Toups Meatery

845 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans
(504) 252-4999

Recent Reviews

L T.

Was very much looking forward to a dine-in experience after 60 days of lockdown and this is one of our favorite places. The restaurant's interpretation of phase 1 opening is that masks are required by the city AT ALL TIMES when not at your table and all reservations are required by the city to go through apps such as open table so that can serve as contact tracing for the one person who made the reservation. Instead of giving us a linen napkin and saying "put this on your face", we were told by several employees simultaneously that masks are of whom was sitting at a table without a mask. So we drove back home, got hankies, and returned to rob the bank...I mean eat. Due to the misunderstanding, the experience was dampened but here goes: -The food was absolutely delicious -Our server was great but he was the only employee that wasn't cold to us after the "required mask" debacle. The others were openly disgusted by us...and we felt it. -We tipped like crazy because this whole thing sucks for everyone and our server was awesome. -We donated to help support their family meal program bc Toups is amazing for all that they've done. -I wish their mask policy would've been posted on their website since the city's published rule is vague and being interpreted differently and other Orleans restaurants, who don't have the same policy. -We'll continue to support them in other ways, but no dine-in until the city gives more support and guidance to the restaurants regarding re-opening successfully (and until I feel confident the manager guy doesn't hate us anymore and we can be greeted he used to do)

Charlotte Templeton

great atmosphere and very out going

OKae H.

Fantastic burger. These guys have been boss since this whole pandemic nonsense. Talk about taking care of your community. I can't wait until we can sit in restaurants again... looking forward to sitting at their bar, drinking great cocktails and eating their food. Ah, I remember the bone marrow app... wash the last bits down with a good whiskey. Memories.

Lacey D.

I have been incredibly impressed with Isaac and Amanda Toups for all they are doing for the NOLA community during the lockdown. They are preparing free family meals everyday, as well as sending food to essential workers. I had never been to Toups Meatery, and I decided to order takeout both for delicious food and to support great people. I ordered cracklins, boudin balls and a pickle plate. Everything was delicious. The cracklins were nicely fried and perfectly seasoned. I loved the differences in the pickled items- the squash was my favorite. And the boudin balls were delicious. I am excited to try more things from Toups.

Jolie Rain

This is one of my top favorite places. I have food dreams about Toups. The meat platter is ever changing but there is never anything bad. Chef Toup is an artist. The double bone in pork chop is worthy of kicking my husband out of bed and spending the night with it!! The venison was mind blowing!!! It really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try to create my own unique dishes. It gave me a fire that I was missing in my life.

Neely Boyd Dickson

Enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Not too stuffy and delicious food!!

Julie M.

The food was way too salty and frankly inedible. We sent our dish back and the waitress came back and said that the Chef tasted it and he said it was cooked and seasoned correctly. Even went on to say that that's the Cajun way of seasoning. Wow! I have lived in Nola for over 35 years and love Cajun food. But folks, this is not it. This is over salted and/or over brined food. The fact that he sent the waitress out to tell us this is an insult. He couldn't even do it himself. This restaurant is now permanently scratched off our list.


very nice selection of unusual meats and presentations try the lamb neck, and sweetbreads. the service was very good and the waiter knowledgeable

Jennifer Flynn

This place was recommended by a local and we thought it was just ok. I thought the shrimp fried rice was good but my mixed green salad was way overdressed (got soggy) and expensive for how plain it was. On top of that, the price I was charged didn't match what the menu said for both items. ??‍♀️ My husband had the burger special and said it was fine but nothing special. Would have been 3 stars but I took one down cause the service sucked. The restaurant was by no means busy and our server was MIA.

Mary Z.

I usually love Toups but Sunday I vowed not to go back. We went in and was asked if we had a reservation and after looking to see an empty restuarant except for two people at the bar I asked do we really need one(?). We were seated and ordered our usual --- the meat board. We were really disappointed that for $25 the selection really has gone down hill with flavor and quantity. We asked for some extra bread and were shocked to see bread charge on our bill. Also, the wait staff basically were discussing some previous female customer at the bar in loud tones and the conversation was not pleasant. Not happy with this experience.

Carmen Leonwong

Great atmosphere, great drinks and food!

Divina O.

