amazing. Rick himself runs the kitchen as does a great job. He will call out to people six or seven deep in the line to ask what they are having so he can get their order on the grill. Rick understands that people only have so much time during their lunch hour and wants to get their food out as quickly as possible. Next time you're craving an unhealthy, delicious cheesesteak and you're in the CBD, check out Rick's.

Clara G.

Cheesesteak dressed with A1. Get there before or after the lunch rush.

Trevor Acy

Gentlemen working the line exemplify what service is!