The Tiger Bakery

3030 General Pershing St, New Orleans
(504) 430-3812

Recent Reviews

alaina galvin

Delicious and beautiful pastries!

Patrick W.

Such a wonderful traditional neighborhood spot off the busy drag. Inside is bright, clean, beautiful and the smells are TDF! Everything I've tried here is top notch...the breads, the sweets, and the savory all hit the mark and leave me wanting more. Great tea selection and my coffee was very good. The service is kinda, patient, cheerful and they are all beyond charming. Go here now! Yummmm

Patricia P.

Bought a slice of chocolate chip chip cheesecake, a sprinkled Italian cookie and a poppyseed ginger twist-all were e heavenly! Just delicious!! Be back soon!!

Katie Johnson

amazing kingcake, wonderful coffee, beautiful space!

Paola V.

If you're looking for a place to get fresh baked pastries and great atmosphere, you found it at Tigers Bakery. It's like a breath of fresh air just walking in the door. The decor gives you a modern chic feel. Plenty of natural light and incredibly friendly service. I purchased a blueberry danish and tasted whole fresh blueberries in every bite, topped with a homemade icing. You can tell the love and passion the owner puts into her pastries. I work around the corner so I'll be stopping by more often. 10/10 recommend

Joseph S.

This plaice is absolutely amazing! Small and delightful with just the right amount of owner run attentiveness. If your looking for a refreshingly friendly alternative to you morning giant chain store coffee experience THIS IS THE PLACE! I want to add that the king cake was amazing as well. Full of real fruit and candied ginger - quality filling that you Never see in a king cake! Snap one up! We got an Italian one - YUM!

Kelly D.

Omg. Anyone who follows my reviews knows that I only review things if they are absolutely outstanding or really really poor. This is definitely the former! This place is amazing the food is wonderful the prices are great and the service is over the top. Absolutely beautiful cookies the taste as good as they look which is very uncommon king cake that seems to be made from Brio Stowe absolutely ridiculous and so good. Try the caramel covered cream puffs they are out of this world! I'm almost afraid to post this review as once the word gets out, I won't be able to get in the door the next time I go.

Hope D.

One of my new favorites. I love this little hidden gem of a bakery. Everything is always so fresh and delicious. I love both the savory and sweet offerings and everything I have tried has been excellent. I also recommend the hibiscus lemonade - it is delicious. Another tip - go early for the best selections. Since more people are discovering them, they have begun to run out of items. Great for them, but not so great for me.

anna s

So. good. So happy to have found a bakery that loves ginger as much as I do! The ginger lemon cookies are amazing!!

Lily Johnson

Best Bakery ever. So freaking delicious! Amazing owner, everything she makes is so beautiful and yummy. Lots of creative treats and just a really dope spot to relax and eat.

A Styer

Better quality (and prices) than La Boulangerie with a very charming atmosphere (:

Nina L.

I will begin this review by quoting my own foolish words from several days ago, when I scornfully and bitterly remarked that there were "no real bakeries in New Orleans". I have lived in the city for six years and have had only abysmal experiences with pastries and baked goods alike. All of that has changed now that I fortuitously stumbled upon the paradise that is Tiger Bakery. Tucked into a quaint uptown corner, the pastries of this godsend are unparalleled. The pastries are so good that I didn't even eat them fresh (I bought them yesterday and just warmed one up in the oven around lunchtime) and I still think they are laughably superior to all others I have tried here. It is obvious that the Tiger People use superior and quality ingredients. I will return many times.

Todd A.

This place is awesome. We will be back to have more vegetable pinwheels, blueberry danish, homemade cinnamon rolls, and ham and cheese brioche. Vanilla lattes are great too!!

Lynn O.

Stopped in and had a date snail (think cinnamon roll but instead with date puree and caramel drizzle) and hot tea. Simple place. Was quiet and clean. Took home a filled cookie sandwich which was crumbly and a bit dry, broke up into many pieces but tasted richly chocolatey.

Leila H.

The lemon meringue was the best thing ever! Love this place! What a sweet little neighborhood spot. I highly recommend.

Blake Coheley

Came in this weekend for a couple of "breakfast sweets" and was not disappointed. Everything tasted incredible, my only challenge was making a decision. The case was beautifully arranged with fruit danishes, to chocolately delights, but my favorite was a piece of the pineapple cake (that frosting is what heaven must taste like). Don't miss the little tucked away gem. They are making their mark in the city and setting the standard very high.

Cameron MacPhee

Great pastries, friendly staff and really cute decor. Can't wait to go back.