Very cozy place , the food is amazing we were 3 couples and each tried something different . I had the pork chop and it was very juicy and tasty . Clean bathrooms and great service . The one complaint I had is that we couldn't split the checks into 3 checks . I understand splitting to 6 checks is hard but we were couples and only needed it split to 3. Other than that will be coming back for good food

Justin C.

We stopped in here Saturday to wait for our Endymion crew to roll for Mardi Gras. Group of 10 for brunch. Very broad menu considering it is labeled as a Meatery. My wife had the burger and it was very tasty. I had chicken and biscuits that were good but a bit overpowered by the tangy sauce. The winner to it all was the chicken confit. It was spectacular!!!! I asked if it was cooked in chicken or duck day but to my much appreciated surprise it was cooked in PORK FAT!!! Tender and fall of the bone goodness with tons of flavor. Good bar drinks and beer selection. Prices were about average for the city. They also had a nice wine selection and sparkling choices. Fun knowledgeable staff, too.

Annaleise Porta

LOVED our experience here. The food was amazing and our waiter was so kind and helpful. We will likely return next time we visit.

Mahyar Sadri

Excellent food! If you are a carnivore this is the place for you. The best pork crackling I have ever had and the mains were on point. The double cut pork chop was a highlight and was cooked perfectly.

David S.

"You gotta be real gentle with garlic..." Isaac Toup before absolutely destroying a garlic clove with a cleaver Toup's Meatery is a mandatory visit for anyone traveling down to New Orleans, especially right before a night out drinking since alcohol is not soluble in fat... SCIENCE! The Hot Fried Quail caught me off guard. The oil/sauce was sneakily sweet (I suspect honey) and had a nice heat that also coated the green beans. The bird was perfectly fried and the meat had that slight gamey taste we yearn for. It's not very filling for $25 dollars, but my god it was delicious. I would instead highly recommend their Meat Platter (also $25) for first timers because it is a filling flavor festival for your mouth that cannot be described in words. Here's a poem instead: The boudin was boomin, Fresh cracklins were groovin, Caramelized pork belly I was consuming! My only gripe is that I wish they served gumbo. I didn't see it on the menu at Toup's South either. Maybe it's a seasonal dish, but it's really disappointing. The Sausage & Chicken gumbo I made from watching Isaac Toup's videos was epic and flavorful. I can only imagine what his seafood gumbos taste like... Think of the flavors he could make with their duck and beef too! How the hell does their chicken liver mousse taste soooo sweet and savory at the same time??? They are some crazy food scientists!!!

Rafael B.

Ok... really great place for dinner/drinks. Staff was great and executive chef Isaac TOUPS was here running the kitchen which was cool to see and experience. All the appetizers were amazing. The main courses ( pork chops & Ox tail) was good but a bit salty. Don't know if that's how it is seasoned in New Orleans but it was over seasoned for my pallet. I also strongly suggest he updates the Desert menu ( definitely remove the dates wrapped in bacon and blue cheese which it's no where near tasting like a desert) and add something more cool and sweet to the menu.

Frederic G

Nice local joint in Mid-City, with great selection of regional micro breweries. Try the Meat Board to make sure you taste a bit of every meat on the menu. Delicious!

Dianna S.

Ahhhh Toups. The start of my New Orleans food journey. Hubby and I went south for vacation a couple months ago and officially New Orleans rivals Savannah for some of the best food I've ever had in my life. MY LIFE, people. And beginning with Toups, it set the bar pretty high. The restaurant itself is small, on the trendier side. I didn't know who the owner was but my husband did so he was already expecting great things. I was just along for the ride. We split a bunch of things as it was very hard to make a decision. First item was the Crab Claws. Now, I wasn't a fan of these but ONLY because they were served cool and were pickled. They were a different take for me, but I prefer the warm/savory crab claw. However, my husband enjoyed them tremendously so what do I know, really? But then came the Boudin Balls. Ummmmmm, HELLO?! Amazing. Crispy outside, soft and savory inside. Incredibly addicting. You get 3 of them sitting on a healthy schmear of whole grain mustard aioli. We were trying to pace ourselves, but this dish made is so freaking hard. I'll admit I had to look up what a Rillette was. It didn't seem too scary, so we went ahead and ordered the Spicy Pork Rillettes. Turns out, this is a pate served with grilled sweet/sicy pineapple, pickled squash and bread. Very very good. The contrast of flavors went so well together. Salty pork with pineapple on top wrapped up in comfy cozy bread. Yum! And it wasn't overly spicy so lots of people could enjoy this. At this point, the meal stalled. We probably waited 20 minutes before our entrees arrived. Probably a good thing though - we needed a food break! And it was definitely worth the wait. I had the Shrimp & Grits Po Boy. This had a big hunk of bread topped with grits and red gravy and fried shrimp. An excellent sandwich! It was a knife and fork sandwich for me, otherwise, it would've been a mess. Served with homemade chips that were flaky and crispy. Divine! Hubby had the Hot Fried Quail. The spice level here was more of a sweet spicy, which is what I like best! Drizzled in that honey ... mercy! I am not a quail eater, but I snuck a bite anyway. It reminds you of chicken so it isn't scary. Great great flavor. This was served with ham braised green beans that were out of this world good, especially when mixed in that sweet/spicy honey. AMAZING! Best green beans I've ever had for sure. Overall, a great start to our vacation. Eating here made me excited for what was to come. A definite stop for any New Orleans trip. You honestly won't regret it.

Kia F.

We had high expectations and Toups definitely delivered. This place is meat lovers heaven, everything we had was very flavorful and tender. For appetizers we had cheese board and bone marrow. Both were very good, we specially liked the whiskey shot that's served by pouring whiskey onto the bone mixing with the juices and going straight into your mouth. For main course we tried lamb neck, oxtail and pork chop. All were cooked perfectly accompanied with great sides. The portions are huge we could not finish our food and we probably ate twice as much as we should've, so delicious!

Matt R

The fried chicken sandwich was on point. Great beer selection. Friendly service. I’d happily come back. (Also a cute bartender.)

Kenny C.

The first time I went to NOLA, I still had regrets of not visiting Toups. I corrected for that with my second visit! In preparation for my visit, I watched many, many Isaac Toups videos on YouTube. He's quite a character. He actually showed up toward the end of my lunch and I had a quick conversation with him. Super nice guy! Anyway, it wasn't too busy early on a Friday afternoon. Snagged a seat at the bar before the lunch rush. Ordered the Paper Hornet cocktail (mostly because of the peanut butter whiskey and banana liqueur). It was delicious and perfect hair of the dog. They have a very respectable whiskey selection as well, if you just want to go to the source. For food, I started out with the boudin balls, which were rich, gigantic, and delicious. I actually had to convince myself not to finish them to save room for my main, which I knew would be gigantic - the confit chicken thighs. And oh man, that was a Herculean task as well. Two giant thighs smothered in dijon cream and lardons. Love dark meat, and it was cooked perfectly and was nice and tender. Some browning on the skin added some great textural variety. Toups is a little far away from the more touristy city center, but definitely worth the visit!

Wesley Juneau

Had a reservation for 1 PM and still had to wait 10 minutes for our table. Two out of the three menu items from the website were not even on the brunch menu when we got to our table. Our server was rarely to be found while we were there for the ALMOST 2 HOURS waiting on our food. When the server was there he was condescending. Although good, the food is very short of mind blowing and overpriced for what is served. To top it all off, the restaurant WILL NOT split the check. Seriously? At least submit different orders if you won't even split the check. Severely disappointed with this establishment. It will be a while before I ever come back, and I will be sure to let others know why.

Ben Banister

"Chasing the Gator" by Isaac Toups has been a staple in my kitchen for quite a while now, and I finally was able to make it down to New Orleans to eat at the Meatery.

Anthony J.

So far my best meal this weekend while in this gift from the Gods Foodie City. I've heard a famous blogger say this City is probably one of the best places to eat in the world, and I must say I totally agree with him. (Mark Wolters) Well this place didn't disappoint and lived up to that statement. Lastly service was great, thanks Kyle for a wonderful dining experience and making my son's birthday brunch that more enjoyable.... he's the reason for the 5th star....

Sam R.