Love this place. They make great shaved ice and the pastries are fabulous.


Absolutely delicious bakery, you cant get it this good in a grocery store. Very kind staff.

Eliza J.

Located in the middle of a quiet neighborhood, this is the perfect place to go for a tasty treat and cup of coffee on a Sunday morning in New Orleans. I ordered the mocha and was surprised by the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate. Tiger Cafe executes the perfect amount of sugar in all of their menu items. Where other bakeries similar to this one may load up their treats with copious amounts of sugar to hide their subpar ingredients, I can promise you that this is not the case with Tiger Cafe. I only order a few items but I am very confident that no matter what I ordered it would've been amazing! Strongly recommend this hidden gem to all my fellow yelp users!!

Brannon B

Phenomenal quaint neighborhood bakery. From the moment I walked in, I loved it. Coffee is good, pastries delicious, and if youre nearby stop and grab some always fresh bread. will be back!

Fiona D.

This place is delicious! I'm ashamed by how quickly we ate all of our treats. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and the food is great. I recommend the corn, tomatoes, zucchini and herbs on the pimento-cheese biscuit. Definitely check them out if you're in the area.

Ashley Salmen

The best bakery in New Orleans! All heart and soul soaked in every delicious bite The ladies @thetigerbakery are seriously talented and dedicated

adam m.

Great neighborhood bakery with very gracious service. Everything is absolutely delicious. Do yourself a favor and go there as soon as possible.

Gira M.

Yelp suggested this new bakery to me and I was excited to stop in and check it out. It is really amazing and the quality of their baked goods is excellent. I will definitely be back! They also do custom cake orders if you have a special occasion coming up. I added some photos and I plan on being back very soon to try more of their deliciousness.

Nancy O.

So excited to have a bakery within walking distance! Went back three times in one day. On a mission to try each flavor of their snow flowers (fancy snoballs).

KrisTina Hertz Wine

This is a hidden gem, tucked up into the neighborhood. However, it is easy walking distance from Ochsner Baptist and all of the bus stops at the intersection of Claiborne and Napoleon.

Dara B.

I bought a cinnamon roll this morning. It was perfect! I'll be back to try more soon.

Jackson Bein

A wide variety of pastries, and all of them are delicious! Also, family-owned by the most warm hearted people I’ve had the blessing to know.

Ruby Carney

You definitely need to come here. Best shaved ice I’ve ever had!

shimmy shim shim

this is the best!!!! affordable prices and GOOD BREAD!!!!! 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞

Jacksun Bein

A wide variety of pastries, and all of them are delicious! Also, family-owned by the most warm hearted people I’ve had the blessing to know.

Kristin R.

Wow! What a treasure. Out of the way just enough to really feel like a neighborhood business. The inside and exterior are charming and refreshing. There is something special about the way it feels. But the FOOD - had a chicken sandwich that just could not have been any better. Seasoning was perfect, generous filling, delectable. For dessert a chocolate button which was simply superb. A small item that packs an incredible punch of full, rich flavor. This place will be a regular part of my life now. Cannot wait to try other offerings.

Steve M.

I honestly can't believe this place exists, it's too perfect. My first of many visits to this lovely bakery and cafe. It's funny it opened about the same time as a Starbucks equidistant from me, that I knew I would be tempted by but this gem showed up to save me!! The tomato pie was great, the baker told me its ingredients change from time to time. Today's had cheese tomato, corn, zucchini and leeks. They have a really good selection of desert to choose from, so excited to try everything! The interior especially is so charming, feels very sophisticated and stylish.

Nicole M.

The Jasmine Cream Sno-Flower is light and refreshing (not your typical syrupy sweet sno-ball), the baked goods are incredible fresh, and the service is great (currently staffed by the owner's two daughters). The seating area is very polished looking, but still comfortable and inviting. Recommend visiting this family-run (mom and two daughters) spot for a coffee, baked good, or a sno-flower if you're in the area.

Chaim Rochester

I love this place! Delicious sweet and savory treats made and served with love by an equally sweet owner and her family.

Madalyn Ro

Highly recommend this place! All the baked goods and delicious and their fresh shaved ice flavors are so delicious and unique.

Tina Gray

I had a mango and pineapple snowball and it was fantastic

Alexandra S.


Debi H.

Been twice in the last 2 weeks... love it! Love the blueberry cake, peach cherry galette, and REALLY LOVE the blueberry cinnamon roll! And the unique old-style plates and coffee cups makes it special!