The culinary highlight of our trip- plus, delicious cocktails! My crew brought me here for my bachelors party and we ordered a lot. Some of us shared the venison, Wagyu steak, ox tail, sweetbreads, foie gras, meat board, and lamb neck. And it was all too perfect. Nice staff toO.

Jay C.

This place is the, they serve anything from finger food to knife and fork. The menu is a variety of selections that would leave you starring for a minute wondering what should i order. Well no worries ask for recommendation and trust me you will not be let down. Toups will fulfill all of your tastebuds and the presentation will leave you with one added food photo in your gallery. I highly recommend amongst many "THE SALMON MELT"

Anthony McGlade

Chef Isaac and his crew always deliver big flavor. From the hand-crafted Meatery Board with delicious charcuterie to the fantastic and filling main courses, you cannot go wrong. The service is always top notch and the bar crew can satisfy whatever mood you are in. Go and enjoy.

Ashley Allen

Very delicious. Do not miss this place! Everything on the menu was amazing. Chef Toups came to our table and we were able to thank him for our amazing meal. He was very hospitable and sweet. The staff was helpful, sweet, and knowledgeable. One of the best experiences we've had here. We will be back.

Jerrod Elliott

This place was amazing. 45 minutes to wait for the pork chop was worth it. Venison was delicious. Bourbon selection was extensive. Get there at for happy hour and they charge you their cost per ounce on a select top shelf spirit (they choose). Today was Thomas Hardy Sazerac!! I can not do this place justice with words alone.

Greg T.

Toups Meatery brunch! Took some friends for brunch on a Sunday morning. Right away we were a little disappointed that 3 menu items were already unavailable and it was only 11am. In the end, everything we did order was good. We also all had the bottomless mimosas which are a great price and the service was attentive and glasses were refilled quickly and often. The food pictures speak for themselves. Everything looked and tasted great.

Angela P.

Bust out that leash because our next happy hour spot with NOLA on a Budget ((FB) is perfect for an outing with your pup! This weekend we hit Toups' Meatery in Mid-City. You can catch their happy hour menu Tuesday-Saturday from 3pm-6pm. We sat in the outdoor seating area with our pup, Juno, since it was such a beautiful day. Toups' happy hour includes drink and small plate specials. We ordered a Soul Patch Sour beer by Gnarly Barley ($5) and a glass of Sparkling Cava($6) for our drinks. We decided on an order of Boudin Balls ($6) and Cracklin ($4) for our small plates. Y' was delicious. Juno even got a little taste of the cracklin, she approves. I also have to give a shout out to the AMAZING service we experienced. Our server was really attentive and Isaac Toups, the owner and chef, happened to be there and came up to meet my puppy. She felt very welcomed. Bonus, they are located in walking distance to City Park. So after our meal we got to take Juno for a nice walk through the park. A very successful doggy date with our girl.

James Putra

Excellent!! We stopped on the way to the airport and loved it. It's outside.of the crazy tourist area and well worth the trip. All dishes were great, I loved the meat plate. All meats made on site, great hidden gem.

Darla Landry

Awesome Food and great staff!!!

Lea M. Callais Endeavours, LLC

Excellent food, this Cajun Chef knows how to do meat properly! My venison was so tender I cut it with no pressure on the knife- gravity was all that was needed. The gratons are perfection! I always have to get 2 orders for my sister & brother-in-law to go!

Lorna Affronti

We went here on a whim, it was really great food! Highly recommend!

Raymond Sweet

It was great. The cornbread was a bit dry. The dirty rice was a bit wet, but had a great taste. The sausage was really nice. I think the staff needs more Black people. You're in a 60% black city. Your staff should reflect the same.

Rashvinda K.

Been here twice, love the cracklings absolutely recommend the meat and cheese selections. This time we tried the pickle plate and it was great! Also try the boudin balls!

Margy M

Toups was recommended by a friend and it was excellent. It's a meatery so be prepared. Our waiter was extremely helpful and every dish was different and delicious, even the cocktails (this is New Orleans). I especially recommend the cracklins and the venison.

Tiffanie Lynn

This place is hands down the best dishes that our group of 4 has ever had!! It was amazinggggg!! A MUST TRY!! I cannot WAIT to go back!! Also, Be sure to make a reservation, just in case!! A++